New York: the 20 must-see places to visit the Big Apple

Also called “the big apple”, New York is one of the most popular cities for tourists from all over the world. This cosmopolitan city is glamorous, chic and authentic all at the same time. We find New York in many films and series  that make us want to survey it and discover it with our own eyes. Although New York is huge and there are thousands of things to do there, there are still a few things you should not miss.


  • 1. Central Park
  • 2. Top of the Rock
  • 3. Times Square
  • 4. The Brooklyn Bridge
  • 5. The Statue of Liberty
  • 6. One World Trade Center and the 9/11 Memorial
  • 7. The High Line
  • 8. Broadway
  • 9. Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • 10. Empire State Building
  • 11. The Flatiron Building
  • 12. Grand Central Terminal
  • 13. The Museum of Modern Art
  • 14. 5th Avenue
  • 15. ChinaTown
  • 16. Little Italy
  • 17. Listen to a gospel choir in Harlem
  • 18. Wall Street
  • 19. See an NBA basketball game
  • 20. Have a drink on a rooftop

1. Central Park

Central Park is the green lung of Manhattan and allows you to get away from the fervor of the city for a few minutes or a few hours. Summer or winter, walking there is always a good idea. On foot, by bike or in a horse-drawn carriage, enjoy its 3.41 km² of nature and the various activities offered there.

Central Park, New York
Credits: Wikipedia

2. Top of the Rock

At the top of Rockefeller Center, the Top of the Rock offers an unbeatable panorama of Manhattan. The advantage of this point of view compared to the Empire State Building is that it allows you to observe the Empire State Building, one of the symbols of the city of New York. Plus, you can enjoy a bird’s eye view of Central Park from the other side.

Rockefeller Center, New York
Credits: Pixabay

3. Times Square

Times Square is a must in Manhattan! At night, marvel at all these buildings and lights and experience the magic of New York. Between the yellow taxis, the fervor of the tourists, the sound of the sirens, the disguised characters in the street and all these shops, the change of scenery is guaranteed!

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New York: the 20 must-see places to visit the Big Apple
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

4. The Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge connects Manhattan and Brooklyn by car and on foot. To make the most of the view, we advise you to cross it on foot at sunrise or sunset.

Brooklyn Bridge, New York
Credits: Pixabay

5. The Statue of Liberty

We couldn’t talk about New York without talking about the famous Statue of Liberty. To see this symbol of the city and the United States, you can go directly to the island on which it is located, namely Liberty Island, then access the top of the statue. If you don’t particularly want to see it up close, you can take the ferry that connects Manhattan to Staten Island and pass right in front of it.

Statue of Liberty, New York
Credits: Pixabay

6. One World Trade Center and the 9/11 Memorial

This place is certainly the most symbolic and moving in the city. Indeed, it is dedicated to the victims of the September 11 attacks that hit the twin towers of the World Trade Center. A huge fountain with all the names of the victims pays tribute to them. In the same place, you can discover the museum which traces the history of this drama.

9/11 memorial
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

7. The High Line

The High Line is a suspended linear park in New York City. This was built on a disused portion of the old railroad tracks on the Lower West Side. The park was created in 2009 and has since attracted many tourists who come to enjoy this unique view.

8. Broadway

Near Times Square is Broadway, an area with many theaters that host the best shows from around the world. You’ve probably heard of it before! During your visit to New York, we advise you to attend one of the many passing performances, including a musical. Even if the price is very high, the experience is well worth it.

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9. Metropolitan Museum of Art

It is one of the largest art museums in the world. Located next to Central Park, this museum is worth seeing and worth visiting. First, its exterior facade is magnificent, but it is also well known for having appeared in many films and series like Gossip Girl. Inside, you will discover a breathtaking building and very impressive works.

Metropolitan Museum of Art
Credits: Pixabay

10. Empire State Building

Like the Top of the Rock, the Empire State Building offers an incredible panorama of the city. Thus, you will enter one of the symbols of New York and the tallest building in the Big Apple!

11.  The Flatiron Building

This very improbable place deserves a look. It is probably the most emblematic building in the city. Located at the intersection of 23rd Street, 5th Avenue and Broadway, not far from Madison Square, you can simply pass by during one of your walks in the city.

Flatiron Building
Credits: Pixabay

12. Grand Central Terminal

Another iconic place in New York! It is a railway station with magnificent architecture. We also see it in many well-known films and series.

Grand Central Terminal
Credits: Public Domain Pictures

13. The Museum of Modern Art

For art lovers, the MoMa is a must-visit place. You will discover some of the most beautiful works of modern art in the world.

14. 5th Avenue

5th Avenue is one of the most famous streets in the United States. It is also the symbol of New York’s wealth. You will find luxury stores there, as well as the most important museums of the city such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim or The Frick Collection.

15. ChinaTown

If you’ve never set foot in China, it’s time to discover new smells, new flavors and a new culture. Losing yourself in the streets of this district, you may even forget that you are in America.

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16. Little Italy

Like ChinaTown, Little Italy is a way to get off the beaten path of New York. You will taste the best Italian dishes in the country.

17. Listen to a gospel choir in Harlem

Listening to gospel in a church in New York is an incredible experience. Usually, we only see it on television… And this time, you have the opportunity to experience it in real life, so go for it! The atmosphere is excellent even if you are not a believer!

18. Wall Street

Wall Street is the business district of New York. It is recognizable thanks to some of its emblematic buildings, but also thanks to its influx of businessmen and women, especially at peak times. In this district, you will also find the famous Trinity Church.

Wall Street
Credits: Pxhere

19. See an NBA basketball game

If you like sports, this is the activity not to be missed. If you absolutely want to live the experience of an NBA game, look well in advance for the dates of the games and book your stay according to them. During this match, you will really feel in the United States and you will come out smiling from ear to ear even if your favorite team has lost…

NBA, New York
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

20. Have a drink on a rooftop

If you like glamorous evenings, we advise you to go at least once for a drink on a rooftop in the city. In one of New York’s trendy bars, with a cocktail in hand, you can enjoy a sunset or simply the spectacle that is this city at night.

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