The 10 Most Incredible Zoos in the World

Check out our list of zoos to find out where to see exotic wildlife at sites that not only respect animals, but help protect endangered species around the world.

Helsinki (Finland)

The city of Helsinki in Finland is home to one of the only zoos in the world located on an island: Korkeasaari. This zoological garden is one of the biggest in the world and it is home to surprising fauna such as the baboon, the otter, the deer, the guanaco, the leopard, the Siberian tiger and even the bear. The natural environment that surrounds the garden on the island adds to the beauty of the site. The Helsinki Zoological Garden is a destination you won’t regret visiting, if only for its beautiful rainforests, mountain peaks and variety of flora.

Toronto (Canada)

You might think you have to do a lot of research and travel far to find the best zoos in the world. But right here in Canada, the city of Toronto is home to a zoological garden that has more than 16,000 animals including rhinos, leopards, hyenas, zebras, lions and grizzly bears. The zoo also includes an amazing gorilla habitat and a discovery zone where children can increase their knowledge of the animals and their natural habitats. The conservation policy of the zoological garden is another element that fully justifies the visit. The Toronto Zoo supports global efforts to protect endangered species and is one of the few zoos in North America to hold the Animal Respect Seal.

Sao Paolo (Brazil)

If you are planning a stay in Brazil, include the Sao Paolo Zoological Garden in your itinerary. The state of Sao Paolo has very strict animal cruelty laws and can impose fines of up to $435,000 per animal for animal testing. It is therefore not surprising that this zoo, which houses 3,200 animals, holds the animal respect label. A lot of effort goes into preservation, especially to protect Brazil’s endangered wildlife. In this lush park, you can see many wild and exotic species such as the marmoset, the jaguar, the parakeet, as well as felines, many birds and macaws.

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Basel (Switzerland)

Basel Zoo in Switzerland is a non-profit organization that opened in 1874, making it one of the oldest in the world. Considered by Forbes Traveler in 2008 as one of the best zoos in the world, the site offers a breathtaking spectacle. The zoo is currently home to over 6,000 unique species including the Indian rhinoceros, pygmy hippopotamus, okapi, monkeys, meerkat, elephant, sea lion, gorilla and many exotic animals from all over the world. corners of the globe. Representatives of certain endangered species are also bred there to facilitate their reproduction, which makes it one of the most important zoos to hold the animal respect label. Over the years to come,

National Zoological Garden of South Africa

South Africa Zoo is the largest in the country, so there are few species you won’t see there. Most of the current boarders were born and raised in the zoo; but the park also includes a vast space allowing the animals to move freely. You will see baby African cheetahs, the cutest animal that exists, the lion, the tiger, as well as 93 species of reptiles, hundreds of birds, the largest aquarium in the country and the third largest collection of exotic trees from South Africa. For a day teeming with adventure, where you will observe majestic wildlife in a cruelty-free universe, opt without a doubt for a visit to Pretoria, to the largest zoological garden in South Africa.


If fear of animal cruelty keeps you from visiting zoos, you’ll be happy to know that Singapore Zoo has a mission of preservation and education and works in conjunction with the Center for Research and wildlife health in order to ensure the safety of all animal species. One of the first gardens in the world to embrace the open concept, Singapore Zoo allows visitors to observe animal species without compromising the space and security they need to thrive. In this imposing zoo, you can observe the elephant, the lemur, the polar bear, the flamingo, the kangaroo and even the mandrill.

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Wellington (New Zealand)

Located in the North Island of New Zealand, this first and largest zoo in the country is home to more than 500 different animals and a hundred species. Wellington Zoo, whose mission is to preserve wildlife, has a breeding program that has saved endangered species such as sun bears and Sumatran tigers. If you visit this zoological garden, you will be able to meet there the otter, the dingo, the capuchin, the marmoset, the hedgehog, the lesser panda, the porcupine as well as monkeys, not to mention the official bird of the country: the Kiwi. This zoological garden which has the label of animal respect is also respectful of the environment since it has heating and solar energy.

Wildwood Discovery Park (UK)

This 40-acre park near Kent in the UK is home to over 200 species of animals. More than 100,000 visitors pass there annually to observe animals such as wild boar, beaver, lynx and badger as well as amphibians, reptiles and birds. All this impressive fauna lives in its recreated natural habitat, and giving enough space for it to circulate freely. The zoo also works to ensure the reproduction and preservation of species, in addition to offering school programs for children on wildlife and the protection of endangered species.

Dallas (USA)

Managed by a non-profit organization, the Zoological Society of Dallas, the zoo is located on 106 acres of land in Dallas, Texas. He is known for treating animals with dignity. The zoo exhibits include two parts: the animals of the North and the African wildlife. The northern fauna section is the oldest part of the zoo and includes exhibits like the Otter Stronghold and the Endangered Tiger Habitat. In the African wildlife section, you will find animals like penguin, chimpanzee and crocodile. The Dallas Zoological Garden is one of the few in North America that is recognized for the decent treatment of animals and is also very involved in conservation projects in collaboration with organizations such as the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

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Dubai Aquarium & Aquatic Zoological Garden

You wouldn’t imagine that a zoo located inside a shopping center could be so big: think again. The Dubai Aquarium and Aquatic Zoological Garden is home to over 33,000 marine animals and an artificial coral reef, all within the confines of the Dubai Mall. Going inside the shark tunnel is an awesome experience. The aquarium is one of the largest in the world and has three sections: the rainforest, the rocky shore and the ocean life. This aims to provide marine wildlife with the best quality of life by replicating their natural habitats. Visiting this large, incredibly diverse aquarium is a breathtaking experience and will probably be the most interesting outing you’ve ever had in a mall.

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