Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Algeria

It is certainly not the beaches that are lacking in Algeria, and they have nothing to envy when compared to the beaches of other countries. The country boasts a coastline that exceeds 1200 km! During the peak summer season, temperatures rise rapidly, so we recommend visiting the beach either early in the morning or late in the evening. It is still possible to enjoy the beach in the afternoon, but it’s important to protect yourself as much as possible from the sun. Here is a brief tour of Algeria’s beaches! Please note that this list is not exhaustive, as there are plenty of other beaches to discover in this magnificent country.

1) The red beach in Jijel

If Algeria is blessed with numerous magnificent beaches, the Red Beach in Jijel stands out as the most impressive. Situated along the untamed coastline of Algeria, it offers a perfect setting for vacationers seeking to enjoy the country’s ideal weather conditions in absolute tranquility.

Video capture/JijelNews

2) The beaches of Boumerdes

These beaches are situated in a seaside resort known for attracting large crowds during the summer season. Alongside the pleasant swimming experience they offer, the beaches of Boumerdes are particularly favored by water sports enthusiasts, including surfers and kitesurfers.

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3) Madagh beach in Oran

On the Mediterranean coast, there are indeed many beautiful beaches, but this particular beach stands out from the rest. It is distinguished by its stunning cliffs that surround the expansive Algerian shoreline. As the sun sets, the atmosphere becomes simply enchanting, creating a truly magical experience.

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Video capture/sami sen

4) Lighthouse beach in Mostaghanem

Despite being located just around ten kilometers from central Algiers, this beach exudes a completely untamed ambiance, far removed from typical seaside resorts. Its uniqueness lies in the fine sand and authentic character it possesses. Adding to its beauty is a small lighthouse perched along the coastline, as indicated by its name. The presence of the lighthouse enhances the charm of the place, creating an even more picturesque setting.

Video Capture/Houssem Laaraj

5) El Aouana Beach

El Aouana Beach is situated adjacent to a quaint and charming small marina. This makes it an ideal destination for those looking to embark on a day trip at sea aboard a boat. Alternatively, you can simply relax and enjoy the beach, depending on the weather and your preference.

Wikimedia Commons / Mouh2jijel

6) Cap Ivi beach in Mostaganem

This beach, adorned with fine sand, possesses a remarkably wild and seemingly Sahara desert-like quality. It provides the perfect setting for a leisurely day or a convivial picnic, offering the tranquility and serenity you seek in such a magnificent location.

Wikimedia commons / Oldstoneage

7) Melbou beach in Bejaia

Undoubtedly, this beach is among the most vibrant in the country. Its vast expanse offers ample space for sunbathers to enjoy the beach without feeling crowded. However, due to the high number of visitors and the beach’s size, it is advisable to remain vigilant and keep a close eye on your belongings, as incidents of theft can occur swiftly.

wikimedia commons/mycondor34

8) Ain Taya beach in Algiers

If you happen to be near Lake Réghaïa to the east of Algiers, we highly recommend taking a short detour to Ain Taya beach. Apart from its peaceful atmosphere, this beach captivates with its charming rocky dam, adding to its allure and uniqueness.

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Wikimedia commons / Mounir lalaoui

9) The ricezi amor beach (Chapuis) ​​in Annaba

This delightful sandy beach is perfect for those who enjoy swimming in calm waters. When the weather is mild, the tranquil sea creates an experience akin to swimming in a pool, providing a serene and enjoyable swimming environment.

wikimedia commons/Farouk bendjama80

10) Moscarda beach in Tlemcen, Marsa Ben M’hidi side

On the border with Morocco, you will encounter a beach that is simply awe-inspiring and truly spectacular in its beauty.

Wikimedia commons/Medboy94

These top 10 most beautiful beaches in Algeria showcase the country’s diverse coastal landscapes, from stunning cliffs and rock formations to peaceful coves and golden sands. Whether you’re seeking tranquility, adventure, or simply a place to unwind, Algeria’s beaches offer a captivating experience for every beach enthusiast.

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