The peaks of Sahadimy: the must-see tourist sites of Itasy

Explore the Sahadimy, with the most beautiful views of Lake Itasy and the Ambohitraivo massif in Madagascar.

Sahadimy is a rocky massif which overlooks Lake Itasy . Before getting there, first go through Moratsiazo 8 km from Ampefy or Ampary which is a little further (10 km). Whether you choose the first or the second village as a starting point, you will easily find one or more uphill and winding tracks that lead to the peaks of Sahadimy. They are strewn with debris of rocks, the vestiges of the lava of the volcanoes of yesteryear.

How to join the points of Sahadimy?

The trails that lead to the peaks of Sahadimy are steep, sometimes dizzying, but they reserve a nice surprise that will not fail to delight you. You will cross fields with so fertile silt in which tomatoes, beans or corn proliferate. Heaps of pebbles and large rocks scattered everywhere spring from weeds and aloe vera, these plants with a thousand virtues which make the reputation of Madagascar. Halfway through, you will see the bell tower of a tiny 19th century church. Do not hesitate to visit Ambohitraivo, the stronghold of the descendants of a handful of families.

Crete South of Sahadimy, Madagascar
Photo credit: Madatana

Ambohitraivo and its inhabitants

Ambohitraivo is a small hamlet of about twenty houses above which sits the old Protestant church. The friendly and humble inhabitants are brave farmers. In this small village in the mountains, you will find hundred-year-old aviavy (wild figs) as well as the remains of the buildings of yesteryear. The large circular rock that served as a gate to the hamlet remains in its former place. In the middle of the houses is a tany malalaka (large courtyard) which is the place of meeting and celebrations of the inhabitants. In the center of the tany malalaka, we see a coarse stone plate imitating the shapes of a circle. It is the entrance to a lava-bary, an underground cavity in which the ancestors carefully preserved the grains of paddy. This large hole was carved by hand. A grown man can stand in there.

Ambohitraivo, Madagascar
Photo credit: Madatana

During your visit to Ambohitraivo, the inhabitants will not fail to offer you as a goodbye beautiful freshly picked tomatoes or large avocados with creamy flesh. After this old isolated village, the track that leads to the peaks of Sahadimy becomes increasingly steep. As you climb, you will gradually see Lake Itasy. At the top is the highlight of the show.

The summits of Sahadimy are privileged places. It is without a doubt the only place where Lake Itasy exhibits its finest finery. Up there, visitors have as companions only perfect silence and pure air. In these heights, you will see under your feet the whole expanse of the lake with its beautiful shores and its luxuriant valleys. In the center of this gigantic sheet of water seem to float the Boisé islet as well as the islet of the Virgin which is, it seems, the center of Madagascar. On all sides of the lake, mounds, generous plains and small villages beckon tourists passing through Sahadimy. This unique panorama in the world makes this wonderful place the must of tourist sites of Itasy. The elders say that from this place, the streams of lights emanating from Antananarivo loom in the distance. To check, don’t hesitate to set up a bivouac on the spot. While waiting for nightfall, take a paraglider to fly over the tranquil waters of Lake Itasy and circle it.

During a visit to Lake Itasy, do not miss the peaks of Sahadimy, an exceptional site which will keep you fond memories for a long time.

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