The 8 best neighborhoods to stay in during your visit to Dubai, UAE

As the largest and most famous city in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is very popular with visitors thanks to its luxury resorts and towering skyscrapers, as well as many other aspects that make Dubai a great destination to explore. Dubai you might want to stay in while visiting this cosmopolitan city.

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  • The 8 best neighborhoods to stay in during your visit to Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    •  Dubai Marina
    •  Town centre
    •  Jumeirah Beach
    •  Bur Dubai
    • Deira
    • Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood
    •  Al Quoz
    •  Palm Jumeirah

 Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is a man-made marina teeming with an impressive array of distinctive tourist activities that make your trip a lot of fun and joy, including many trendy restaurants that are strategically located to provide a wonderful view of Dubai’s skyscrapers across the water, some of these restaurants even Catering on board a marina cruise is an unforgettable experience.

And stay close to the Marina Walk to make it easier for you to explore the area, as this path is designed to bring tourists through cafes, shops and open spaces where festivals and performances are commonly held.

 Town centre

Downtown Dubai is perhaps the most popular place among many tourists when visiting Dubai, where you will find the Burj Khalifa, a stunning architectural building that is a staggering 2,722 feet (829.6 meters) in height with 163 floors. In fact, this tower is so tall that architects have created a lightning rod that absorbs the massive electric current from lightning strikes, a metal pole attached to the ground and with a pointed tip that attaches to tall buildings, absorbing the huge charge of electric current and draining it into the ground.

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 Other notable destinations in Downtown Dubai include; The Dubai Mall, the record holder for the largest mall in the world, in addition to more than 1,000 stores, The Dubai Mall also has many attractions dedicated to entertainment, such as multiple cinemas, an ice rink, and a Formula 1 racing simulator.

 Jumeirah Beach

If a beach holiday with plenty of activities and a vibrant nightlife option is what you are looking for, then Jumeirah Beach is the first choice. Available, including water skiing and windsurfing, as well as a giant water park (Wild Wadi Water Park) in the vicinity. At night, you can stroll to the various restaurants, beach clubs and stylish bars to sample delicious local cuisine as well as international menus.

 Bur Dubai

The 8 best neighborhoods to stay in during your visit to Dubai, UAE

This historic district of Dubai has some of the most expensive old buildings, museums, and religious sites in the city; This includes the Dubai Museum, and a heritage village that houses the old homes of sheikhs from the past.

To make the most of your time in Dubai, Bur Dubai is a great base for wandering, discovering handicrafts, watching beautiful boats, as well as trying out local restaurants. While this area may not be as modern and sophisticated as some of the other neighborhoods in Dubai, you will get an original glimpse into the life of the locals and traditional architecture as you wander through Bur Dubai.



On the other side of Dubai Creek, and a ferry ride from Bur Dubai, is the Deira district of Deira. And like Bur Dubai, Deira still retains its abundant old world charm. While Bur Dubai is home to textile traders, Deira has the city’s gold, fish and spice markets (souks). However, Deira is increasingly developing, and you will notice a wonderful mix of old and new, from traditional buildings to new commercial buildings with unusual designs.

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Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood


Al Fahidi is said to represent Dubai in the mid-19th century. Buildings in this area are usually constructed with traditional materials such as wood and stone, and are located near a maze of alleys. You may also notice that many buildings still have wind towers called “barjeel”, which in the past directed winds into homes for cooling purposes.

 This is just one example that Al Fahidi remains an exciting world worth discovering away from the city center and trendy resorts catering to the rich and elite. Nowadays, some of the old buildings have been adapted into wonderful cafés and artists’ workshops, making the neighborhood an ideal destination to explore.

 Al Quoz

Over the years, Al Quoz has grown into the emirate’s arts and culture district, housing shows and exhibitions by both local and international artists. And artists aren’t the only creative minds I’ve relocated to, as the area is also teeming with beautifully designed cafes, fitness studios, and an old warehouse converted into a skate park. There is always something new to discover in Al Quoz!

 Palm Jumeirah


 Arguably one of the most famous artificial islands in the world, Palm Jumeirah bears the iconic shape of a palm tree, knowing that a visitor there will need to book a helicopter or take a seaplane to see this wonderful work of construction. Some of the most luxurious hotels, islands, and beach resorts are located on these man-made islands, including the St. Regis Resort and Anantara The Palm in Dubai. As you might expect, detaching from the bustling mainland provides some serenity and privacy for the guests.

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