The Illusionary Underwater Waterfall of Mauritius

Mauritius is an island officially called the Republic of Mauritius , and is located in the Indian Ocean approximately 2000 km off the southeast coast of the African continent and close to Madagascar and Mozambique. Mauritius was discovered by the Arabs in 975 AD, followed by the Portuguese between 1507 and 1513. Mauritius, Rodrigues together with the French department of Réunion form part of the Mascarene archipelago . Since its discovery, there have been periods of succession and colonization by the Dutch, French and British. Mauritius obtained the status of a republic in 1968. So much for the little history of the island. Now take a look at what interests us:

Underwater waterfall Mauritius
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A fascinating illusion lies at the southwestern tip of the island. Seen from the air, a flow of sand and silt deposits gives the illusion of an underwater waterfall . Thanks to the aerial shots, the visual deceptive impression is absolutely breathtaking! In fact, this natural curiosity can even be seen on Google Maps. The spectacular satellite photos would almost make us believe there is an underwater waterfall off the coast of this tropical paradise . Thanks to other photos, the landscape appears to have been painted with shades of green, blue and white, creating the false impression that a waterfall is falling into the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

Underwater waterfall Mauritius
Underwater waterfall Mauritius
Two photos taken from Google Maps

It is the sand that causes this magical illusion, and is found in the most vivid color of the water. The large waves that crash into this part of the island disperse the sand and this forms a natural “downward” current. With these images we really have the impression that it is a real waterfall, but the phenomenon is more like an hourglass in reality.

 Underwater waterfall Mauritius Underwater
Photo credit: St. Regis Mauritius Resort

We all know that Mauritius is a paradise island, but these images add even more appeal to the volcanic island. Watch this video to learn more about this underwater waterfall:

Did you know that such a phenomenon took place in Mauritius?

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