Reasons to travel to the Azores in Portugal

Azores, a Portuguese archipelago consisting of nine volcanic islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and because it is far from the mainland, tourism has not reached them in large proportions, and the nature there is still wonderful as it is, so there are many reasons why you should travel to the Azores or So think about living in this area during tourism in Portugal .

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  • Reasons to travel to the Azores in Portugal
    • A great destination for thrill seekers
    • amazing nature
    • delicious food
    • The abundance of hot springs in the Azores 
    • Seeing dolphins and whales in the Azores 
    • The lakes are breathtaking
    • Now is the perfect time to go!
    • waterfalls
    •  Peace and quiet
    • friendly residents
    • small towns
    • The beautiful coasts of the Azores 
    • It’s easy to get around the Azores

Reasons to travel to the Azores in Portugal

A great destination for thrill seekers

For many years the Azores was seen as a place to relax and “do nothing” only recreation, and this is certainly not the case anymore, the opportunities to seek adventure while connecting with the purest forms of nature are endless there.

With many hiking trails, including hiking up Portugal’s highest mountain on Pico Island to paragliding and canoeing, as well as horseback riding and golfing, you have many options for a great trip to this beautiful destination. The islands have emerged as a surfing destination as they host the stages of the World Surfing Championships.

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amazing nature

Reasons to travel to the Azores in Portugal

The Azores is the perfect destination for those caught up in city life and looking for an opportunity to reconnect with nature. The landscape here is one of the most sustainable tourist destinations in the world, covering a variety of greens, black volcanic rocky hills and vibrant blue lagoons.

You will probably notice that the scenery is often clouded with black and white spots, these are the cows on the meadows. There is roughly a 1:1 ratio of humans versus cows on the islands (can you imagine)?

delicious food

As in the rest of Portugal, eating is a wonderful experience in itself in the Azores, and based on a Mediterranean diet, the food is generally of a high quality, based on local delicacies and at a very low price.

You can’t leave without trying the freshest seafood, including tuna and sardines, grilled local specialties, and the meat is also of high quality.

The Azores have a great climate and fertile land, which means that all of the islands are self-sufficient and don’t really need to import food from mainland Portugal. The products are amazing and very reasonably priced.

The most famous dish in the Azores is cozido das furnas, which is cooked inside a volcano! Other highlights include amazing Azorean cheese, great pineapple juice, and unusual seafood meals whenever you want.

The abundance of hot springs in the Azores 

The islands are known to have unpredictable weather, and you can often experience four seasons in one day, but the good news is that there’s nothing better than swimming in a hot spring on a cold rainy day, as Mother Nature can heat up these mineral-rich waters to reach Temperatures up to 39 degrees Celsius.

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Hot springs are more common on the island of São Miguel as they are surrounded by palm trees and green plants. In other words: Welcome to a surreal spa in the woods!

Seeing dolphins and whales in the Azores 

The Azores archipelago is one of the best places around the world for whale watching in their natural habitat, where up to 30% of all known whale species can be seen in a single three-hour trip; Including the great blue whale.

After a trip to the Azores, you’ll never want to see dolphins in an aquarium or zoo again.

The lakes are breathtaking

The many lagoons scattered across the Azores feature in an almost-island photo, and are so fascinating that you’ll actually adore visiting them, as most of these lagoons (or lagoons) are located inside craters of volcanoes, adding mystery to an already stunning sight.

Many hiking trails in the Azores start or end around these lagoons which are an ideal way to explore the surroundings.

Now is the perfect time to go!

For decades, very few airlines have flown to the Azores, which made the price to get there exponentially high, but in recent years the islands are now within reach of all travelers.

Tourism has boomed by 30% since that summer, and there are now concerns about whether the Azores will be able to maintain ecotourism standards as it has been slowly invaded by mass tourism, so the best time to go is now.

The Azores is still Europe’s best kept secret. But rumors of her beauty are starting to spread, and you should visit her before the rest of the world finds out.


There are countless waterfalls throughout the Azores and although most of them are hard to reach, and require a lot of hiking, the views are incredibly beautiful amidst a stunning natural setting.

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 Peace and quiet


If you really want to disconnect and fit in with yourself, this is the place for you, and the islands don’t really have mass tourism, so don’t worry about crowded places, waiting lines, noisy tourists…and it’s just you and the sound of nature.

friendly residents

Hospitality is one of the hallmarks of tourism in Portugal, and the Azores is no exception, everyone is welcome, and the locals are ready to help at any time, so you will feel at home.

small towns

If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the huge city, then you should go to the Azores, do not expect to find there large residential areas, shopping centers or supermarkets, this is the right place where you will buy your needs from small shops, and where everyone knows your name, where children play in The street, hardly any cars.

The beautiful coasts of the Azores 


With dark cliffs decorated in different shades of green, waterfalls falling into the ocean and huge rock formations formed by lava, each island has its own shape.

Be careful because the sea is very rough and only experienced swimmers should venture into it, but there are still sections where you can swim, because island officials have cleverly built the rocks to create a kind of “sea pool”, so that you can get all the benefits of sea swimming without suffering.

It’s easy to get around the Azores


With the paved roads and less traffic, it’s really easy to get around the islands by car. The only downside is that there are very few public transport services, if you can’t drive yourself this can be a problem.

You can also fly around visiting different islands using several interconnecting flights from different companies, or even a ferry for a cheaper option.

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