The best destinations for hiking in Canada

Long live the great outdoors! Explore the most beautiful trails in the country and fall under the spell of the regions of Canada thanks to these dazzling hikes.

The best destinations for hiking in Canada.

The best places to hike in Canada

Long live the great outdoors! Get out and explore these great hiking trails. From leisurely strolls to adventurous mountain hikes, Canada offers hikes for all tastes and levels.

The Fundy Trail in New Brunswick is one of the must do hikes in Canada.

Fundy Trail, New Brunswick

Southern New Brunswick hides a rare gem: one of the last wild coastal areas that still exist in North America, from Labrador to Florida. Sheltered for several years, this hidden treasure is now accessible to cyclists and hikers. (Speaking of which, why not check out Canada‘s other hidden gems .) Less than an hour’s drive from St. John, near St. Martin, the Fundy Trail unfolds 16 kilometers of seaside beauty. The winding track, well-suited to hikers and cyclists, leads to other less traveled paths and stairways giving access to sandy beaches, secret waterfalls and towering cliffs. Get a unique look at the Bay of Fundy’s tides, the highest in the world, and stay tuned for sightings of right whales and seabirds.

The Appin Trail on Prince Edward Island is one of the must do hikes in Canada.

Appin Road, Prince Edward Island

Nothing represents fall more than the crunch of its footsteps under a golden forest canopy. Fall is the optimal season for hiking in Quebec.

The Appin Road in Prince Edward Island is the perfect place for such a ride. Built in 1862 in a clay region of the south shore, this peaceful path stretches away from the beaten track and is the perfect place to meditate while escaping from the hectic daily life. In the fall, vibrant colors illuminate this winding road that leads through woods and cultivated fields. If you’re looking for an alternative to taking the Confederation Trail , Appin Road will be a welcome change.

In Kejimkujik National Park in Nova Scotia is one of the best hikes in Canada.

Kejimkujik National Park, Nova Scotia

Kejimkujik National Park is truly a unique place. Nowhere else in Canada is there a site designated as both a national park and a historic site. The park will allow you to live a unique fall hiking experience thanks to its very old natural forest, its abundant fauna, its geological characteristics and the Mi’kmaq culture. The park has 15 different trails where visitors can observe rare bird species, historic sites including gold mines, granite boulders and vibrant fall colors.

In Ontario's Killarney Park is one of the best hikes in Canada.

Parc Killarney, Ontario

Touted as the jewel in the crown of Ontario parks, Killarney Park was created through the efforts of several Canadian artists. Lawren Harris, AJ Casson and AY Jackson, members of the Group of Seven, were so seduced by this tormented landscape that they asked the government to grant protected status to this territory. Thanks to this approach, the jack pine ridges, clear lakes and quartzite hills are still protected today. Four hiking trails including the scenic route along the Granite Ridge give visitors remarkable access to Bell Mountain and spectacular views of the Georgian Bay landscapes that the Group of Seven captured in their famous paintings.

The Lake Louise Trail in Alberta is one of the must do hikes in Canada.

The Lake Louise Tea Room Challenge, Alberta

Do you dream of an adventurous fall hike of more than six hours in the Canadian Rockies? From Lake Louise, climb 3.5 kilometers through a verdant forest of fir and spruce trees and you will reach Lake Agnes, named for Lady Agnes Macdonald, the second wife of Canadian Prime Minister Sir John A. McDonalds. At this point, you will surely be tempted by a good hot tea and a piece of pie at the tea room .

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Catch your breath and gaze upon this magnificent waterfall falling nearby. Continue climbing to Big Beehive where you will have a breathtaking view of Bow Valley and Lake Louise. Walking 5 km on the Highline track, join the Plain of Six Glaciers Hike trail ; be hypnotized by these impressive Alberta peaks and the Victoria Glacier. Rest your weary muscles and grab a snack at the Plain of Six Glaciers Historic Site Teahouse before completing the final 5.5 kilometers back to Lake Louise.

Kinney Lake Trail in British Columbia is one of the must do hikes in Canada.

Kinney Lake Trail, British Columbia

For breathtaking views of lakes and mountains during the fall, head to Mount Robson Provincial Park, the second oldest park in British Columbia. Rising to 3954 meters, the snow-capped peak of Mount Robson is the summit of the Canadian Rockies. The gigantic size and majesty of this peak will fascinate hikers during their 4.5 kilometer journey on the Kilney Lake Trail . In the heart of this dense forest of cedars and hemlocks, the sharp-eyed visitor will have the chance of a lifetime to see many wild animals including elk, black bear and deer. This easy hike is usually 2.5 hours.

The Galloping Goose Regional Trail in British Columbia is one of the must do hikes in Canada.

Galloping Goose Regional Trail, British Columbia

Hikers, cyclists and horseback riders all agree, the Galloping Goose Regional Trail is one of the most beautiful to ride on southern Vancouver Island. Stretching 55 kilometers between Victoria and Sooke, this multi-purpose trail existed in the early 20th century alongside a railway line. A noisy gasoline-powered locomotive crossed the trail at several points around 1920, transporting mail and passengers between these two points.

The railway is only a memory today. But the great wilderness, rocky cliffs and cultivated land still exist for everyone’s enjoyment. And with a bit of luck, you might even spot the bald eagle along the way.

At Twillingate in Newfoundland and Labrador is one of the best hikes in Canada.

Twillingate, Terre-Neuve and Labrador

Welcome to Twillingate , the glacier capital of the world. Whales, bald eagles, icebergs, you never know what surprise awaits you in the corners of this picturesque island in the North Atlantic. The starting point for several invigorating hikes, Twillingate has something for outdoor enthusiasts of all levels. This demanding territory of Newfoundland and Labrador offers hikers a collection of postcard landscapes: among others, the astonishing rocky cliffs of Spiller’s Cove, the emblematic lighthouse of Long Point as well as the 360 ​​degree panorama which is offered to us at the top of the Twillingate trail.

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Don’t forget to add the camera to your hiking gear when you visit this corner of the east coast: you might spot a floating iceberg, pick blueberries along the trail or watch passing whales.

The Gray Owl Trail in Manitoba is one of the must do hikes in Canada.

Sentier Gray Owl, Manitoba

Walking carefully on the Gray Owl Trail in northern Manitoba, you might be lucky enough to spot white-tailed deer, beaver, fox, and maybe even elk and coyotes. In the heart of Mountain Riding National Park, this 17-kilometre trail takes visitors to sandy beaches, jack pine forests that are also home to populations of aspen, poplar and balsam fir.

For six months in 1931, Archie Belaney lived in this wilderness of the Canadian Shield: an ardent defender of the environment, he is known by the nickname Gray Owl. As you walk the trail that bears his name, you will quickly understand why Grew Owl fought to protect the forest and wildlife of this breathtakingly beautiful area. The route ends at the exact Beaver Lake cabin where Gray Owl lived and worked as the first naturalist in Canada’s national park system.

The Meewasin Valley trail in Saskatchewan is one of the must do hikes in Canada.

Sentier Meewasin Valley, Saskatchewan

Meewasin Valley lives up to its name which means “beautiful”. This superb territory that surrounds the South Saskatchewan River offers remarkable views in the fall. The Meewasin Valley Trail passes through the middle of the city of Saskatoon, making it an ideal route for city dwellers seeking contact with nature.

On this 60 kilometer route, hikers and Sunday walkers will see carefully maintained parks, groves of wild trees, open viewpoints and historical landmarks. In the fall, when yellow, orange and red reshape the cityscape, the Meewasin Valley Trail brings nature’s beauty to the city’s doorstep.

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