South Africa: Explore Bo-Kaap, the colorful historic district!

Bo-Kaap is located above the Cape Town city center. Its name means ‘above Cape’ in Afrikaans. This brightly colored neighborhood is not only beautiful but also holds a very strong historical and cultural identity. It is a crossroads of many cultures and is today considered a symbol of freedom. Want to be awestruck in an unusual place while expanding your general culture? The Bo-Kaap district in South Africa will meet all your expectations.

The Bo-Kaap district in South Africa is as visually fascinating as it is historically significant. In the sixteenth century, the Dutch East India Company participated in the slave trade to conquer the territory. Forced to leave India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and other African countries, these slaves were all nicknamed the ‘Cape Malays.’ They helped the city expand and develop economically, albeit living in quite deplorable conditions.

Bo-Kaap, South Africa, is known for its colorful houses.

Later, the arrival of the British in the colony marked several changes. The most significant was the abolition of slavery in 1834, accompanied by freedom of worship. The former slaves then remained in South Africa, residing in Bo-Kaap. Today, the area is still referred to as the ‘Malay Quarter,’ while it is home to a predominantly Muslim community. Despite this, the diverse origins of the ancestors of the current inhabitants have made Bo-Kaap a unique cultural crossroads.

Things not to miss in Cape Town:

History entails visits, and you will not be disappointed by going to Cape Town, the country’s very capital. The Bo-Kaap Museum presents its history in a Cape Dutch-style building, marking the passage of the Dutch colonies in South Africa. This construction, dating from 1760, is the only one that has retained its original form. In Cape Town, you can also discover District Six and its museum, commemorating the city’s history.

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The Gardens neighborhood, or ‘Les Jardins,’ is located in the historic downtown of Cape Town, also nicknamed the City Bowl. In the Company’s Garden, you can admire the oldest tree planted by man in South Africa. Finally, do not hesitate to taste local specialties!

A grandiose landscape with the look of a rainbow:

You will understand that the Bo-Kaap district in South Africa is distinguished mainly by its bright colors. Initially, the houses were painted white. The Muslim community then decided to mark its identity by adding colorful and harmonious touches. These colors also represent freedom and hope. Indeed, the slaves of that era were only allowed to wear white clothes without any shade of color. The area is also an ideal setting for the annual Cape Town Carnival, which takes place every year on January 2. The photos that follow will delight your eyes and inspire you to travel!

South Africa: Explore Bo-Kaap, the colorful historic district!

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