In the north of Japan is a very winding road with the reputation of being one of the worst in the world. This route could delight motorbike enthusiasts, for example, but for people who are sick in the car, on the other hand, it could be a very bad time!

This road is on Mount Iwaki , the highest mountain around the city of Tsugaru (1625 m). This lane with a toll which was naturally named Tsugaru Iwaki Skyline. It stretches over a distance of 10 km and has 69 hairpin bends, just that.

The Tsugaru Iwaki Skyline starts at the base of the mountain and then stops at the 8th station, all the same at an altitude of 1247 m. It is then possible to reach the 9th station in 30 minutes, but this can only be done by means of a cable car provided for this purpose.

From November to April, the Tsugaru Iwaki Skyline is closed due to untimely and heavy snowfall. In addition, bicycles are prohibited all year round on this road, for obvious safety reasons.

Here is a video of the Tsugaru Iwaki Skyline route:

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