The most beautiful places to visit in Patagonia

Explore Patagonia on a trip to southern Argentina or Chile


  • Torres del Paine National Park
  • Lake Nahuel Huapi
  • Fitz Roy Hill
  • The Perito Moreno Glacier
  • Peninsula Valdes
  • Lagoon of the Three
  • Traveling in Patagonia

Patagonia rhymes with utopia: this extraordinary region made of sunny mountains and ice caves is a paradise on earth for those who know it. Set out on a journey to the southernmost point of South America where you’ll find jewel-encrusted mountains that are glaciers towering over sparkling turquoise lakes. Check out these recommended scenic spots for visiting the Patagonia region , but don’t forget your sunglasses. If the reflective sunlight doesn’t dazzle you, the natural splendor certainly will…

Torres del Paine National Park

Torres del Paine National Park
Flickr – Christopher Michel

Considered by many to be the most beautiful national park in South America, Torres del Paine encompasses a vast landscape of mountains, glaciers, lakes and rivers on the Chilean part of Patagonia. The Torres del Paine these famous eponymous towers of the park mark the horizon with three granite peaks which rise between 2,600 m and 2,850 m above the mountain range.

Lake Nahuel Huapi

Lake Nahuel Huapi
Flickr – EdButta

Patagonia is the lake region of Argentina and its most interesting part is Lake Nahuel Huapi, which is located in the heart of the country’s oldest national park, Nahuel Huapi National Park . This large lake was formed through centuries of glacial erosion and stretches 557 km² from the foothills of the Andes Mountains.

Fitz Roy Hill

Mount Fitz Roy, Patagonia
Flickr – Liam Quinn

Officially recognized as the highest peak and one of the most beautiful places in Los Glaciares National Park , you cannot miss the striking silhouette of Mount Fitz Roy at 3405m. Its jagged ledge of granite rock attracts mountaineers from around the world, while the lower parts of the national park are increasingly popular and accessible to hikers.

The Perito Moreno Glacier

Perito Moreno Patagonia Argentina
Deviantart – Yupa

We stay in the superb Los Glaciares National Park where you will undoubtedly find one of the most spectacular natural wonders in South America (if not the world): the Perito Moreno Glacier . It can be reached by hiking or by boat through this national park. What makes this block of ice so special, and so different from the other 46 glaciers in the region, is that it is one of the only advancing glaciers in the world. While the vast majority of glaciers are in decline, the Perito Moreno is progressing 700 m per year (2 meters per day) and its cracking noises make it an impressive attraction.

Peninsula Valdes

Peninsula Valdes Patagonia Argentina
Flickr – Margarita Castillo

Fans of whale watching will appreciate: the Valdés peninsula is a site of global importance for the conservation of marine biology. It attracts pods of whales, herds of seals and colonies of penguins (including Magellanic penguins) like you’ve never seen before. The place even fascinates scientists as the marine fauna is varied and abundant . Take a trip on one of the boats to get even more out of one of the best whale watching opportunities in the world.

Lagoon of the Three

Lagoon of the three Patagonie
Flickr – discoste

If you can’t climb the steep heights of Mount Fitz Roy, then opt for the beautiful oasis of Laguna de los Tres which lies just below. It is still necessary to plan a difficult trek, but the spectacular mountain panorama offered by the place and the tranquility of the glacial lake are nothing more sublime!

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Traveling in Patagonia

It is possible to travel to Patagonia from Buenos Aires by plane, destination Río Gallegos airport. Aerolíneas Argentinas and LAN operate regular flights. Be aware, however, that due to volcanic ash in the air (and depending on the wind), traffic may be disrupted.

Regarding accommodation, you will find many casas de famila or hospedajes on site to accommodate you at a lower cost. It is the best solution if you travel to Patagonia for trekking.

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