Off the southern coast of Australia is Tasmania. This Australian state is more than 17,000 kilometers away, and worth the detour. But with an area of ​​68,401 square kilometers, this island is remarkably large. It is therefore very complicated to see everything this destination has to offer in a single stay. In this article, we present to you the must-see attractions in this dreamy Australian state.

To visit Tasmania, we advise you to stay there for at least two weeks. Thus, you will have time to see the main tourist points of the state. Good news for you and your budget, most of the top spots in this destination are free. A godsend when you know that these are simply grandiose landscapes!


  • Hobart
  • Mont Wellington
  • Freycinet
  • Horseshoe Falls
  • Cradles Mountain
  • Bicheno
  • Maria Island National Park
  • The lavender fields


Hobart is the state capital of Tasmania. It is a peaceful town between sea and mountains. This city being in the extreme south, it is cool there with an average temperature of 21°C all year round. There, life is really good, tourists generally feel very good when they arrive. Hobart can be like a traditional city without extravagance. What makes it special is the nature that surrounds it.

Mont Wellington

Mount Wellington dominates Hobart and it is not uncommon for this mountain to be snow-capped. To get there, it is possible to climb on foot or by bus. The view is breathtaking! However, don’t forget to cover up, because it’s really cold there.

Mount Wellington, Tasmania
Credits: Flickr


If there’s one thing you absolutely must see in Tasmania, it’s Freycinet National Park. With its forests and beaches as far as the eye can see, this place is more than magical. It is in this peninsula that Winneglass Bay is located, which is considered one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world.

Tasmanie, Freycinet
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Horseshoe Falls

Mount Field National Park is home to Horseshoe Falls. When visiting these falls, a change of scenery is guaranteed! Indeed, these are nestled in a tropical forest. A hundred meters away, you will also find the Russel Falls and a few kilometers away you can observe the Lady Barron Falls.

Horseshoe Falls, Tasmanie
Credits: Wikipedia

Cradles Mountain

In western Tasmania, Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park stands out as one of the state’s top tourist spots. Indeed, tourists are quickly seduced by its phenomenal beauty. It is an ideal destination for lovers of hiking and mountainous landscapes.


This coastal village located in the east of Tasmania has made its reputation thanks to its very particular inhabitants. Many penguins live there and tours are therefore organized there to the delight of visitors.

Benicho, Tasmania
Credits: Wikipedia

Maria Island National Park

If you have time, head to Maria Island off Tasmania. This small mountainous island is considered a national park and cars are prohibited there. Indeed, the flora, but also the fauna are incredible. You can come across Tasmanian devils, rare birds and even kangaroos.

Maria Island National Park, Tasmania
Credits : Wikipedia

The lavender fields

How can we talk about Tasmania without talking about lavender fields? Tourists from all over the world go there to witness this magnificent spectacle. Although we have lavender fields in France, the landscape is not the same and we never get tired of it.

Lavender fields, Tasmania
Credits: Pixabay
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