The 10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Georgia

Discover the most beautiful places to visit in Georgia, the pearl of the Caucasus which deserves its name.


  • 1. Historical region of Tusheti
  • 2. Vardzia troglodyte complex
  • 3. Kolkheti National Park
  • 4. Historical region of Khevsouretia
  • 5. Hameau de Chazhashi
  • 6. Chalaadi Glacier
  • 7. Vashlovani National Park
  • 8. Shdugra Waterfall
  • 9. Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park
  • 10. Georgian Military Road

A small state of less than 70,000 km², Georgia is not always in first place among the destinations you think of when planning your vacation. And yet, between the incredible diversity of its landscapes, the kindness of its inhabitants and the richness of its culture, it would be a shame not to visit Georgia once in your life.

So, of course, we could do a quick overview of the country and visit its essentials in a short time given its modest size. However, this mode of travel would contradict the tranquility of its atmosphere and the way of life of its inhabitants, and would not take into account the constraints of its mountainous areas. In our opinion, visiting Georgia is above all taking the time!

Strategically placed between East and West and between the Lesser and Greater Caucasus chains, it is hardly surprising that the history of this country is so rich. Torn between its common history with Russia and its outlook towards the West, the Georgian population evolves under various influences.

From its troglodyte constructions to its mountain villages, its green valleys and its effervescent Tbilisi, here are the 10 most beautiful places to visit in Georgia!

1. Historical region of Tusheti

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Behind this original name, on the border of the Russian province of Dagestan , a province almost intact from civilization. Rare animals and plant species unique in the world have thus made it their sanctuary, and this is what one comes to seek when visiting this part of Georgia.

Here, there is no hurry: inaccessible half the year because of the climate, the region is practiced mainly on foot and on horseback. The relationships between locals and their visitors are not as obvious as in big cities. But all this is part of the charm of this place of interest to absolutely visit Georgia!

2. Vardzia troglodyte complex

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Near the border with Turkey , one can observe a monastery as well as curious dwellings, all dug into the sides of Mount Erusheti. Built in the 12th century, this troglodyte complex was a veritable eagle’s nest which served as a fortress for the Georgians against potential troops from the South.

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Indeed, once at the top, we share with them the incredible view offered on the valley of the Mtkvari river. Fascinating, the city of Vardzia can now be visited and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Spread over thirteen levels, more than 6,000 hearths have been identified in these caves stretching along the sides of the cliffs. Probably one of the most interesting places to visit in Georgia.

3. Kolkheti National Park

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The Kolkheti National Park stretches along the Black Sea coast and stands out for its wetlands, which are almost reminiscent of landscapes of rice fields. It was once part of a tropical area of ​​Eurasia, known to have been the place where the first Georgian coinage was minted.

But if today, it is no longer pieces that we come to look for, we find in particular a characteristic fauna in this place to visit in Georgia. All sorts of frogs, ducks and cranes lead the good life across its 800 km² area.

Put yourself on animal time and keep your eyes and ears open: you may well meet people you will remember for a long time during your hikes in the park.

4. Historical region of Khevsouretia

Historical region of Khevsuretia

Even more difficult to access than its big sister Touchetia, Khevsouretia is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Georgia, and it is full of a thousand secrets. Nicknamed the country of the valleys , its decor of the rivers that thread their way and wind their way to Russia captivates us.

This mountain region is, like Touchétie, subject to the vagaries of the climate of the heights. This region is very suitable for hiking and trekking: from the fortress village of Shatili, whose fortifications are erected in the Arghuni gorges, you can reach the medieval site of the Anatori crypts.

These have a very singular history: it is a collective tomb where, in times of epidemic, the villagers voluntarily isolate themselves so as not to contaminate their compatriots. Chilling and thrilling at the same time. Ruined villages and hamlets also await you during your journey through the marvelous landscapes of Khevsouretia.

