Tourism in Japan and 5 amazing places not to be missed

Tourism in Japan is full of excitement and fun, with diverse activities, different traditions and many cultures. Where you find different cultures such as yin wearing shrines and temples, you can also participate in tea ceremonies. Japan is characterized by continuous technological progress day by day. There are countless fun, interesting and exciting things to do in Japan. In this article, we will review with you 5 amazing places that you must visit while you are on a tourism trip in Japan.

Tourism in Japan

5 places to visit during tourism in Japan

1- Tokyo 

Tokyo is the capital of Japan, with a mixture of diverse cultures. A perfect blend of ancient traditions and modern and contemporary traditions, where you can visit sacred places and Mount Fuji, you can also take part in festivals and parks. There is a wide range of events, celebrations and things that you can enjoy during your tourist trip there. And the best time to visit Tokyo is the beginning of April, when the weather is nice.

2- Kyoto :

Tourism in Japan and 5 amazing places not to be missed

This city is incredibly rich in history and historical monuments, which serve as a tourist attraction in Japan. It served as the former capital of the Yapats for more than a thousand years. Bojd by an abundant number of shrines. It has a beautiful garden for sure and you can also participate in the July festival.

3- Nara : 

The city of Nara is indeed the first capital of Japan, because it has a lot of historical monuments, especially the many temples. One of the best places to visit during tourism in Japan is Nara Park, where tourists will be given a chance to feed deer (Bambi)! But be careful. There you will have a great time, especially if you are on a family tourist trip with your family members. This place is very interesting for adults and children as you are surrounded by deer and near them.

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4- Ishigaki Island :

What a beautiful beach! If you like to go on a trip to relax and take a tan in the sun and enjoy the sand under the fingers? This island is a paradise on earth with clear blue waters, island hopping adventures, and a wide range of water sports that you can practice, you should not miss visiting Ishigaki Island on its white sandy beaches.

5- Shibuya :

Shibuya is located in Tokyo, so if you are a shopaholic, don’t miss it. You will enjoy a lot and you will find many things that attract you there. You can also bargain in the flea market and buy things at reasonable and reasonable prices. Bought the Hadassah souvenir from Shibuya and immortalized the most beautiful moments by taking the most beautiful pictures.

You can also visit many other places during tourism in Japan to spend enjoyable times. If you are a fan of electronics and the latest modern technologies, you can visit “Akihabara”, where the latest electronic games with modern scientific and modern technologies. It also has many beautiful animation cafes that you can enjoy spending time there.

As for food, you should visit Tsukiji Market, where you will find a variety of fresh foods, especially seafood. It is the largest and most famous fish and seafood market in the world, and the number of tourists visiting this market increases year after year.

Also, do not miss visiting the famous Mount Fuji, which is an active volcano and is considered the highest mountain in Japan. Annually, about 100 million tourists from all over the world visit this country, and it is definitely worth a visit.

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This is a group of places that you suggest to visit during your tourism in Japan, and we wish you a special trip.

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