TOP 5 Most Beautiful Islands in Algeria in 2024

Algeria has about fifty islands along its coastline. Not very hospitable to housing and for the majority of them not exceeding one hectare in area, they are little known to the general public. But these islands are nevertheless of important scientific interest. Indeed, they are considered to be a real open-air laboratory for studying evolutionary, biogeographical and maritime processes. Here are the TOP 5 most beautiful islands on the Algerian coast, to visit absolutely.

Cavallo Islands

They are a set of uninhabited islets located in the commune of El Aouana, in the wilaya of Jijel. The whole is composed of two main islands; small Cavallo with an area of 4 hectares and large Cavallo (6 hectares), located respectively 5 km north-east and 950 m north of El Aouana.

Iles Cavallo

The Cavallo Islands in Jijel

The vegetation cover of the two islands is quite dense, and the relief is mainly rocky, home to many plant species. It is considered to be the home of the yellow-legged gull, a species of bird that thrives on the island.

Two brothers (islands)

In the past, the Romans had named these two islands “Ad Fratres”, which simply means the two brothers. These are two small rocky islets located in the commune of Ghazaouet, in the wilaya of Tlemcen, in the far west of Algeria. They form an island group very similar to the Nordic islands.

L'ile des deux frères

The island of the two brothers in Ghazaouet (Tlemcen)

Habibas Islands

Located 9.8 km off the coast of Oran, in the municipality of Ain El Kerma, opposite the very famous Madagh beach, the Habibas Islands are the only archipelago in the country.

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The two largest islands are surrounded by many rocks and the larger one is called Touria. The latter, 1,200 m long and 160 to 600 m wide, with a summit culminating at 103 m above sea level, is crowned by a lighthouse.

Les iles Habibas

The Habibas Islands in Oran

The second, smaller island is located northeast of the previous one. And to the west is the Morte Creek, where the remains of a Spanish woman were discovered. Since 2003, the islands have been classified as a Maritime Nature Reserve by UNESCO and as a Specially Protected Area of Mediterranean Importance.

Pisan Island

The island of the Pisans is located northwest of Béjaia, off the coast of Boulimat. According to a local legend, Emir Al Nacir died there. The island was a meeting place for merchants from Europe, especially Italy, and the ancient tribe of the Mezaia, where important goods were traded.

Ile des Pisans

The island of the Pisans in Béjaia

Île Srigina

Srigina is an island located at the western entrance to the harbour of Skikda, in the east of the country. Its name is said to be of Punic origin and means the cape of the cove.

L'ile Srigina à Skikda

Srigina Island to Skikda

The island is home to a lighthouse built in 1890 and commissioned in 1906. With its small area, it can only receive a very limited number of visitors. Its quay can only take care of a maximum of two pleasure boats.

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