Trip to Lapland: a beautiful escape in the Great North!

Do you dream of snowy landscapes, the Northern Lights, and dog sledding? Then you’ll love planning your trip to Lapland at an affordable price! By opting for online booking, you can take advantage of exclusive rates and discounts of up to 60% off. Once there, you’ll be accommodated in a 5-star residence, offering all the comforts you need. With a plethora of must-see activities and sites to visit, you’ll be spoiled for choice as you dive into the wonders of this breathtaking nature.

For a budget-friendly trip to Lapland, simply book online. By arranging a tailor-made stay, you can choose from several 5-star residences to determine your comfort level. Whether it’s an apartment equipped with a Finnish sauna for up-close views of the Northern Lights or a stay in the heart of a ski resort, you’ll have plenty of indulgent options!

On site, everything is designed for relaxation and unwinding in warm hotels with a cozy atmosphere. Your trip to Lapland offers a journey through breathtaking, wild landscapes, showcasing a striking contrast from -40°C in winter to 27°C in summer!

Unique Discoveries During Your Stay Several unforgettable experiences await you on your trip to Lapland. Among them, a visit to Rovaniemi, known as Santa’s Village, is essential. It’s a delight for families with its festive atmosphere, beautiful decorations, and delicious sweets.

Nearby, Urho Kekkonen National Park offers vast wilderness perfect for avid hikers, where you can see local wildlife like reindeer, moose, and wolverines.

In Ivalo, Lake Inari beckons you to chase the Northern Lights reflected on its calm waters. For a cultural experience, visit the Sámi village of Sevettijärvi, which hosts numerous exhibitions on Sámi history and offers a chance to learn more about reindeer farming traditions.

Get Your Fill of Adventure! Your trip to Lapland is filled with adventurous activities like dog sledding, downhill skiing, and cross-country skiing. The more daring can try ice diving in extreme temperatures. For a magical view of the landscapes, numerous snowshoe walks connect you with nature.

In summer, Lapland’s midnight sun offers endless daylight for activities like kayaking or fly fishing. And of course, a trip wouldn’t be complete without a revitalizing session in the famous Finnish sauna. All that’s left is to book your adventure!

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