Vietnam: our advice for visiting the unmissable Halong Bay

Halong Bay is Vietnam’s main tourist attraction. At the same time, it’s hard to resist visiting one of the most bays in the world. It is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List. By land or sea, its discovery is most of the time a highlight of the stay in this country. Would you like to discover these sets unlike any other? Read carefully these few tips that could enhance your exploration of Halong Bay even more.


  • Dedicate at least two days to this visit
  • Choose your cruise wisely
  • Go admire the bays of Tu Long and Lan Ha

Dedicate at least two days to this visit

Halong Bay is about two hours drive from the capital Hanoi. Making a round trip in the same day is therefore not really worth it. Indeed, you will not be able to sufficiently enjoy the magnificent natural site in which you are going. This is why we advise you to stay there for at least two days. Thus, you can explore all of the 1,500 square kilometers of these places and even watch the sunset in these wonderful settings.

Halong Bay
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There are different ways to travel between Hanoi and Halong City. Depending on your budget and the time you have in front of you, you can opt for a bus, a minibus or an organized tour from the capital. If you choose one of the first two options, it is best to book your cruise in advance. Indeed, on the spot, many agencies and other organizations offer cruises at very high prices and which do not always have a good quality/price ratio.

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Choose your cruise wisely

If you want to live a remarkable and unforgettable experience, we can only advise you not to opt for the cheapest cruises. Indeed, if you want a minimum of comfort, you might be disappointed. Prefer a cruise at a slightly higher price, but which will be well worth it. In addition to being safer, on boats in better condition, these cruises will in most cases allow you to live a more exclusive experience. Some of these companies even allow you to combine this visit with the local culture with optional cooking or tai-chi lessons.

halong bay
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Go admire the bays of Tu Long and Lan Ha

If your schedule allows it, do not hesitate to extend your stay in the surroundings and visit the smaller, but very pretty bays of Tu Long and Lan Ha. Generally, these places are less crowded than Halong Bay. This less touristy side allows visitors to enjoy the beauty of the place in a fabulous context. In addition to observing breathtaking landscapes, you will also enjoy magnificent beaches for resting, sunbathing and swimming.

As you will have understood, it is better to be well organized and to inquire well in advance to visit Halong Bay and its surroundings. Also, as for the majority of tourist places of this magnitude, prefer to go there outside of Western school holidays. This is THE condition to appreciate these landscapes without too many crowds.

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