Whether it’s to dream of your next trip to the seaside or simply for the pleasure of looking at beautiful images: here are beaches that deserve your full attention!

Most beautiful beach in the world: Grace Bay.

Grace Bay, Providenciales – Iles Turks et Caïcos

The Providenciales, or “Provo” to residents, are the most developed islands in Turks and Caicos. They are more than 60 kilometers long, and there are a dozen splendid beaches, including the unmissable Grace Bay.

Most beautiful beach in the world: Whitehaven Beach.


Whitehaven Beach, Îles Whitsunday, Australie

Australia is a paradise for surfers and divers. No wonder then that Whitehaven always finds itself in the list of the best beaches in the world. Located in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, it is part of the Whitsunday Islands National Park.

Most beautiful beach in the world: Anse Lazio.


Anse Lazio, Praslin – Seychelles

This very popular secluded spot for honeymoon trips attracts tourists from all over the world due to its beauty. The Seychelles lie in the middle of the Indian Ocean, north of Madagascar and east of Zanzibar. Anse Lazio beach is located in the northwest of the island of Praslin and offers one of the best diving experiences on the planet. 

Most beautiful beach in the world: Pink Sands Beach.


Pink Sands Beach, Île Harbor – Bahamas

While Nassau and Paradise Island attract a good number of tourists – due to the casinos and hotels offering family-friendly activities – Pink Sands Beach is the place to visit for those looking for a more peaceful and romantic experience. Its 5 kilometers of pink sand – really pink – and its temperate waters where you can swim all year round are appreciated by visitors. A coral reef surrounding the beach protects it from the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

Most beautiful beach in the world: Navagio Beach.


Navagio Beach, Zakynthos – Greece

Navagio Beach, known as Shipwreck Beach or Smugglers Cove, is famous for the presence of the Panagiotis wreck which attracts many divers and snorkelers. Those who prefer the beach enjoy a gentle wind there.

Most beautiful beach in the world: Baia Dos Porcos.


Baia Dos Porcos, Fernando de Noronha – Brazil

It takes a bit of a hike to get there, but the rock formations surrounding the bay are worth the effort. Fernando de Noronha is a Brazilian archipelago whose beauty has been recognized by UNESCO, which has awarded it the title of World Heritage.

Most beautiful beach in the world: Playa Paraiso.


Playa Paraiso, Tulum – Mexico

This beautiful Mexican beach located in Tulum contains the only Mayan ruin found on a beach. If you are there, take a walk on the side of Coba, which offers the highest accessible ruins in the country.

Most beautiful beach in the world: Hyams Beach.


Hyams Beach, Jervis Bay – Australia

This peaceful little town is home to less than 200 people. Located in the region of New South Wales, the beach is covered with one of the whitest sands on the planet. It is also the perfect place to spot dolphins and seals.

Most beautiful beach in the world: Hidden Beach.


Hidden Beach, Marietas Islands – Mexico

Hidden Beach’s real name is Playa del Amor, but everyone calls it by its pen name. Located in Puerto Vallarta, it is one of the most popular places in the Marietas Islands. We go there to take dozens of photos of the blue waters of the Pacific and of the rock face that protects the beach.

Most beautiful beach in the world: Trunk Bay.


Trunk Bay, Saint John – US Virgin Islands

This bay is part of the Virgin Islands National Park, and is very popular with snorkelers due to the presence of a coral sea path over 650 feet in length. This is the place to visit to perfect your skills as an underwater photographer and to appreciate the colors of the fish and the reef.

Most beautiful beach in the world: Maya Bay.


Maya Bay, Koh Phi Phi Ley – Thailand

Made popular thanks to the novel The Beach by Alex Garland (and the film of the same name starring Leonardo Di Caprio), this beach now attracts many tourists. You will therefore need to get there early to avoid the crowds. It is found in the Phi Phi archipelago, in the Strait of Malacca.

Most beautiful beach in the world: Pig Beach


Pig Beach, Big Major Cay – Bahamas

It is the presence of many wild pigs that attracts tourists from all over. The island, located in the Exuma archipelago, is inhabited by none other than these friendly beasts.

Most beautiful beach in the world: Blue Lagoon.


Blue Lagoon, Yasawa Islands – Fiji

Made famous thanks to the film of the same name where the young Brooke Shields became known during the 80s, the Blue Lagoon is ideal for diving. The Yasawa Island Resort offers an all-inclusive package with food, drink, hiking, diving and water activities, and a trip to the famous local caves.

Most beautiful beach in the world: El Nido.


El Nido, Palawan – Philippines

Located on the island of Palawan, El Nido beach offers some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the Bacuit archipelago, made up of a series of islands known for the beauty of their vertiginous cliffs. Not only is the beach there beautiful, but it is one of the popular places for fishing and diving in the underwater caverns.

Most beautiful beach in the world: Muri Beach.


Muri Beach, Rarotonga – Cook Islands

The Pacific Resort Rarotonga sits on this beautiful beach, and it’s easy to kayak, paddleboard or snorkel.

