The 20 places you must see if you go to London in 2023

London is one of the most famous capitals in Europe and even in the world. Many think it is expensive and it is true that it is the most expensive European capital. However, there are several activities you can do without breaking the bank. You can also eat at low cost. You just need to know the right places. Do not limit yourself to a weekend, but rather go there for a week.


  • 1. The British Museum
  • 2. Buckingham Palace
  • 3. Le Natural History Museum
  • 4. The Tate Modern
  • 5. St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • 6. Hyde Park
  • 7. The Victoria and Albert Museum
  • 8. The Tower of London
  • 9. Le Tower Bridge
  • 10. The Shard and the London Eye
  • 11. The National Gallery
  • 12. Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster
  • 13. Westminster Abbey
  • 14. Camden Road
  • 15. Portobello Road market et Notthing Hill
  • 16. Le Museum of London
  • 17. Greenwich
  • 18. Hampton Court Palace
  • 19. Kew Garden
  • 20. Borough Market

1. The British Museum

Admission is free. There are nearly 10 research departments and about 7 million objects to discover.

Credits: Wikimedia commons / Eric Pouhier
Credits: Wikimedia commons / Eric Pouhier

2. Buckingham Palace

This is where the Queen of England officially lives. If the Queen is in the palace, you will see the flag flying above. There is also the changing of the guard which you can see every day in summer and every other day in winter.

Source : Diliff/Wikipedia
Source: Diliff/Wikipedia

3. Le Natural History Museum

This natural history museum is perfect if you like zoology or botany. It is free for all and you can choose your visit à la carte.

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Credits: Flickr / Barney Moss
Credits: Flickr / Barney Moss

4. The Tate Modern

It is a former power station which has been transformed into a museum of contemporary art with no less than 7 floors of exhibitions, but also videos and interactive workshops! What good fun!

tate modern london
Credits: Wikipedia

5. St. Paul’s Cathedral

This huge cathedral stands out in the landscape and you can see it coming from afar. If you get closer, you can observe the magnificent sculptures. For just a few euros, climb to the top of the dome and see the city in a new light.

6. Hyde Park

It is the largest park in London. You can have a picnic or go around by bike. There are also concerts and a speakers’ corner where people can express themselves and say what they want. We find Kensington, which is the palace of Prince Henry.

7. Le Victoria and Albert Museum

It is a museum that mixes science and decorative art. You will find everything: crystal, tapestries, printing. There is room for discovery inside.

Source : Diliff
Source: Diliff/Wikipedia

8. The Tower of London

Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this place is also considered one of the most haunted in the country (by the way, if you want to visit others, here is a list of the 10 most haunted places in the world ). You can discover the joyful Queen there.

9. Le Tower Bridge

This bridge is surely one of the most famous bridges in Europe, even in the world. Until 1999, it was an opening bridge. You can enjoy the view directly from the top of the towers for a few euros.

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10. The Shard and the London Eye

These two monuments provide an impressive view of London. The London Eye is a Ferris wheel that completes a full revolution in 30 minutes, giving you plenty of time to see the whole city. Otherwise, there is The Shard which is a 300m high skyscraper.

11. The National Gallery

This museum overlooks Trafalgar Square. It is made up of private funds and admission is free, except for temporary exhibitions.

Source : Morio/Wikipedia
Source : Morio/Wikipedia

12. Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster

The Palace of Westminster is adjacent to Big Ben. It is home to the House of Lords (which are the equivalent of our MPs). You can even see certain debates, certain days at certain times. But be careful not to get lost in this palace which has 1000 rooms!

13. Westminster Abbey

This place is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are several burials of Kings and Queens of England. It is located right next to the parliament and is the place where Kate and William got married. Moreover, it can be visited from Monday to Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

14. Camden Road

It’s a place where everyone meets: from hippies, to goths and punk fans. There are fast food restaurants, restaurants that offer several cuisines from around the world. A place that is very lively and young.

15. Portobello Road market et Notthing Hill

You absolutely have to see this market of antique sellers and artisans. You also absolutely have to see the Notting Hill Carnival.

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Source : justgravy/Wikimedia
Source : justgravy/Wikimedia

16. Le Museum of London

It is an essential museum that allows you to better understand the history of the city. It is right next to the Barbican Center which is another museum.

17. Greenwich

It is a park that is truly centered on nature. There is a very nice ship called the “Cutty Sark” not far from the National Maritime Museum. At the top of the park, you will have a breathtaking view of the Docklands and you will also find the Royal Observatory which is crossed by the famous meridian of Greenwich.

18. Hampton Court Palace

It is not in the center of London, but you can go in search of the ghost that haunts the place during a 2 hour visit. You can even sleep there, if you dare.

The 20 places you must see if you go to London in 2023
Source : Duncan Harris/Wikimedia

19. Kew Garden

This is the Queen’s personal garden. It is a botanic garden that has the largest collection of plants in the UK. Each year, Elizabeth 2 closes the park for a few days so that she can enjoy it alone.

Source : Diliff/Wikimedia
Source : Diliff/Wikimedia

20. Borough Market

In this market, you will discover: cheese makers, bakers, butchers and sellers of local vegetables. It only opens on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

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