Taiwan: A Popular Tourist Destination in Asia

Taiwan is an island in the Pacific Ocean in Asia. It is located between China, Japan, and the Philippines. This country remains less visited than its neighbors, even if its tourism is growing. However, Taiwan is a surprising destination that has it all. Indeed, across the country, you will find a very modern megalopolis, mountains, heavenly beaches, and grandiose forests! Here are some places in Taiwan that will make you want to travel.


Taipei is both a very modern and traditional capital. Indeed, many buildings and buildings like the unmissable Taipei 101 overlook the city. But you can’t miss the Japanese colonial buildings and a very present Asian culture, both architecturally and in the daily life that animates the city.

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The Sun Moon Lake

“Sun and Moon Lake” is a must-see in Taiwan. It is one of the most important places in the country. Located in the center of the peninsula, it is about 4h30 by bus from the capital Taipei. Once there, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the 8 m² lake. There many activities will be offered to you. You can notably rent a bicycle, take a boat trip around the lake, admire the Wen Wu temple, visit the aboriginal village called Ita Thao, or even go to the sacred island in the middle of the lake.

Sun Moon Lake Taiwan
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Taroko Gorge

This site is the most visited nature reserve in the country. Gorges were formed there thanks to a river that dug its way through the rocks. This place is majestic with its waterfalls and its temples and pagodas in the middle of the vegetation.

Gorges of Taroko
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The Dragon Bridge

In Sanxiantai, in eastern Taiwan, you will find the magnificent Dragon Bridge. This provides access to a group of small islands located a few meters from a beach. With its eight arches, the bridge represents, as its name suggests, a dragon. The view is spectacular!

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Taiwan Dragon Bridge
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Kenting National Park

In the far south of Taiwan is Kenting National Park. It was created in 1984 and extends over three municipalities: Hengchun, Checheng, and Manzhou. This park has magnificent landscapes: beaches, corals, and tropical forests.

Kenting Taiwan
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Taiwanese cuisine

Taiwanese cuisine is very famous all over the world. Indeed, it offers flavors that represent the history of the country. Between aboriginal dishes and derivatives of Chinese and Japanese dishes, you will be served! Among all the delicious and most unusual dishes you can find in Taiwan, here are the essentials:

  • Dan Bing:  these are omelets inside a pancake that can be garnished with bacon, tuna, ham, or other. These Taiwanese omelets are served exclusively in the morning.
  • Xiaolongbao:  these are steamed dumplings served with soy sauce. This dish is eaten for breakfast.
  • Beer:  it’s the trend in Taiwan. You will meet “beer girls” in restaurants that offer quantity promotions.
  • Snake:  Taiwanese love snakes. It is mainly found in the form of soup.
  • Tofu and stinky tofu: Tofu is a widely used food in Taiwanese cuisine. Stinky tofu is fermented and then fried tofu. It bears its name because it gives off a very strong and not really pleasant smell.
  • Xiao long bao:  this is a wheat dumpling very popular in the country and by tourists. It can be stuffed with fish, meat, and vegetables.
  • Mochi : This is one of the only widespread desserts on the island. It is made from sticky rice and is sprinkled with peanuts or coconut.
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The inhabitants

Taiwan is renowned for being a country with very warm and welcoming people. Many testimonials from tourists confirm this. The only downside is that not all Taiwanese speak English very well. But sometimes friendships can be formed even with the language barrier.

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