Salina Turda, the incredible reconversion of a salt mine in Romania

At first glance, Salina Turda is a city straight out of a science fiction universe. However, make no mistake: this is the oldest salt mine in Romania, now converted into a leisure and health park. Hidden under the saline lake of Durgau, it is an astonishing place which presents itself to the eyes of visitors. Discover this more than unusual tourist attraction.

From salt mine to tourist attraction

It was in 1992 that Salina Turda became a mining park . Since 1932, the mine was no longer in operation. However, it served as a shelter for the population during the Second World War and as a place of conservation for cheeses during the communist period. In 2009, major development work took place in order to modernize the Salina Turda and make it more attractive to the public. The subterranean darkness was thus illuminated with hundreds of neon lights , changing the atmosphere from icy and dark to cozy that even tends towards science fiction. The saltworks quickly became one of the country’s main tourist attractions. The Salina Turda is divided into three mines : Terezia (120 meters deep), Anton (108 meters) and Rudolf (42 meters). In these parts of the complex there are many vestiges of its former mining activity. The modern architecture has harmoniously adapted to the majestic setting of the mine, to the delight of tourists. Thus, the park has reclaimed this environment while safeguarding the history and authenticity of the place.

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Salina Turda, Romania
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

A leisure base, a museum and… a place of cure for lung patients!

Many leisure facilities have been installed: a Ferris wheel 20 meters high, gondolas , mini golf , bowling , billiards and ping-pong tables . Finally, there is an amphitheater that can accommodate a hundred people and a playground for children. It is also possible to go around the underground lake at the bottom of the Terezia mine. Besides a place of leisure, the Salina Turda has also become a spot for medical tourism . It is on average 11 to 12°C inside the old mine with a humidity rate of around 80%. This cool and humid atmosphere is said to be beneficial for people suffering from lung and respiratory diseases.

Salina Turda, the incredible reconversion of a salt mine in Romania
Credits: Wikimedia Commons
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