Top 5 places you can visit during tourism in the Czech Republic

The Czech  Republic has become  a favorite tourist destination for many travelers who expect something new, exciting and not boring and want to deviate from the traditional European travel path. It is also a favorite destination for those who love ancient architecture because it is a small landlocked country and its strategic location. Its architectural influences on it and thus it has become diverse in architectural style and rich in culture and here are the five best places to put it on the list when you think of going to it.


Important tourist attractions in the Czech Republic

  • Plzen

This western bohemian city is the fourth largest city in the Czech Republic and is known all over the world for those looking for great and impressive architecture as it has many cathedrals and great buildings with a long history and the town is the economic heart of the country and has many breweries Which represents a large part of the country’s economy, and located in the west of the city is a well-known university and is the first college of law in the entire country.


Explore tourism in the Czech Republic as an ideal destination for medical tourism

  • Moravian Karst Reserve

This nature reserve in the Czech Republic in the north of Brno is a geological phenomenon and is a giant series of underground limestone caves and valleys that extend for thousands of square kilometers. Underground cave roof collapses Moravian Karst also has bike paths and hiking trails for exploration.

Moravian Karst Reserve
  • Olomouc
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Olomouc was originally built as a Roman fortress during the colonial period and its name is now a distorted name from the real Roman name. In addition to containing the famous Olomouc Castle dating back to the twelfth century, and the city has more than ten beautiful religious buildings with a progressive architectural style, and there are six excellent fountains built in the Baroque style, which is a source of pride for the city. It also has a very special art museum And an amazing astronomical clock.

  • Karlstein Castle

This Gothic-style castle dating from the 14th century was the home of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV. The castle is about 30 kilometers or eighteen miles from Prague, which makes going there an enjoyable day trip for tourists. The castle served as a fortress during the war and as a storehouse for treasures. And a royal house, where the building was designed on three tiered levels with the importance of each of them grading from the lowest to the highest. .

Karlstein Castle
  • Karlovy Vary

This hot spring city has been believed for hundreds of years that its waters can cure anything from indigestion to brain tumors as it contains many areas of hot springs and thus the city has become a great natural health resort.
A major transformation of the city took place in the thirteenth century by Charles IV, where resorts were built on the place of the palaces of the nobles. The city had an abundance of architecture, but a series of natural disasters destroyed most of the buildings that existed in the city, but it is still very large and picturesque. Despite this, its spas have been open for more than six centuries and are still believed to be a miracle cure for dozens and hundreds of diseases.

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Karlovy Vary

Some may think that the  Czech Republic  is not an ideal tourist place and it is not worth the trouble to travel to it and spend money, but it is worth every mile you walk to because it is one of the most beautiful and attractive countries, although it is not a coastal city, but its beauty is comparable to the beauty of many coastal countries and even rival it.

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