The most famous tourist places in Dornbirn, Austria

Dornbirn is the largest city in the state of Vorarlberg in western Austria , and is an important commercial center in the region, attracting adventure lovers and lovers of outdoor enjoyment, and this is due to the amazing landscapes that surround the city such as the Karen mountain and Lake Constance. Dornbirn is located near Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, as well as Other attractive Austrian cities such as Bregenz and Feldkirch, are a wonderful place worth visiting in the country of picturesque nature.

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  • The most famous tourist places in Dornbirn, Austria
    • Karn Dornbirn mountain
    • Inatura Museum of Natural History
    • Rappenloch Gorge
    • Rolls Royce Museum
    • Dornbirner Ash
    • Hiking in the Hoher Even mountain range
    • red house
    • St. Martin’s Church
    • market square
    • Bodley Ski Resort
    • Einkaufszentrum Shopping Center
    • Visit the nearby village of Ebnite

The most famous tourist places in Dornbirn, Austria

Karn Dornbirn mountain

This magnificent mountain is located right in the center of Dornbirn and is the focal point of visiting the area, as the wonderful cable car takes you to the top of the mountain in just 5 minutes and you can reach even higher from the station at Gutlestrabe.

If you are an adventure lover, you can go hiking, as the summit can be reached in about 40 minutes, and there are plenty of trails in the area that extend their tours for whole days. Above, you are greeted with stunning views of the Austrian countryside and also across Germany and Switzerland across Lake Constance.

There is also a restaurant upstairs where you can enjoy some food or refreshing drinks.

Inatura Museum of Natural History

This exciting museum is probably Dornbirn’s most famous, revealing the history of the area with a host of hands-on exhibits such as a landslide simulator, earthquake station, various insect displays and a garden making it a unique destination for young and old alike.

Rappenloch Gorge

This amazing spot of natural beauty is one of the highlights of the countryside surrounding Dornbirn. This series of waterfalls is just a 10-minute drive from the southern tip of Dornbirn and is easily accessible, enjoying an array of stunning and unforgettable landscapes.

Along the way, you can hike along private boardwalks that wind their way through the rocky boardwalk and offer great views of the water below.

Rolls Royce Museum

This is said to be the largest museum of its kind in the world, with the collection of the oldest unique cars numbering 1,000 on display and the reconstructed Rolls-Royce factory.

The cars included, include royal safari cars, a Rolls-Royce limousine belonging to King Edward VII and even the motorcade car of Spanish dictator Franco. If you are a fan of Rolls Royce, or you love historical exhibitions, then this museum will be perfect for you.

Dornbirner Ash

Located on the banks of the small river that runs through Dornbirn in the western part of the city, the Dornbirner Ashe is a small area of ​​natural beauty ideal for enjoying with plenty of walking trails for hiking.

You can start by walking near the Birkenuisi Sports Stadium and work your way up the riverside and walk to the other end of the park a little over a kilometer away.

This quiet spot is ideal for enjoying the fresh Austrian air.

Hiking in the Hoher Even mountain range

Located 1 hour 30 minutes from Dornbirn along some great driving routes, the Hohr Ifen is at an altitude of 2,230 meters and is part of the Alps. It has a nature reserve and offers great mountaineering opportunities, with hiking trails.

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red house

This early 17th century building is one of the symbols of Dornbirn. Known as the Red House, this building was owned by a wealthy couple and used as a residence, but it was also a dance studio.

The architecture and design of the house are surprisingly simple, with wood paneling, decorative window sills and various historical emblems.

When visiting, you can enjoy dining in the restaurant that serves traditional Austrian food, or simply enjoy the magical appearance of this beautiful building.

St. Martin’s Church

This church is one of the many iconic sites in the city, with great local architecture and beautiful design.

The exterior features a design similar to the Pantheon in Rome with a grand corridor and entrance lined with ornate columns, and there is also a free-standing bell tower. The interior also features a large open hall with plenty of marble and exquisite décor.

market square

The most famous tourist places in Dornbirn, Austria

The Market Square and the adjacent Market Street provide a great place for pedestrians to explore in the center of Dornbirn, among the many highlights of the square including the Red House and St. Martin’s Church, along with its many fountains.

You will probably enjoy walking through the square, admiring the beauty of Saint Martin, enjoying a coffee and relaxing in one of the quaint cafes that line the streets of that beautiful square.

There is also a local flower market that takes place on a weekly basis every Wednesday and Saturday in the square, and it displays a beautiful collection of colorful floral bouquets, which are popular with many visiting tourists.

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Bodley Ski Resort

This region of Austria has a wide range of ski resorts to choose from, the top of which is the wonderful Bodley Resort, which has great access with regular shuttle buses departing from Dornbirn every 30 minutes.

The available slopes stretch for 18.5 km, and there are 5.6 km of ski runs to choose from, served by 12 ski lifts.

Traditional ski huts, friendly ski instructors and stunning views make Bodley an attractive resort for beginners and experts alike.

Einkaufszentrum Shopping Center

If you want to enjoy a day of shopping and get local products at reasonable prices, the Einkaufszentrum Shopping Center is the perfect place, here you will find a variety of different stores of clothes, electronics and just about anything else you can think of.

And when you’re done shopping, you can enjoy a meal or a drink at one of the many restaurants here.

And experts advise you to visit in the middle of the week, when the shopping center will be quieter and you can enjoy a stroll away from the crowds of tourists.

Visit the nearby village of Ebnite


This quiet mountain village is located 20 minutes south of Dornbirn in the south of Vorarlberg. A truly idyllic village that has changed little over the years, it is an absolute gem and an ideal place to get away from the busier towns, so if you are looking for an unforgettable experience during your visit to Austria, head there.

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