Top 6 Must-see Destinations in Canada (2024)

Are you planning your next vacation, but you don’t know where to fly to? Explore the vast Canadian landscapes to discover world treasures!

Must-see destinations in Canada

Canada’s diversity is not only visible in the population, but also in the wide range of tourist attractions that attract people from all over the planet. Thinking of exploring Canada or recommending an itinerary to a foreign tourist? Here are 6 incredible places !

The wonders of Whistler

Whistler is an extraordinary ski center that, along with Vancouver, hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics . But you might not be familiar with the thousands of accessible activities in the area, which Tourism Whistler has listed as “2010 Things to Do”. Some examples of spectacular activities: zipline through the trees; go down all the ski slopes, from the easiest to the most difficult, at the Coca-Cola Tube Park; fly over glaciers in a floatplane; and have a barbecue at an altitude of 3 km. There will be 2005 more to do.

Drumheller’s dinosaurs

Forget Jurassic Park. You can find a 26-meter-tall dinosaur (the viewing platform is in its mouth) in Drumheller, Alberta , the ” Dinosaur Capital of the World “. Drumheller Valley features some of the most spectacular scenery in the country. There are dozens of natural and man-made attractions in the area, from Hoodos (5-7 meter rock pillars that have been formed over millions of years), to the Royal Tyrrell Museum (one of the largest Paleontological Museums of the World), to the historic Atlas Coal Mine , where you can ride around in a real mine cart.

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Belugas and bears

Churchill, Manitoba , with a population of just 1,000 people, doesn’t look like a tourist capital. But visitors flock there to see two fascinating creatures up close. Every summer, more than 3,000 belugas come here to feed, socialize and raise their young in the waters of the Churchill River. In October and November, these people return to board tundra-friendly vehicles and drive around what is considered the polar bear capital of the world .

Everything ends up going down

Everything ends up going down

No matter how you see them – on the viewing platform, in a boat below them, in a helicopter above them, Niagara Falls , Ontario is one of the wonders of the world . Between 110,000 and 170,000 cubic meters of water fall from it every minute. For all ages, there are plenty of activities to do, from an amusement park to a casino to visits to 19th century forts.

The Pierced Rock

The Pierced Rock

Montreal and Quebec are unparalleled, but another Quebec destination, Gaspésie , also has its charms. In 1534, Jacques Cartier erected a cross at the mouth of Gaspé Bay and took possession of Canada in the name of the King of France. Nearly 500 years later, people continue to explore the region – Percé Rock , Parc de la Gaspésie (with one of the highest peaks in the east of the country), Redford Gardens (where the microclimate allows the cultivation of rare species), Miguasha , UNESCO World Heritage Site, dozens of typical villages, and much more.

nature's roller coaster

nature’s roller coaster

Twice a day, the famous Bay of Fundy fills and empties with 100 billion tons of water , creating the largest tides in the world . Stretching from Nova Scotia to New Brunswick, the bay draws tourists who rave about the rich ecosystem and dazzling coastline – and want to experience the market excitement on the rocky ridge by the tide. high.

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