The 14 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Taiwan

Discover the most beautiful places to visit in Taiwan, Asia’s hidden treasure. Its lively cities, temples and night markets are a must see!


  • 1. Wulai
  • 2. Kaohsiung
  • 3. Pit
  • 4. I think
  • 5. Alishan National Forest
  • 6. Ruins of the Longteng Bridge
  • 7. Taroko National Park
  • 8. Chiang Kai-shek Memorial
  • 9. Beitou Hot Spring
  • 10. Sun Moon Lake
  • 11. Shimen Cave
  • 12. Yehliu Geopark
  • 13. Jiufen
  • 14. Les chutes de Baiyang

The range of local landscapes is so disproportionate that it takes about a month to visit Taiwan. But if your journey is a little shorter, select your favorite places and add them to your odyssey.

Head for the bustling Taiwanese streets and night markets of Taipei , the country’s capital. Then, fly to the top 15 places to visit in Taiwan. Its dynamic cities are full of magnificent ancient temples, fabulous museums and places as wild as they are wonderful.

1. Wulai

Visit Taiwan: Wulai

Crédit photo : Shutterstock – Atosan

Aboriginal tribe Located in southern New Taipei, Wulai is home to the Atayal . If you want to learn more about this culture and the different indigenous ethnic groups, go to the Wulai Atayal Museum.

What’s more, the small village of Wulai is famous throughout Taiwan for its hot springs. Tourists and locals meet there and relax for hours while admiring the surrounding mountain panoramas. As you walk around, you will inevitably come across a waterfall. You can also try your hand at the joys of river fishing, wild camping or zip-lining.

2. Kaohsiung

Visit Taiwan: Kaoshiung

Photo credit: Shutterstock – asiastock

Departing from Taipei, board a high-speed train and fasten your seatbelts! The speed of this railway line can reach 300 km/h! In just 90 minutes, you will reach Kaohsiung: the third most populous city in the country. It is home to many skyscrapers, parks and walking paths.

Promenez-vous sereinement sur les berges de la Love River de nuit pour apprécier ses lumières scintillantes. Celle-ci devient vite un lieu très romantique à partager à deux. Enfin, visitez les Pagodes du Dragon et du Tigre, le Lotus Pond et le musée bouddhiste Fo Guang Shan. Des lieux inspirants, à ne pas louper si l’on vient visiter Taïwan.

3. Lukang

Visit Taiwan: Lukang

Photo credit: Shutterstock – weniliou

Lukang is very famous for its delicious local cuisine and authentic architecture. Located in the northwest of the country, it was once a hub of maritime trade.

Luckily, its historic buildings have remained intact over the years. The crazy charm of its picturesque streets will make you fall head over heels! Don’t miss the Mazu and Longshan temples, the Glass Gallery and the Lukang Folk Art Museum. These charming places will allow you to discover all the charm of Lukang.

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4. I think

I think

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Keitma

Former capital of the Taiwanese Empire, Tainan is worth a visit. One of the most interesting parts of the city to visit is the Anping district, the historic heart of Tainan. This sector has many ancient temples scattered all over the place, as well as Fort Zeelandia, built in the 17th century.

Follow the walking tour then stop at the restaurant of your choice to taste the oyster omelette, the region’s must-have dish. Finally, visit the beautiful Chimei Museum, named after its creator. First for its furiously neoclassical decor, but also for its vast collection of paintings, sculptures, ancient weapons, etc.

5. Alishan National Forest

Alishan National Forest

Crédit photo : Shutterstock – weniliou

Completely preserved for 70 years, this forest exudes an atmosphere of incredible strength and serenity. In particular thanks to its hundreds of thousand-year-old trees and its Japanese cherry trees. Wind through the mountainside Alishan Forest and explore its rugged landscapes, sometimes shrouded in mist. A day and a half would be ideal to fully enjoy Alishan Natural Park.

Nature lovers, don’t forget to include this natural setting in your list of things to visit in Taiwan.

6. Ruins of the Longteng Bridge

Ruins of the Longteng Bridge

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Richie Chan

Longteng Bridge Ruins are officially known as Yuteng Ping Bridge. In 1935, a devastating earthquake hit the region. The sublime Long-Teng Bridge was almost completely destroyed, except for its arched pillars.

En 1999, Sanyi a été frappé par un second tremblement de terre, celui de Jiji. Le cinquième pilier du pont s’est alors écroulé. Aujourd’hui appelé « Longteng », le pont témoigne de la puissance de ces deux tremblements de terre, en plus du charme d’antan.

7. Parc national de Taroko

Taroko National Park

Photo credit: Shutterstock – FenlioQ

Its gorges consist of superb waterfalls, tunnels and suspension bridges. In short, you will contemplate beauty as far as the eye can see! Hike trails that wind through the Rocky Mountains.

