Original stay: 39 unusual hotels around the world

Here are the most bizarre hotels around the world that will provide their guests with an exotic stay. While some travelers are looking for comfort and familiarity, others opt for downright unusual places!

The bizarre DasParkHotel, in Bottrop, Germany

Sleeping in one of the weirdest hotels in the world? And how! Here is a concept for the less original. Take five large concrete drain pipes and convert them into individual suites. Located in Bernepark , which was once the site of a former sewage treatment plant. The exterior of the “suites” doesn’t look like much (it looks like a big sewer pipe), but you’ll find a surprisingly comfortable and well-lit interior, complete with a bed and other furniture. The hotel operates on a “pay what you can” mode which probably attracts more visitors since a high rate is not necessary to try the experience.

The strange hotel La Balade des Gnomes, in Durbuy, Belgium

If you are a lover of Greek mythology, a stay at this Belgium hotel is for you. The Trojan Horse Chamber is a replica of the huge wooden horse built by the Greeks during the Trojan War to thwart their enemies with a surprise attack. Erected of timber and fitted with wooden wheels, the chamber can only accommodate two people at a time, which we imagine is of a much smaller size than the mythological horse in which the Greeks had hidden their army.

The Free Spirit Spheres, Qualicum Beach, British Columbia

On Vancouver Island, on private land near Qualicum Bay, there are three spherical tree houses, collectively known as the Free Spirit Spheres . Set amongst impressive trees, it’s a chance for adults (guests must be 16 or older) to experience a tree house experience, but more elaborate than any they’ve played in as a child. children. Each of these three handcrafted spheres suspended in the trees – named Eve, Eryn and Melody – are electrified and have speakers for plugging in audio and video devices.

The strange Marmara Antalya hotel, in Antalya, Turkey

This unique looking property overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, the Taurus Mountains and the city of Antalya. Stay at the window and you will have the chance to see everything of the surroundings, without even turning your head, since the Marmara Antalya is the first revolving hotel in the world. Built to float in a pool of 478 metric tons of water, six electric motors allow the hotel to rotate 360 ​​degrees on its foundation several times a day.

Le Värdshuset IKEA Hotel & Restaurant, à Älmhult, en Suède

With a population of around 9,000 people, the small town of Älmhult enjoys a great reputation: it was here that the furniture giant opened its first store and continues to have a large entrepreneurial presence even today.

For true IKEA fans, book a stay at Värdshuset : IKEA’s 151 rooms are located across the parking lot from the first IKEA store. The hotel is, of course, equipped with everything IKEA produces, making your stay there just like the pages of their famous annual catalog. The hotel restaurant serves the meatballs, salmon and other familiar specialties served in IKEA stores around the world. Other hotel amenities include a bar, conference center and IKEA museum.

The Treehotel, in Harads, Sweden

Located in a small Swedish village of 600 souls, the Treehotel is actually made up of five rooms, built into a tree, with a unique design, each located four to six meters above the ground. One bedroom is built to look like a bird’s nest, another a cube with mirrored walls, and yet another – perhaps the most interesting – is built like a UFO. For an out-of-the-ordinary stay, opt for this spaceship-style room, with an exterior covering in durable composite material and a modern and comfortable interior. One of the weirdest hotels in the world, you say?

The Alcatraz Hotel, Kaiserslautern, Germany

In southwest Germany, behind a hundred-year-old sandstone wall, lies an out-of-the-ordinary hotel that was once a prison. Today it offers rooms, suites and a conference center where guests can choose to stay in the original prison cells, each of which has been decorated with just the essentials: a chair, desk and bed. . Bars on the windows, a peephole in the door through which your meals are served, as well as black and white striped bath towels help to increase the feeling of an authentic stay in the shade.

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The bizarre Fantasyland Hotel, in Edmonton, Alberta

Located inside the famous West Edmonton Mall, Fantasyland is a hotel that stands out for its quirky themed rooms like the Canadian Railway, Polynesia, igloos and more. Booking a themed room at this hotel means you’ll have the choice of sleeping in an oddity like a catamaran, a huge Roman-style round bed, a wild west wagon, or a truck backseat. But don’t be fooled by this kitschy side. The luxurious hotel offers its themed rooms from $428 per night.

The Winivian, in Litchfield Hills, Connecticut

In the rural town of Litchfield Hills, the Winivian is a hotel made up of 18 cottages, designed by 15 different architects. Although the majority of the chalets were designed in a traditional New England style specific to the region, one of the architects decided to add an unusual touch to one of the chalets. He installed an old Coast Guard helicopter inside a barn and converted it into a fully functional accommodation space with a lounge area, TV, stainless steel bar and even a fully restored cockpit. .