The hotel even has a glass-bottomed boat to further enjoy water rides.

Most beautiful beach in the world: Saltwhistle Bay.


Saltwhistle Bay, Mayreau – Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Here is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. Take the trails to hike from Saltwhistle Bay to Saline Bay, and you’ll be rewarded with magnificent views of the Tobago Cays chain of islands.

Most beautiful beach in the world: Half Moon Bay.


Half Moon Bay – Antigua

There is no shortage of breathtaking beaches in Antigua. A luxurious hotel, but still ideal for those traveling with family, the Blue Waters Resort will make your stay an unforgettable experience.

Most beautiful beach in the world: Lucky Bay.


Lucky Bay – Western Australia

Lucky Bay is one of the most popular beaches due to the total absence of waves, a real treat for swimmers. Not to mention its pristine white beaches and clear water. Located in a national park in Western Australia, the place knows how to appeal to adventurers who will go hiking and camping there.

Most beautiful beach in the world: Flamenco Beach.


Flamenco Beach, Culebra – Puerto Rico

This public beach, located in a horseshoe-shaped bay, borders the Culebra National Wildlife Refuge, one of the oldest nature preserves in the United States. Here you can see Caribbean aquatic life, including parrotfish, blue tang and wrasse.

Most beautiful beach in the world: Reynisfjara Beach.


Reynisfjara Beach – Island

The sand composed of dark volcanic matter, the formations created by lava flows, the imposing cliffs and a magnificent panorama make this beach a place not to be missed.

Most beautiful beach in the world: Ile Aux Cerfs.


Ile Aux Cerfs – Mauritius

This private island, located near the village of Trou d’Eau Douce in the largest lagoon of the island, offers several restaurants on its beach. The rest of the day belongs to those who enjoy snorkeling or basking in the sun.

Most beautiful beach in the world: Fulhadhoo Beach.


Fulhadhoo Beach – Maldives

Located in the Baa Atoll in the middle of the Indian Ocean, this long and thin island bathed by gentle winds leaves little chance for mosquitoes. This is the place to enjoy hours of surf and warm sand. All you need is the bikini!

Most beautiful beach in the world: Vaeroy.


Vaeroy, Lofoten – Norway

The beaches on the island of Vaeroy, in the Lofoten Islands, provide access to warm water, even if you are in the Arctic Circle (thanks, Gulf Stream!). Warm Arctic beaches? What more?

Most beautiful beach in the world: Cayo Coco.


Cayo Coco – Cuba

The beach and the island share a common name. There are several all-inclusives on Cayo Coco, located in the Jardines del Rey chain. Many visitors go there to observe the colony of pink flamingos, native to the place.

Before booking your trip, read up on the 13 things you need to know about “all-inclusive”.

Most beautiful beach in the world: Seven Mile Beach.


Seven Mile Beach – Grand Cayman

This magnificent crescent-shaped beach with coral-colored sand always finds itself in the top of the world’s lists of beaches to visit.

It is found in the west of Grand Cayman Island, in the Caribbean. Several luxurious hotels are located there – including the Ritz-Carlton, as well as a large number of restaurants.

Most beautiful beach in the world: Anse Source d'Argent.


Anse Source d’Argent, La Digue – Seychelles

The constant presence of honeymooning couples makes it one of the most photographed beaches in the world. La Digue is the third largest inhabited island of the Seychelles.

Most beautiful beach in the world: Horseshoe Bay.


Horseshoe Bay – Bermudes

Located on the south coast of Bermuda, in the municipality of Southampton, this pink sand beach is delimited by limestone rock. Snorkeling enthusiasts will appreciate the many aquatic species found there, such as parrotfish. Several marine species are among the most colorful animals on the planet.

Most beautiful beach in the world: Honokalani Beach


Honokalani Beach – Hawaii

It is on the island of Maui that we find this famous black sand beach, more precisely within the Waianapanapa State Park, not far from the town of Hana. The magnificent beach is considered a sacred place, according to Hawaiian legends.

Most beautiful beach in the world: Turquoise Bay.


Turquoise Bay – Australia

Located near the Ningaloo reef in Western Australia, this bay located a few kilometers from the town of Exmouth attracts lovers of “drift snorkeling”, an activity consisting of swimming to the reef in the southern part of the beach to then let the current carry them to the warm sands of the northern part. There are more than 500 species of fish.

Most beautiful beach in the world: Elafonissi Beach


Elafonissi Beach, Crete – Greece

This magnificent Mediterranean beach located in the southwestern part of Crete is covered in pink sand. It is the perfect place for snorkeling, the island being protected by a nature reserve. It is also a very popular place for couples on honeymoon.

Most beautiful beach in the world: Champagne Beach.


Champagne Beach, Espiritu Santo – Vanuatu

This South Pacific island owes its great popularity to its calm and shallow crystal clear waters. Many tourists spend the night in nearby Luganville and then head to the beach, observing coconut plantations, herds of cows and tiny villages along the way.

Most beautiful beach in the world: Tunnels Beach.


