The 6 Strangest Museums in Canada That You Absolutely Must Visit

Canada is known for its diverse culture, rich history, and unique attractions. Among its many museums, there are some that stand out for their peculiar and unconventional themes. Here’s a list of six of the strangest museums in Canada that offer visitors an offbeat and memorable experience:

Vancouver Police Museum, Vancouver, British Columbia

Strangely, the museum is located in the old Coroner’s Court and the forensic laboratory, including the morgue. The artifacts, dating back to 1870, include badges, uniforms, police equipment, items confiscated from criminals and organs removed during autopsies – all in all, a chilling experience.

The British Columbia Maritime Museum in Victoria is one of the 10 haunted places in Quebec and Canada.

Tourism and Trek Station, Vulcan, Alberta

Designed to look like a spacecraft, the station serves as a reminder that the city’s name is also that of Mr. Spock’s planet. Dare to enter this building, which features a collection of 800 pieces of Star Trek – including Mr. Spock’s ears, donated by Leonard Nimoy himself – and floor-to-ceiling space murals.

Bata Shoe Museum, Toronto, Ontario

From ancient Egyptian sandals to haute couture stilettos, handmade and intricately beaded moccasins (and what they teach us about native North Americans), the works on display are all about style, function and in the sense of footwear. Tremendous!

Accordion Museum, Montmagny, Quebec

The museum’s instruments, photos and recordings tell us about the history of the accordion and its influence on Quebec culture. The museum has even acquired Asian instruments that show the use of the free reed – these ancestors of the accordion date back 4,000 years!

Chocolate Museum, St. Stephen, New Brunswick

It’s a chocolate lover’s paradise – an entire museum showing how chocolate is made, experiments to do, collections of historic chocolate boxes and candy-making equipment – ​​and, of course, lots of chocolate to savour. The museum is housed in a former candy factory.

Potato Museum, O’Leary, Prince Edward Island

The 6 Strangest Museums in Canada That You Absolutely Must Visit

A 4.20 m high potato welcomes you to the world’s largest potato exhibition. Learn more about this humble tuber’s role in the economy and see a collection of farm tools for growing potatoes, as well as the Potato Hall of Fame.

Can you guess which are the 20 most popular museums in the world ?

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