Une fois que la température de votre corps sera plus élevée, descendez quelques mètres plus bas et adonnez-vous à de nombreuses activités de plein air. Rafting, canoë, baignade dans les cascades de Baiyang : les sources de plaisir sont nombreuses. Et ce, comme les chutes d’eau qui s’échappent des failles rocheuses, d’ailleurs. Observez-les dévaler les parois abruptes des montagnes de marbre et de granit. Un moment plus que propice aux photos !

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8. Mémorial Tchang Kaï-chek

Visit Taiwan: Chiang Kai-shek

Photo credit: Flickr – TitiFaitSonTour

The Chiang Kai-shek Memorial is a place to visit in Taiwan, especially for those who like good surprises. This impressive Chinese-inspired white marble monument is a thrilling attraction accessible by subway.

Inside, you will find a memorial built on three floors culminating at 70 meters high. You can learn more about the life of Chiang Kai-shek and admire his theater and auditorium with typical Chinese architecture. Intrigued? We would be in your place too!

9. Beitou Hot Spring

 Beitou Hot Spring Memorial

Photo credit: Shutterstock – topimages

Put on your bathing suits and head to the four boiling water pools and two cold water pools of Beitou Hot Springs! Once dressed, soak your feet and your whole body in baths ranging from 35 to 45 degrees. You will benefit from a moment of intense relaxation and an immersion in the life of the locals. In fact, these baths are very popular with locals. They come there with friends or family and stay there for a few hours.

The Taiwanese are exemplary kindness. So they won’t hesitate to give you expert advice or laugh with you.

10. Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake

Crédit photo : Shutterstock – Richie Chan

The “Lake of the Sun and the Moon” is the largest body of water in the country. This mythical place takes its name from an east face similar to the sun and a rather lunar west face. Don’t wait any longer to chat with local merchants: the restaurants, shops and bars will meet all your desires.

Many outdoor activities are offered on these calm waters: sailing, hiking or cycling, boat trips… In addition to breathtaking nature, let yourself be surprised by the visit of the mythical temples of the ‘Taiwanese History. Finally, don’t forget to take the cable car that flies over the lake and the island of Lalu.

11. Shimen Cave

Shimen Cave

Crédit photo : Shutterstock – beibaoke

La Shimen Cave (grotte en français) n’est pas du tout une grotte ! Il s’agit d’une arche en pierre formée par l’érosion de la mer. À son sommet, des sièges vous y attendent. De là, vous pourrez contempler le coucher du soleil ou apprécier la vue des nuages qui surplombent l’océan.

It is also an excellent spot for resting and observing fish, crabs and shellfish. An atmosphere that lends itself to the desires of both children and parents.

12. Yehliu Geopark

Yehliu Geopark

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Nguyen Xuan Vu

Yehliu Geopark is one of the top northern destinations to visit in Taiwan. It is made up of rock formations with more surprising shapes than each other. This colorful and sublime geological site has been created by nature over the years. Equally impressive is the view of the cliffs and the raging ocean.

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In addition, you will only need 1h30 by bus from Taipei to see these unmissable landscapes of Taiwan.

13. Jiufen


Photo credit: Shutterstock – f11photo

This ancient city pronounced “Jioufen” is a city located on the top of a mountain on the northeast coast of Taiwan. Tantalize your taste buds on Jishan Street: try the peanut ice cream roll called A-Zhu , then sip the local craft tea at the A-Mei house.

Taiwanese sausages at all costs ‘s succulent Flower Lady But above all, taste Wu Di . This mouth-watering traditional cuisine will immerse you in the heart of the famous Spirited Away . Enjoy the famous Zhang Ji sticky rice cake traditional fish balls accompanied by the tasty Ah Lan . You guessed it: the city of “red lanterns” is a major place of culinary pilgrimage.

14. Les chutes de Baiyang

Les chutes de Baiyang

Photo credit: Shutterstock – weniliou

Baiyang Waterfalls are characterized by an abundant number of tunnels. While some of them are lit by the sun, others can leave you in the dark for several long minutes. It can therefore be very useful to take a flashlight with you to cross them all without difficulty.

From inside the tunnels, you will have magnificent views of Baiyang Green Mountain. The trails offered on site are accessible to beginners and experienced alike. Starting from the shuttle terminus, start on a fairly long, gently sloping path. Then, continue your walk on a very well marked wide path. This one will take you to a unique belvedere where you can admire a double waterfall to die for.

15. Donghe Bridge

Donghe Bridge

Photo credit: Shutterstock – yuanj

Let’s finish our selection of the most beautiful places to visit in Taiwan with the Donghe Bridge. This bridge is composed of a new and an old bridge. Both cross the Donghe River and connect Chenggong Township with the Mawuku River. However, each has its own characteristics and a particular architecture.

Be charmed by the blue sky and the Taiyuan Valley reflected in the river under the ancient Donghe Bridge. A soothing place where tourists from all over the world come to relax.

Now you know what not to miss when visiting Taiwan. Have a good trip !

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