The 4 Best Hikes in Marrakech for Beginners

If you’re looking for the best hikes in Marrakech, this article will help you spot the easiest routes for beginners to hike.


  • The Panorama Loop Trail
  • The Link Loop Trail
  • The Marrakech Tour
  • Kasaba Neighborhood of Marrakech
  • Your successful stay in Marrakech
  • – How to go to Marrakech?
  • – Getting around the ocher city
  • – Where to stay to live these experiences?

The sun, the desert, the palm groves, the ocher of the buildings, the beginnings of the Atlas , the mint tea, the medina … No doubt, you are already in Marrakech! Located in the central part of Morocco , the city is attracting more and more visitors. But not everyone knows that the region is ideal for hiking: it’s true, the mountains of the Middle Atlas are only a stone’s throw from the city. So it’s a real godsend for you, if you want to venture away from the mass of tourists…

Accessible to beginners and families, our selection of hikes for beginners in Marrakech offers immersive experiences in the wild nature of the hinterland, but also in the heart of the city! By surrounding yourself with official guides who know how to unearth pearls and tell succulent anecdotes, you will discover Marrakech differently. Put on your best shoes and open your eyes wide: let’s go for a ride!

The Panorama Loop Trail

an easy gateway to the Middle Atlas

Panorama Loop Trail Marrakech hike for beginners

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  • 🚶Distance : 3,4 km
  • 🏔️ Type of route: loop
  • 💙 We like : the possibility of being able to bring your dog! Authorized throughout the walk, dogs can even be released without a leash on certain parts of the circuit.

Look up to spot the many birds in the sky and… It’s a monkey sitting on a branch that you see in your horizon line! Located in the Ifrane National Park, the Panorama Loop Trail is one of the best hiking trails in Marrakech.

It is a loop of barely three or four kilometers which takes less than an hour. The excursion is easy because the elevation gain does not exceed 100 meters . This walk allows the less seasoned walkers to enjoy a piece of nature. Families with children also appreciate the circuit since even the little ones can follow without difficulty.

The observation of animals, particularly birds, is the big plus of the trip. But you can also take advantage of a whole natural setting because the national park of Ifrane , 500 km² large, is rich in a beautiful diversity. More than a thousand plant species have been listed, 250 of which are endemic to the region. Among the “stars” of the trees found along the Panorama Loop Trail are the Atlas cedar or the holm oak.

In search of foxes and boars

Link Loop Trail hiking for beginners marrakech

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  • 🚶Distance : 6 km
  • 🏔️ Type of route: loop
  • 💙 We like : the discovery of the mountain that sweeps away the cliché of the hot and desert Maghreb. Here, Berber tents stand in the green, forested mountains. North African style in a mountain setting: we want more!

Like the previous walk, the Link Loop Trail is one of the hikes in Marrakech that leads to Ifrane National Park, in the Marrakech Tensift Al Haouz region. Far from the cities, this park is also a meeting place for skiers because the snow falls abundantly on the Middle Atlas in winter. So remember to plan this type of stay during the sunny seasons. Or, if you come in winter, remember to take your ski gear! The Link Loop Trail takes you for nearly six kilometers through forests and paths shunned by the bulk of tourists.

Good for you: you will be able to observe birds freely but also rarer animals. Indeed, monkeys but also foxes and wild boars like to walk on these hiking roads in Marrakech. You will be able to see them, provided you remain discreet during your walk. And to have a bit of luck… The observation of wild animals remains random, that’s why we are even happier when success is at the rendezvous!

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Count about an hour and a half of walk and 142 meters of elevation gain . To make the most of your experience, surround yourself with official guides. They will be able to show you the right roads, especially since the paths are not always well marked in places. Certified zero risk for beginners, this ride is pure pleasure. The departure is from the Ras Elma road , where a relaxing and refreshing river flows.

The Marrakech Tour

An adventure in the heart of the ocher city

The Marrakech Beginner Hiking Tour

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  • 🚶Distance : 5 km
  • 🏔️ Type of route: loop
  • 💙 We like : available from January to December, it’s a pleasant ride in any season!

Hikes in Marrakech do not always lead to the Atlas Mountains! Here is an urban loop to be carried out in the footsteps of a competent guide. The Marrakech Tour takes you through the streets of the ocher city , one of the most famous destinations in Morocco. In total, there are nearly five kilometers of walks through the streets of the city. The loop starts near the Bahia Palace and takes you to the Kasbah. You will pass in front of the most famous monuments of Marrakech such as the Saadian tombs or the El Badiî palace.

You will make a short detour to the Kontoubia mosque , the most famous in the city. You will also be able to feel the effervescence of the Jemaa-el-Fna square , which marks the entrance to the medina . You can enjoy an hour of walking in the footsteps of an experienced guide. Anecdotes on the history and the famous characters of the city, explanations on the architecture, discovery of the local culture … Do not miss the precious information that you will be able to collect.

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The ride can also be done by bike and does not present any major difficulty. As a family, even with young children, it’s a great idea to take the pulse of the city.

Kasaba Neighborhood of Marrakech

Stroll through the history of the city

Kasaba Neighborhood of Marrakech

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  • 🚶Distance : 3 km
  • 🏔️ Type of route: Point A to point B
  • 💙 We like : getting out of the tumult of the medina and the souks to appreciate the grandeur of the local architecture in a relaxing calm.

History, culture and power: take a quick stroll through the Kasbah district . Among the most popular hikes from Marrakech, the Kasaba neighborhood of Marrakech takes you through the streets of the Kasbah. The walk takes about forty minutes and does not present any major difficulty. You wander between the fortifications of one of the oldest districts of Marrakech where local rulers have always exercised their power.

Moreover, the King of Morocco still has a secondary residence there, perhaps you will meet him with his retinue! This hike in the heart of Marrakech then takes you on a tour of another part of the city’s history. You leave the Kasbah to arrive in Mellah , the Jewish quarter. An old synagogue and a cemetery maintain the history of the Jews in Morocco. Thanks to the advice of experienced guides, you will be able to retrace this fascinating history while enjoying the rich and centuries-old architecture.

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