5. Hameau de Chazhashi

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With its 2300 meters altitude, Chazhashi is one of the highest inhabited villages in Europe. Indeed, a (very small) population still lives in this hamlet. Located in Svaneti, it nestles between the foothills of the Upper Caucasus Mountains and is among the most beautiful places of interest to visit in Georgia.

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From Mestia, a passable track leads there, taking the gorge of the Enguri river. Once there, we like to walk through the towers and rough stone dwellings dating from medieval times, which have seen whole generations of men and women born and evolve within them.

We feel in this place all the weight of history. A small museum also depicts the life of Georgians almost a thousand years ago, when humans and beasts lived together.

6. Chalaadi Glacier

Chalaadi Glacier

Probably one of the most famous hikes to visit Georgia is the Chalaadi Glacier hike. We understand why, when after having trudged from the bridge and evolved in a very beautiful nature, we come face to face with the long-awaited glacier. The round trip takes about three hours. If, however, you want to walk from the town of Mestia, allow six hours instead.

Starting from the main square Mestia, it is not really possible to go wrong: just take the main road to the East. The bridge that spans the Mestiachala river will appear after about two hours of walking.

We then embark on the track through the valley, while enjoying being surrounded by peaks and then evolving in the middle of a coniferous forest. Shortly after a moraine and nestled between two mountains, the glacier, almost seeming to appear out of nowhere, marks the end of this unforgettable excursion.

7. Vashlovani National Park

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Vashlovani National Park is located near the border with Azerbaijan. In this place to visit in Georgia, pistachio trees, peonies and orchids jostle in a climate characterized by its drought.

With more than 100 species of birds, 25 of reptiles, 46 of recorded mammals, as well as many endemic plants on less than 500 km², it is no exaggeration to speak of an important reserve of biodiversity by designating the national park by Vashlovani. It is almost unbelievable to think that while walking its paths, you can sometimes hear the cries of a lynx or the yelps of a jackal.

8. Shdugra Waterfall

Shdugra Waterfall

It is in Svaneti that we find the highest waterfall in the country, which makes the region even more beautiful than it already is. To have the chance to visit this place of interest in Georgia, we start from Mazeri and we evolve on a path that crosses beautiful flowered expanses. The hike is long, but accessible.

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If you have time, it is interesting to continue the road to the Ushba glacier to appreciate even more the beauty of the region. On the road, the summit of Ushba emerges through the needles of the conifers, opposite that of Tetnuldi. Legend has it that it is about two lovers who, faced with their impossible love, each prayed to become a mountain and who saw their wish granted.

9. Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park

Bordjomi-Kharagauli National Park

Bordjomi-Kharagauli is definitely one of the most beautiful places to visit in Georgia, but is also the first national park to have been created in this independent state. It is easily accessible from the capital and conifers and other deciduous trees populate its 6000 hectares.

The national park is a real journey inside as it is home to diverse fauna and flora as well as lifestyles characterized by their richness and variety. We are surprised to take ourselves for an adventurer when we go to attack the condemned temple of Timotesubani, full of mystery, or the fortress of Vakhani.

So many discoveries that the explorer will make accompanied by the sound of rodent squeaks and the cries of the endemic species of birds of prey that live in this territory. Sumptuous photos and immortal memories await you!

10. Georgian Military Road

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Photo credit: Shutterstock – Grisha Bruev

You probably find it strange that you are offered a military road as one of the places of interest to visit in Georgia. And yet, it is one of the most famous and magnificent hiking trails in the country.

Let us briefly tell you his story . Georgia was, of course, not always independent. During its annexation to Russia at the beginning of the 19th century, the Russians undertook its construction in order to borrow it to cross the Upper Caucasus.

Even today, it is the easiest access to get there. Snowy ridges bursting the sky, forgotten religious sites and glaciers follow one another and punctuate the path. In short, a real pilgrimage and one of the musts of the country.

We hope that this article has created beautiful images in your mind and made you want to visit Georgia!

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