The 9 most beautiful waterfalls in Canada

Canadians are lucky to enjoy a country with an abundance of lakes, mountains and rivers. It would take a lifetime to explore it all! But, we also have the most impressive falls in the world: here are 10 that you must see.

The falls of Canada have those of Niagara Falls, the most famous

Chutes de Niagara, Niagara – Ontario

Niagara Falls are the most famous. They are made up of three falls, including Horseshoe Falls, the only one on the Canadian side. Easily accessible and impressive, it is the most powerful in North America. It can be observed from several vantage points, including from the Maid of the Mist boat cruise, which has been around since 1846 and is the oldest tourist attraction in North America.

You can also view the falls through a tunnel! The 100-year-old infrastructure has had a makeover: visitors can now admire the falls from a platform on the Niagara River, through the tunnel (which is an experience in itself). The view is stunning and definitely worth the trip if you are passing through the town of Niagara Falls.

Athabasca Falls are in Canada, Alberta

Athabasca Falls, Jasper National Park – Alberta

Among the falls of Canada, those of Athabasca are superb, but they are not the only attraction of Jasper National Park . They cross the rocks and get lost in the mountains. Several roads and bridges make it possible to observe them from different points of view. Before you get to the falls, you’ll walk the edge of the limestone gorge where swirling water has created cracks. Throughout the year, the color of the water is always beautiful, changing from milky white to turquoise blue.

The falls of Canada have those of Wells Gray, British Columbia

Helmcken Falls, Wells Gray Provincial Park – British Columbia

Helmcken Falls is located within the beautiful Wells Gray Provincial Park , created in part to protect the falls. Water cascades have formed a canyon at the base of the falls. In winter, frosted peaks transform the falls into a frozen paradise. Easily accessible by road, a platform makes it possible to take the perfect photo of the falls. If you want to admire them even closer, it is possible to do several hikes in the area. The park was named after BC physicist John Sebastian Helmcken, but he died before seeing this natural wonder.

The falls of Canada have those of Pissing Mare, in Newfoundland

Pissing Mare Falls, Gros Morne National Park — Newfoundland

The Pissing Mare Falls are one of the highest in North America, at 343 meters high. Located in Gros Morne National Park , they are only accessible by boat in a little-visited area. These Canada Falls fall into Western Brook Pond, a freshwater fjord created by glaciers many years ago. These falls are impressive and the cliffs are a beautiful emerald green color.

The falls of Canada have those of Shannon, in British Columbia

Shannon Falls, Shannon Falls Provincial Park – British Columbia

The stunning falls at Shannon Falls Provincial Park flow into Howe Sound and eventually the Pacific Ocean. The falls are only 200 meters from the park’s public parking lot, on a paved path. When you arrive at the falls, paths allow you to walk around the pretty surroundings.

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Named for William Shannon – a 19th century brick builder – these falls are the third highest in British Columbia.

The Virginia Falls are the most beautiful falls in the Northwest Territory

Nailicho (Virginia Falls), Nahanni National Park Preserve — Northwest Territories

Twice as large as Niagara Falls, yet we rarely hear about it. Nicknamed Nailicho, a word that means “big falling river” in the Cree language, these huge falls in Canada are located on the South Nahanni River. They are quite isolated and only 1,000 visitors per year go there by canoe or seaplane. No matter what mode of transport you take, you will witness magnificent views and wildlife. If you’re visiting the falls, take the time to wander around the rest of the recently expanded Nahanni National Park Reserve , which is about the size of Haiti.

The falls of Canada have those of Takakkaw, British Columbia

Takakkaw Falls, Yoho National Park – British Columbia

In the Cree language, Takakkaw means “majestic” and aptly describes the second highest falls in Canada. After driving on a steep road, one arrives at the falls, located in Yoho National Park . Although they can be seen from very far away, it is better to be close. The spectacular views, cold mist and roars make for an unforgettable sensory experience. The road to the falls is generally open from late June to mid-October, but may close due to weather conditions.

There are a multitude of beautiful Canada Falls, but also roads with breathtaking landscapes.

The falls of Canada have those of Bridal Veil, in British Columbia

Bridal Veil Falls — Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park, British Columbia

Pretty and delicate, these falls are located east of Chilliwack and really look like a wedding veil with its water rolling gently over the smooth rocks. It can be reached easily by walking 15 minutes from the entrance to Birdal Veil Falls Provincial Park . Picnic tables are on site and there are several places to view wildlife. These Canada Falls are located in Mount Cheam. For the adventurous, this is a great place to go paragliding.

Montmorency Falls is the best known in Quebec

Montmorency Falls — Quebec City, Quebec

Located just outside Quebec City, the Montmorency Falls are magnificent and taller than Niagara Falls. It can be observed by a suspension bridge or by a funicular that will take you from the top to the bottom (or vice versa). For those with a lot of energy, there is a wooden staircase to get there. The fall is accessible year-round. In winter, the peaks that form are climbed by the bravest.

The falls of Canada have those of Kakabeka, in Ontario

Kakabeka Falls – Oliver Paipoonge, Ontario

These splendid falls are located 30 km west of Thunder Bay on the Kaministiquia River. Kakabeka Falls is easily accessible via a multitude of paths and platforms that rise to the top. They plunge 40 meters and descend into the gorge carved into the Precambrian shield. This site is also the place where we find the oldest fossils in the world. As well as the traditional voyageur fur trade route.

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