Tourism in the Czech Ostrava and the most beautiful places recommended to visit

In the northeastern corner of the Czech Republic, just over three hours from Prague, lies a city with an astonishing array of fine art, live music, exquisite architecture, and a rich history.. Welcome, dear traveler, to Ostrava, with its rich history and fascinating attractions Worth discovering during a tourism trip in the Czech Republic .

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  • Tourism in Ostrava, Czech Republic
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    •  Mundy Park Land
    • Walk or bike in the old city streets
    •  Masaryk Square and Old Town Hall
    •  Minioni (Small World City Sights)
    •  Silesian Castle Ostrava
    • Lover Vitkovits
    • New City Hall Tower
    •  Ostrava Zoo
    •  Fine Art Gallery
    • Shopping in Ostrava
    • Ostrava colors
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Tourism in Ostrava, Czech Republic

industrial heritage

Ostrava got its name from the Ostrava River, where the city grew from early settlements in the 13th century, and became an important industrial site after the discovery of coal fields in the 18th century. It is the third largest city in the Czech Republic. Today the importance of coal has declined, and Ostrava has become an important cultural center in the country.

Some of the city’s former coal mines have been converted into tourist areas, and the Michel Mine has been preserved as if it was still operating yesterday. Tourists can follow in the footsteps of a miner by taking part in an organized tour, walking the path from the entry point to the dressing rooms, kitchen, doctor’s room, machine rooms etc.

 Mundy Park Land

One of the many Ostrava mines that have been kept in their original state as a museum is located in Mundy Park Land, eight kilometers from the city center of Ostrava, where you can enjoy a tour of the coal mine on a journey into the past where some 3,000 miners used to Mines work 620 meters underground to extract biofuels for private and commercial industries.

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Walk or bike in the old city streets

Despite its industrial history, Ostrava has a very beautiful old town, with a number of great places, especially the main square, which is filled with beautiful cafes and restaurants, where a bike can help you explore the city center and help you reach the ancient historical sites.

 Masaryk Square and Old Town Hall

In the main square, Masaryk Square named after the first president of Czechoslovakia, and the streets that lead to it, dear traveler, you will find the facade of the old buildings painted in white, yellow, light blue, pink and the colors that paint the city with a new color image similar to other European cities.

 Masaryk Square dominates Masaryk Square with its beautifully designed Old Town Hall, with its tall watchtowers reconstructed in 1727 in the Baroque style. Perhaps this building of the Old Town Hall, which currently houses the Ostrava Museum, is one of the few structures that survived the large-scale fire that devastated the city in 1556 and again in 1675.

 Minioni (Small World City Sights)

Minioni Park includes miniature models of the city of Ostrava, with seven of the wonders of the world and important European landmarks such as “Big Ben”, the Eiffel Tower and the Brandenburg Gate, as well as small trains and waterways.

 Silesian Castle Ostrava

The 13th-century castle is located on a hill near the confluence of the Ostravice and Lučina rivers. It is an important historical monument and one of the main landmarks of the city, although what we see today is not what it originally seemed, because the castle has been destroyed and rebuilt many times.

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In the 19th century, it was rebuilt after a fire, and then destroyed again, but the preserved structure and its surrounding walls, as well as a number of exhibitions, including torture exhibitions, are open for public viewing.

Lover Vitkovits

It is the site of a former mine and ironworks, which has now been transformed into a unique venue for social, cultural and educational events, and there you will be able to enjoy stunning views from the top of the Bolt Tower and some peace in the cozy banquet hall.

New City Hall Tower

Tourism in the Czech Ostrava and the most beautiful places recommended to visit

If you want to enjoy a breathtaking view of the whole city, then the New Town Hall View Tower should be your first stop, as this tower is 86 meters tall, which offers great views of the entire site of Ostrava, including the Upper Silesian plateau to the east and the Jeseníki Mountains From the west are the Beskydi Mountains to the south.

 Ostrava Zoo


Especially if you’re traveling to Ostrava with kids, the Ostrava Zoo is a great way to hang out with the little ones. With over 350 species on display in a huge zoo area, along with a petting zoo, playgrounds, a mini train, and friendly staff, Ostrava Zoo is your go-to. A great destination, however, and being such a popular attraction, it’s best to avoid the long queues by going on a weekday or early morning.

 Fine Art Gallery

The Fine Art Gallery is the best destination for a taste of arts and culture while in Ostrava. The museum contains a valuable collection of European art, including works by Klimt, along with Czech art from the 19th and 20th centuries, a collection of Russian Realist art, and Spanish art of the 20th century.

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 Established in 1922, the gallery is located in a building built in 1926 by prominent Czech architects František Fiala and Vladimír Wallenfels.

Shopping in Ostrava


Ostrava is home to some recently opened malls with many well-known brands as well as many local specialty stores, which still retain some incomparable Soviet “charm.”

Ostrava colors


Held each July, the Ostrava Colors Festival is a family-friendly festival that boasts a rich cultural program spanning from music to poetry and theatre. With some of the biggest global names in rock, jazz, electro and world music

go somewhere else

When you feel like you’ve had enough of Ostrava, you can take advantage of its location in Central Europe to travel elsewhere. A few hours’ drive will take you to Krakow, Brno, Prague, Warsaw, Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava and other great places! Train and bus connections are good and ticket prices are reasonable

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