Food is very important in Korean society. In all Korean dramas, there is necessarily a passage with food, whether in a restaurant, on the street or even with family.

Besides, for the little anecdote, in Korea, to ask if a person is well, we say “  밥은 먹어니  ? which literally means “Have you eaten?” “.



Bibimbap ( 비빔밥 ), one of the best known Korean dishes for anyone interested in South Korea. The literal translation of this dish is “mixed rice” because to eat this dish you have to mix all the ingredients.

It is therefore a dish composed of rice ( 밥 ), vegetables ( 야채 ), beef and a fried egg ( 계란 ). It is served in a hot stone bowl called dolsot ( 돌솥 ), accompanied by banchan ( 반잔 ), small side dishes.

There are various varieties of bibimbap depending on the vegetables we put in them. And for our vegetarian friends, it is possible to request a meatless bibimbap.

Here is a recipe for bibimbap , tested and approved :-).



Tteokbokki ( 떡볶이 ) is a dish that is eaten mainly at street vendors.

It is a dish consisting of rice cakes called tteok ( 떡 ) and gochujang ( 고추장 ) (chili paste). Be careful, this dish is very spicy!!

The accompaniments can also vary, I offer you this recipe: cake-of-rice-saute-with-vegetables


file ribs

Samgyeopsal ( 삼겹살 ) is a dish consisting of slices of pork belly to be cooked directly on a small barbecue placed in the middle of the table.

The meat is eaten either directly or wrapped in a lettuce leaf.



Kimbap ( 김밥 ) is a Korean dish found at most Korean picnics. It appeals to both children and adults in a hurry.

It is a dish consisting of rice, with meat or eggs in the form of an omelette. You can also put fish and vegetables in it. All this is rolled up in a sheet of dried seaweed and then cut into slices.

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There are countless versions of kimbap. It’s really not expensive and you can even find it in small convenience stores, in triangular form (samgak kimbap:  삼각김밥 )

Making kimbap isn’t difficult once you get the hang of it, and it always has a small effect on friends or family. Here is a little recipe:  kimbap .



Japchae (잡채) is made with sweet potato noodles (dangmyeon:  당면 ) and vegetables, such as peppers, carrots, mushrooms, and meat.

A recipe: japchae

Jeon ( former )


This dish is a pancake that looks a bit like a pizza, some even call it “Korean pancake”. It is made from flour and leeks, to which various ingredients are added.

There are many varieties: Haemul Pajeon ( 해물파전 ) with seafood, or kimchi pouchimge ( 김치부침개)  with, as its name suggests, kimchi. This dish  is often eaten with makgeolli ( 막걸리 ), a traditional Korean rice wine.

The recipe: pajeon

Naengmyeon  (naengmyeon )

Cold noodles

This dish is made with cold noodles bathed in pieces of ice. There are therefore noodles, some vegetables, meat and usually an egg.

As with many Korean dishes, there are different varieties of naegmyeon. The two most famous are mul naengmyeon ( 물냉면 ) and bibim naegmyeon ( 비빔냉면 ). This dish is eaten mainly in summer, so there is little chance of finding it in winter.

Kimchi Bokkeumbap ( Kimchi Fried Rice )

Kimchi Fried Rice 2

Literally “kimchi with fried rice””, it is a dish made from rice, kimchi, vegetables and egg, which is sautéed in a pan.

This dish is a family dish that can be eaten at home, but some restaurants also offer it, especially student restaurants.

Donkas _ _

Pork cutlets

This dish is a Korean adaptation of a famous dish in Japan, tonkatsu. It is a dish made from breaded pork chops.

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Jjajangmyeon ( Jjajangmyeon )


This dish originates from China, but is very popular in South Korea, so much so that on Singles’ Day (Black Day: April 14), it is traditional for them to eat this dish.

It is a dish based on noodles, decorated with black bean sauce. You can find it in most Chinese restaurants in Korea. It is also one of the most delivered dishes in Korea.

Here is a little recipe: jjajangmyeon

Korean food is so richly varied that describing all the dishes would require a book. Thus, we can still cite as examples of Korean dishes:

  • Bulgogi ( 불고기 ): Korean barbecue made with meat (especially beef) marinated and then grilled
  • Hobakjeon ( 호박전 ): zucchini pancakes with two peppers
  • Jjigae ( 찌개 ): a kind of stew that can be found in different forms such as dubu jjigae ( 두부찌개 ) with tofu, ge jjigae ( 게찌개 ) with crab, kimchi jjigae ( 김치찌개 ) with kimchi ,…
  • Gyelanjjim ( 계란찜 ): a kind of big omelet

Nevertheless, I hope I have already made your mouth water. Do not hesitate to test the recipes and let us know your impressions.

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