Seoul in South Korea, an unforgettable capital

Welcome to the vibrant and bustling capital city of South Korea, Seoul. This city is an unforgettable destination, full of exciting attractions, stunning landmarks, and rich cultural experiences. With a population of over 10 million people, Seoul is a dynamic metropolis that offers something for everyone, whether you’re interested in history, art, fashion, or cuisine. From the traditional neighborhoods of Insadong and Namdaemun Market to the modern shopping district of Myeongdong, and the lively nightlife of Itaewon, Seoul has an endless array of experiences to explore. So come and discover the magic of Seoul, a city that will capture your heart and leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

Flying to Seoul

Departing from Paris, board a direct 10h55 flight to reach Incheon International Airport. You will spend an average of €458 for a round-trip plane ticket.

Discover the history of Seoul and South Korea

Cheongwadae or Blue House, the residence and office of the President of South Korea, and its buildings with traditional architecture are located in the Jongno district. For a photo opportunity, you can sit in the replica of the presidential office. Then, head to Gyeongbokgung Palace, the first palace of the Joseon dynasty, where the changing of the guard attracts many visitors. Another royal residence, Changdeokgung Palace, is the best-preserved of all Joseon palaces. Its Huwon garden offers a sense of peace and the impression of traveling back in time. Nearby is the Jongmyo Shrine, the oldest site for preserving the funeral culture of the Joseon dynasty. Make a stop at the War Memorial, the largest in South Korea. This museum is indeed the ideal place to learn about the country’s military history.

The must-sees of a stay in Seoul in South Korea

Look for the N Seoul Tower, one of the symbols of the city. This modern 243-meter building offers a unique panorama of Seoul and a light show at 7 p.m. Then take the Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain, which spans the Hangang River, to reach the other bank. You will land in Gangnam, a business district invaded by young revelers on evenings and weekends. It’s time to get lost in the COEX Mall, the largest underground commercial complex in Asia. Imagine a commercial area 14.5 times the size of a football field! You will spend hours exploring the Kimchi Museum (Museum Kimchikan), the Aquarium, or the 2,800 m² bookstores. Break up your visits with gastronomic stops, testing the extremely tasty local dishes or street food, which is particularly renowned. Taste a bulgogi (marinated grilled meat) or bibimbap (rice roll, meat, and vegetables), tteokbokki (rice cakes), or fried chicken. Accompany your meal with a glass of soju, potato alcohol, or makgeolli, rice alcohol.

One destination, one atmosphere

Head towards Insadong, a beloved artistic destination for art enthusiasts! The place is known for its traditional atmosphere with tea houses, snack vendors, and women wearing hanbok, the traditional Korean costume. Treat yourself next to Myeongdong, the most popular shopping district in the country. Shopping enthusiasts will lose their heads among clothes, accessories, and cosmetics sold in luxury stores, malls, and small shops. As for the Namdaemun Market, founded in 1464, it is the largest traditional market in South Korea. The numbers are dizzying: 66 hectares, over 10,172 shops and stalls, and nearly 1,700 types of goods. You can shop day and night, bargain with vendors, and admire the 600-year-old Namdaemun Gate. Partygoers will enjoy Itaewon for its foreign restaurants and bars, which mostly cater to foreign tourists. Expect a festive atmosphere in the evening!

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Feel the rhythm of Korea. Take on the country’s tourism slogan and forge your own relationship with Seoul, South Korea.


In conclusion, Seoul is an unforgettable capital city that has a lot to offer to visitors. From its rich history and culture to its modernity and vibrancy, Seoul has something for everyone. Its fascinating attractions, such as the Gyeongbokgung Palace, Namsan Tower, and Han River, are not to be missed. Seoul is also a food lover’s paradise, with a diverse range of culinary delights to try. Its markets, shopping districts, and nightlife scene offer endless entertainment and excitement. Overall, Seoul is a must-visit destination that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who visits.

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