The Tianzi Hotel, Hebei Province, China

Built in 2010, this 10-storey building holds a Guinness World Record as the world’s tallest “image” building. The hotel was built to represent three Chinese deities – Fu, Lu and Shou – who symbolize luck, prosperity and longevity respectively. Enter the hotel by Shou’s right foot, the one with the white beard. Do you want to live old? Ask to stay in the peach that Shou is holding in his hand, which is actually a fully functional sequel.

The Palacio de Sal, in Uyuni, Bolivia

Located in the middle of the Salar de Uyuni (a vast salt desert)  this curious hotel is entirely built with salt. All walls, floors, ceilings and most furniture are made from sodium chloride.

The unique Inntel Amsterdam Zaandamn hotel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The facade of this  strange hotel is made up of around 70 houses typical of the region, stacked on top of each other: there are workers’ cottages like townhouses.

The strange Jumbo Stay Hotel, Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Sweden

In this mansion , you can spend the night aboard a real jet, which will remain on the ground. The best room is a luxurious suite located in the cockpit. It offers a panoramic view of the airport.

The Library Hotel, New York, USA

The Library Hotel is inspired by Dewey’s decimal classification to create an incredible atmosphere for book lovers. All 10 floors of the hotel feature one of the 10 categories of the Dewey Decimal classification, such as history, technology or the arts. Each of the 60 rooms is uniquely decorated with a collection of books and art that explores a particular topic in its category.

The Boot Bed’n’Breakfast, Tasman, New Zealand

Located in the heart of the Tasman region, this cottage-style hotel takes on the shape of a boot. Rustic, it has a warm fireplace, a charming spiral staircase and a romantic balcony overlooking the courtyard and the pond.

The bizarre Utter Inn, Lake Mälaren, Sweden

The floating hotel , located a short boat ride from Västerås harbour, is the brainchild of local artist Mikael Genberg. Guests can sunbathe on the 25 square meter deck. The hotel continues three meters below the surface of the water, where guests can descend into the bedroom which has panoramic windows looking out in all four directions.

The weirdest of hotels: CasAnus, Antwerp, Belgium

This weirdest hotel is an art sculpture in the shape of a giant intestine. In the same place you will find the curious CampingFlat, a 12 meter high scaffolding with four floors. Each of these is decorated with artificial grass and contains a tent and fire pit.

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Featherbed Railroad, Clear Lake, California, USA

This Bed and Breakfast offers its guests to doze in a train car. Each of the nine wagons offers a different theme. You could thus choose the elegant and luxurious Orient Express wagon, or the pretty “Midnight in Paris” wagon, according to your wishes.

The strange Montaña Mágica Lodge, Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve, Chile

This hotel enveloped by nature seems straight out of a fairy tale. Its outer surface of stones and its conical shape resemble a volcano. At its top, water squirts and cascades over the hotel. Small windows are randomly placed on the walls. To top it off, guests can enter the hotel via a wooden suspension bridge.

Le Sala Silvermine Underground Suite, Västmanland, en Suède

Closed, dark and cool places don’t bother you? You have to believe that the customers of this underground hotel, located in a silver mine, either! This cozy little nest located in the depths of the earth, 155 meters deep to be precise, offers a unique adventure for the curious.

The strange Fairy Chimney Inn, Cappadocia, Turkey

Located in the heights of the village of Goreme, in the heart of Cappadocia, this troglodyte hotel is built in large parts in the fairy chimneys, these pointed rock formations which adorn the landscape of the region.

One of the weirdest hotels in the world, Martin’s Patershof, Mechelen, Belgium

This church transformed into a 4-star hotel offers various rooms integrating the religious heritage of the place. Perched above the altar of the church, with its pointed arches, columns and colorful stained glass windows, the Best of Home suite is certainly the most impressive room in the hotel.

The bizarre hotels ATTRAP’RÊVES, in France

These hotels located in different French cities offer a night under the stars in the comfort of a bubble that acts as a tent. Each bubble is unique and has a decoration that varies according to the atmosphere chosen. The rounded shape of the bubble is maintained by a silent blower device which allows the air to be renewed continuously. To observe the Milky Way, guests can take advantage of a telescope and a sky map at their disposal.

The bizarre Hotel Hayema ​​Heerd, Oldehove, The Netherlands

Do you sometimes feel nostalgic for those “good old days”? Sleeping on a bed of straw may drive away your affliction. In this hotel where straw is king, spend a night in the “straw castle”, a modest bed of hay surrounded by curtains that you will share in the dormitory of the barn. For added privacy, doze in the straw igloo, fitted with a glass panel in the center so you can gaze at the stars from the comfort of your bed.