Tunnels Beach, Kauai – Hawaii

This crescent-shaped bay is surrounded by palm trees and ironwood, against a backdrop of jungle and mountains. The wind makes it the perfect place for kite surfing or windsurfing.

Most beautiful beach in the world: Kaputas Beach.


Kaputas Beach – Turkey

Located along the road between Kalkan and Kas, this beach in southwestern Turkey is accessible by taking a short staircase that joins the main road. The beach is in a small valley that opens onto a stretch of sand. It is as spectacular as it is isolated! 

Most beautiful beach in the world: Dhigurah Island


Dhigurah Island – Maldives

It is in the Alif Dhaal atoll that we find this beach, one of the best places on the planet for snorkeling, sometimes accompanied by the whales that frequent the waters of the island all year round.

Most beautiful beach in the world: Ile aux Nattes.

Island of Mats – Madagascar

This tiny island is located south of that of Saint-Marie, off the east coast of Madagascar. Several luxury hotels and destinations are located there.

Most beautiful beach in the world: Cala Golorotze

Cala Golorotze, Sardinia – Italy

Cala Goloritzé beach is located next to Baunei, in the Gulf of Orosei. It is famous for the peak that overlooks the cove and the natural arch above the bay. The beach is made up of sand and small white pebbles.

Most beautiful beach in the world: Los Roques.


Los Roques – Venezuela

The beach is located in Los Roques National Park, in an archipelago north of Caracas, the capital of Nicaragua, in the heart of the Caribbean Sea. The place is protected, and people come from afar to go sailing.

Most beautiful beach in the world: Long Beach.


Long Beach, Vancouver Island – Canada

This popular surfer destination boasts the longest and widest beach in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve on Vancouver Island. The beach is splendid, but the sea currents are very strong there. It is better to picnic there than to go swimming at high tide.

Most beautiful beach in the world: Grand Anse Beach.


Grand Anse Beach – Grenade

No less than 45 beaches stretch along Grenada. It stands out for its 3 kilometers in length and the small multicolored fishing boats that run along it.

Most beautiful beach in the world: Boulders Beach.


Boulders Beach, Cape Peninsula – South Africa

A colony of African penguins (about 3000 heads) attracts visitors from all continents here. The beach is located between two huge granite rocks (boulders) from which it takes its name. It is part of Table Mountain National Park.

Most beautiful beach in the world: Lanikai Beach.


Lanikai Beach – Hawaii

Located on the Island of Oahu, this beach of just under a kilometer is one of the most popular places in Hawaii to watch the moonrise, especially when it is full!

Most beautiful beach in the world: Cala Mitjana.


Cala Mitjana, Menorca – Spain

This beach, very popular with tourists in summer, is located on the south coast of Menorca. The nearest parking spaces are a 20-minute walk away, so make sure you don’t forget anything in the car. The beautiful place is surrounded by pine trees.

Most beautiful beach in the world: Shoal Bay Beach.


Shoal Bay Beach – Anguilla

This island has about thirty beaches, but it is that of Shoal Bay that attracts the crowds. You can do parasailing or paddleboarding here.

Most beautiful beach in the world: One Foot Island.


One Foot Island, Aitutaki – Cook Islands

You can get your passport stamped at the charming post office on One Foot Island, a short boat ride from Aitutaki. The best way to enjoy the place is to go around it by catamaran and have a picnic on one of the beautiful sandy beaches.

Most beautiful beach in the world: Ao Nang Beach.


Ao Nang Beach, Krabi – Thailand

Ao Nang is the epicenter of tourist life here, with its soft sands and clear waters. There are several hotels, restaurants and shops nearby.

Most beautiful beach in the world: Radhanagar Beach.


Radhanagar Beach, Île Havelock – Inde

Radhanagar Beach, one of the most popular in Asia, is located between Vijaynagar Beach and Dolphin Yatri Niwas. It offers the perfect balance between areas of sunshine and areas of shade, thanks to the lush trees that line one side of the beach. This is what makes families and young children more sensitive to the scorching sun rays happy.

Most beautiful beach in the world: Eagle Beach.


Eagle Beach – Aruba

The beach is known for its fofoti trees, sea turtle nesting areas, and selection of water activities: kayaking, paddleboarding, snorkeling, and windsurfing.

Most beautiful beach in the world: Agiba Beach.


Agiba Beach – Egypt

Agiba means “miracle” in the Arabic language, and many associate this word with this place located in the Mediterranean Sea. The fine sand is white and the sea is turquoise.

Most beautiful beach in the world: Diani Beach.


Diani Beach, Kenya – Africa

This beautiful African beach, where the sand meets the forest, is surrounded by buildings that are worth visiting, such as the mosques made of coral whose arches overlook the sea and the monkey sanctuary.

Most beautiful beach in the world: Cannon Beach.


Cannon Beach – Oregon

This beach in northeastern Oregon State attracts a very special bird: the puffin. Haystack Rock, 72 meters high, is a real sanctuary for this species of bushy birds. Take a walk around Ecola State Park to see the lighthouse, and visit the Hug Point Cellars.

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