Take a walk in Sequoia National Park, a surprising forest

You have probably already heard of the Sequoia forest or simply seen photographs of its huge trees. The park in question is located in California in the United States and attracts several million visitors each year. This place is a paradise on earth for lovers of hiking and photography. Indeed, in the Sequoia National Park, nature continues to dominate and it is beautiful to see.

A mandatory stop in California

No matter what season you’re traveling to California in, we highly recommend taking a detour to this incredible park. Created in 1890, it is the second oldest in the United States. But the sequoias present in the park are much older since the old ones are a few thousand years old. In addition to being among the oldest trees in the world, some of them also break height records. The tree renamed General Sherman breaks all records by being the biggest, but also the tallest tree on Earth! Also, it is possible to enter inside certain trees whose trunks are open. The immensity of these trees and this forest will make you feel very small.

Unforgettable activities

Many hiking trails

To enjoy the flora, but also the fauna of this park, many paths cross it. Hiking and trekking enthusiasts will therefore find their happiness there. There is something for all ages and for all levels, so even if you are with your family, do not hesitate to discover the Sequoia National Park on foot.

Rock climbing

In this park, a well-known climbing point allows you to reach an exceptional point of view. It is a granite dome called Moro Rock. Its very safe ascent via the stairs takes about 20 minutes and although it is extremely tiring for the less athletic, it is accessible to all (except wheelchairs and strollers). Once at the top, your efforts will be rewarded with the magnificent panorama from the top.

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Go to the   Giant forest museum

For information and a better understanding of the place, don’t hesitate to visit the museum in the park. The visit is quick and can be done in just a few minutes. Basically, you have nothing to lose and you may even gain some general knowledge.

snowy Sequoia forest
Credits: Pixabay

In addition to the most well-known landscapes of the park, you can also discover other places like Hume Lake , as well as more open views of nature.

About 20 minutes away by car, Kings Canyon National Park has views similar to those of Sequoia National Park. This one is less known, but worth visiting, as it is just as beautiful and less touristy.

Take a walk in Sequoia National Park, a surprising forest

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