7 Best Beaches to Visit This Summer (2024)

In Algeria, there is certainly no shortage of beaches. Indeed, the largest African country has a very long coastline extending more than 1200 km, from the city of El Kala in the east to Ghazaouet in the west. Its coastline is full of beautiful coastlines that have nothing to envy to those of other countries.

However, there are beaches and sites that are very little known to tourists and holidaymakers who are looking for places to discover for the summer. Here is a small non-exhaustive list of the best beaches in Algeria ranked in order from east to west:

Boutribicha Beach

It is a secluded beach located in the commune of Souarekh in the Wilaya of El Taref, close to the Algerian-Tunisian borders. It can be reached from the village of Oum Chteb by a short walk of 50 minutes, or by boat from Missida beach, the round trip crossing is priced at 7000 DA.

What makes this beach special is its geographical location quite isolated from the urban world and sheltered from the massive influx of holidaymakers during the summer season, the beach perfectly combines sea and forest, added to this a waterfall hidden between the rocks not far from the sea.

El louh Beach

Hidden Between the beautiful mountains of Seraidi in the wilaya of Annaba, El Louh beach is a paradise for holidaymakers. As soon as you arrive, the large rocks overlooking the sea, carved by the winds for millennia, will make you feel like you are in one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. Access to this beach is by boat from the beach of Djenen El Bey at the price of 7000 DA for 6 people.

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Oued Bibi

It is a very large beach with golden sand located in the municipality of Tamalous, Wilaya of Skikda. This secluded beach has very recently been served by a tarmac road leading to it. What makes this place special is the turquoise water that it praises, the tranquility and the security it has.

Beni Belaïd

It is a set of 4 secluded beaches located in the commune of Kheïri Oued Adjoul, Wilaya of Jijel. Access is from the main beach of Beni Belaid by boat, rates start from 2000 DA and can go up to 5000 DA depending on the distance to each of the beaches. Far from the world and closer to nature in its wild state, these beaches offer an incredible chance for mental rest and closeness to the sea.

Cape Ivi

Located on the Dahra corniche, 25 km northeast of Mostaganem on the coastal road to Tenes, the site offers landscapes worthy of those of Namibia, where the dunes meet with the sea, creating a breathtaking spectacle. Overall, the site is secure and very clean, perfect for families looking to have a good time.

Cape Figalo

It is located in the Wilaya of Aïn Témouchent, 6 km west of Bouzedjar in the commune of El Messaid. The cape consists of two beaches; the first is that of Marsa 2, it can be reached by boat from the port of Bouzedjar from 3000 DA, just as it can be reached on foot by a 50-minute hike. The second beach is called: La Guitare, it can be reached by the beach of Sbiaat on foot by a 20-minute walk.

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The two beaches are more beautiful than each other, the peculiarity of them is the whitish color of its rocks, for lovers of paradisiacal places, there is no better choice as a destination.


Located in the Wilaya of Tlemcen hidden between the mountains and accessible only by boat from the beach of Sidna Youchaa for 30 USD round trip. For a few years now, Barbadjani has become the Eldorado of western beaches. The magnificent landscapes offered by the site are often reminiscent of those of the islands of the Pacific Ocean. The beach has a spring of fresh water, you only have to dig with your own hands to find fresh water.

Due to its unique position, protected by a large cliff, the cove and beach are sheltered from any view from the sea. In the past, the beach was used as a hiding place and lookout for privateers who launched attacks against Spanish galleons passing far from the coast.

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