Discover Hillier Lake: Australia Amazing Pink Lake

Lake Hillier, called “Australia’s Pink Lake”, has a particularly opaque and intense pink color. This 600 meter long lake is surrounded by a border of white salts, surrounded by a eucalyptus forest and separated from the ocean by a strip of white sand: in other words, a heavenly landscape. The lake was discovered in 1802 by the British explorer Matthew Flinders and so far it is not known exactly what caused this superb color.

Lac Hiller
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What to know about Lake Hillier

Lake Hillier is located on Middle Island, the largest of the islands in the Research Archipelago in Western Australia. These are white sand dunes that separate the lake from the Southern Ocean. Despite its unusual color, the pink lake remains open for swimming and poses no danger to humans. Its pink color is permanent, that is to say that even if you take water in a glass, it will remain pink. Although researchers and scientists believe that the pink color is due to algae, bacteria and therefore the presence of salt and microorganisms in the lake, they have not found the exact reason for this surreal color. Other lakes possess part or all of the pink color, but not as permanent and pronounced as Lake Hillier. Here the waters refuse to turn blue or green as is the case in all similar lakes. And as with any phenomenon that has no rational and scientific explanation, urban legends and other myths abound. Some people believe that the shape of the lake is the same as the footprints of “Bigfoot”, a legendary yeti-like creature that is said to live in Canada and the United States. But while waiting for a real explanation, here are some photos of this magnificent pink lake.

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Lac Hiller
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