Spain: guaranteed change of scenery in the Sierra Nevada

In Andalusia, the Sierra Nevada is a mountain range renowned for its natural landscapes. The national park of the same name is the largest in Spain with its 862 square km. Declared as a biosphere reserve, these lands are home to many animal and plant species. In short, if you live in an urban territory, the Sierra Nevada should reconnect you with nature.

A small natural paradise not far from Granada

Granada is a famous Spanish city built at the foot of the Sierra Nevada. If you are in the area, why not combine cultural and natural visits? The region is ideal for this. So, after a few intense days in Granada (Alhambra, tablaos, Alcaiceria market, etc.), allow yourself a stopover in the Sierra Nevada to enjoy some peace and fresh air.

In this environment, you will be able to observe the fauna in particular and with a little luck approach it without disturbing it. Indeed, many animals of the Sierra Nevada are protected. Other more common animals such as cows, hair or even goats roam freely and take advantage of this territory as far as the eye can see.

Sierra Nevada, Spain
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Succumb to the activities of the region

These mountains and plains are conducive to many activities for its visitors. Here are some of them that are often chosen by tourists to discover and enjoy this place.

To ski

The Sierra Nevada is a superb destination in summer and winter alike. During the cold seasons, you can take advantage of the ski resorts of the chain to discover the snow-capped mountains. Whether you are a beginner or a sliding enthusiast, you should find what you are looking for!

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Take a walk on the many hiking trails

When the weather is favourable, many hiking trails allow you to discover the landscapes at your own pace. This gentle activity allows you not to miss anything and to appreciate the present moment. In addition, you will be able to approach the animals of the Sierra Nevada more easily this way.

A jeep safari

From Granada, some organizations offer a jeep tour to the Sierra Nevada Park. This offers the possibility of observing diverse and varied landscapes, but also of discovering typical villages of Spain.

Take a horseback ride

Many are those who opt for this charming activity. At the same time, how better to successfully immerse yourself in this territory than on horseback? Walking or trotting, horseback riding allows you to fully enjoy nature and the fresh air.

Take a bike tour in the Sierra Nevada

For the more athletic, bike tours are organized. One of them even allows you to reach the second highest peak in the Sierra Nevada! Discover the park, its mountains and lakes at the pace of a bike, hair in the wind. If you are with your own bikes, allow yourself long breaks and why not swim in the waters of the lakes if the temperature allows it.

Spain: guaranteed change of scenery in the Sierra Nevada

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