The 10 most dangerous surf spots in the world

Kazaden invites you to discover the most dangerous surf spots in the world . No beginners, these spots are only for a few handfuls of top level surfers!

The birthplace of big surfing: Jaws

 This surf spot has notably forged the reputation of a star: Laird Hamilton. Located on the Hawaiian island of Maui, surfers are towed by a jet ski to throw themselves on the monster. When the wave closes its “jaws”, the surfer generally has a very bad time. As this Red Bull video shows, surfing Jaws is not easy, “Let’s get uncomfortable! » –>  Watch the video

Jaws ©Wikimedia Commons

The infamous wave: Mavericks

The best-known big surf spot on the Californian coast, it is only paddled (surfers towed by a jet ski are prohibited here). Mavericks is infamous for causing the deaths of several big names in surfing. This nice video will give you a nice overview –>  Watch the video

Mavericks ©Wikimedia Commons

Australia’s Biggest Spot: The Box

The Box is a “slab”, that is to say a wave that breaks on a rocky slab that is flush. This surf spot is located on the Australian west coast. The fall is not recommended under penalty of leaving some teeth! –>  Watch the video

Shipstern Bluff, the jawbone of Tasmania 

This place with the bizarre name is located in the depths of Tasmania. Also called a slab, this wave is even meaner than its Australian neighbor and the cliffs that overlook it make this surf spot even more mystical –>  Watch the video

Shipstern Bluff ©Flickr

The most photogenic wave: Teahupoo

One of the most beautiful and dangerous waves in the world without question. Made even more magnificent by its blue lagoon color, this Tahitian wave sees the best surfers in the world compete each year. Surfable also by small size, it takes all its splendor as soon as the big swells of the South Pacific come to smash on its coral reef. Another mythical surf spot –>  Watch the video

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Teahupoo ©Wikimedia

The legendary Waimea Bay

Every winter, the best big surfers in the world meet on this mythical wave of the Hawaiian north shore for a competition launched only if the waves exceed 5 meters. It is also one of the rare surf spots in the world where it is accepted that several surfers take the same wave. Wiping out is all the more dangerous  –>  Watch the video

Waiema Bay ©Flickr

The wedge, mecca for daredevil surfers

Located in Newport Beach, California, this surf spot delights spectators who flock to the beach when the North Pacific is unleashed. The shape of this wave makes it almost impossible to surf, not falling would be almost a miracle! Check out this lovely slow-motion surfing video , a wipe out anthology by The Wedge is waiting for you   –>  Watch the video

The Wedge ©Flickr

Dungeons, the surf spot for reckless Africans

The Africans are not left out and also have their big surf spot. Dungeons has some great surprises in store during the austral winter. Located next to Cape Town in South Africa, its rocky bottom offers huge waves when the swell exceeds 3m  –>  Watch the video

Nazaré, the benchmark wave for big European surfing

Made famous thanks to Garrett McNamara’s video which went around the world, this surf spot in Portugal  can offer waves of more than 15m , the equivalent of a five-storey building. On October 28, 2013, Brazilian surfer Maya Gabeira even nearly lost her life. Unconscious after spending long minutes underwater, she was revived on the beach  –>  See the video

The 10 most dangerous surf spots in the world
Nazareth ©Wikimedia Commons

Belharra, the famous French wave

France is not left out, we also have our big surf spot ! Off Saint Jean de Luz is the shoal of Belharra. Although operating quite rarely, it made the cover of many surf magazines and showed the world the “big surf” potential of the old continent. A potential of which you can get a personal idea on this video  –>  Watch the video

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Grass ©Wikimedia

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