The Amazing Hippo Point Hotel, Naivasha, Kenya

Hippo Point stands out from other popular luxury accommodations located in Kenya’s national parks. Its nine-storey tower combines the style of British country houses with African charm. The place is perfect for spying on the neighbours, i.e. buffaloes, giraffes, hippos, zebras and gazelles strolling nearby.

Hotel Viking, an Iceland

This Viking-themed hotel was inspired by Scandinavian craftsmanship and traditions from the western Nordic countries, including Greenland and the Faroe Islands, for its decoration. In the dining room with its walls decorated with stuffed animals, you can enjoy a traditional Viking dish. Abductions can even be planned for groups wishing to be captured. In this case, you will be taken hostage by unscrupulous Scandinavian navigators, taken to a cave and forced to listen to Icelandic folk songs and drink mead.

Hotel Unique, Sao Paulo, Brazil

The hotel with the well-chosen name has an exceptional architecture in the shape of a boat. Porthole-shaped windows complement the property’s nautical style. The hotel’s restaurant, bar and swimming pool are located on the roof. The lobby has a gigantic bar measuring 60 feet high.

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The Five Hotel, Paris, France

Enter the lair of the waking dreamer. In this hotel , the beds are either attached to the wall but not to the floor, or they are suspended, creating the illusion of a levitating bed.

The bizarre hotel The Balancing Barn, England

Located near the Suffolk coast, half of the Balancing Barn ‘s structure is firmly anchored to the ground while the other half floats in the air. This building was designed by the Dutch firm MVRDV, renowned worldwide for its ingenuity and playfulness. The idea behind the Balancing Barn was to make people see the countryside in a different light as well as make contemporary architecture accessible.

The Faralda Crane Hotel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

At the top of this half-hotel, half-crane accommodation are luxurious rooms with a phenomenal view of the port of Amsterdam.

The strange hotel Parchi Del Garda, in Italy

This hotel stands out for its experimental rooms created by Hollywood scenographers. These interactive rooms combine special effects and robotics for the pure entertainment of its guests. For example, in The Corsair Galleon room, you can relive the atmosphere of great ocean crossings aboard a merchant ship. You will be able to feel the sea waves and hear the parrot talking.

Hang Nga Guesthouse, Dalat, Vietnam

This bizarre hotel is often described as a cross between the work of Gaudi and Disneyworld. The establishment takes the form of a tree coming out of a fairy tale. Imagine a maze of equally strange shapes with giant trees, windows that look like cobwebs, rooms connected by very narrow bridges, undulating walls, concrete mushrooms and you will imagine the Hang Nga Guesthouse.

The Adonis Love Hotel, Osaka, Japan

Love hotels exist all over Japan and serve to provide couples with some privacy. Although this concept may confuse many Westerners, it comes in handy in Japan, where young couples often live with their parents and even grandparents. Several love hotels offer unique concepts to titillate couples, but the Adonis Love Hotel surprises with its Hello Kitty-themed bondage room.

The strange Hotel Costa Verde, in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Nestled amid rainforest and Manuel Antonio National Park on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica is a refurbished 1965 Boeing 727 for you to sleep in.

Hotel Kakslauttanen, Kakslauttanen, Finland

Kakslauttanen  is one of the best places in the world to view the Northern Lights and is therefore the best location for glass igloos. These dwellings offer an incredible view of the starry sky. In addition, real snow igloos are also offered. Although the outside temperature can reach minus 40 degrees, the temperature inside them remains constant between minus three and minus six degrees.

 Adrere Amellal, Sioua, Egypt

This ecolodge located in the middle of the Sioua oasis blends into the landscape. Its 40 hand-built rooms have no electricity, but they are not lacking in charm! The rooms are gracefully lit by candles and the starry desert sky.

Great Orme Lighthouse, in Conwy, Wales

Perched on the cliffs of Great Orme, this hotel in a lighthouse built in 1862 offers phenomenal views of the surrounding area.

The bizarre Kokopelli’s Cave Bed & Breakfast, in Farmington, New Mexico

This hotel is a man-made cave that was originally intended to be the office of owner Bruce Black, a geologist by profession. He finally decided to make it a Bed and Breakfast.

The Ice Hotel in Quebec, Canada

A true work of art made with ice and snow, the Hôtel de Glace impresses with its vaults and frosted furniture.

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