Discover Petropolis, the magnificent imperial city of Brazil

When we think of the capital of Brazil, images of Christ the Redeemer, the carnival in Rio de Janeiro or the beach of Copacabana immediately come to mind. On the other hand, fewer tourists are interested in the surroundings of the city and in Petropolis. However, this city is well worth the detour for its history and its originality.

A pleasant environment

Some tourists visiting Rio de Janeiro choose to go a little further, 68 kilometers away, in order to taste a little more of the charm of Brazil and discover its deeper culture as well as its history. Petropolis was born thanks to Don Pedro II in 1843. He also gave it his name “Petro-Polis” or “the city of Pedro”. This is why many monuments and statues are dedicated to him.

The time of a day or a few days, you will progress in this peaceful city between tropical decorations and reliefs. Contrary to popular belief, Petropolis is full of activities. Most of them revolve around the history of the city and imperial life. Thus, you can start the visit in the garden of the Quitandiha Palace , a former luxurious hotel with impressive architecture dating from 1944. Then, you will walk through the city center and see in particular the Cathedral of Saint Peter of Alcantarawhere the imperial family is buried. Continue your visit by the Crystal Palace whose structure was built by France. This place is dedicated to the exhibition of pretty plants and flowers. This place also has a strong historical importance for the city, because it is here that the last slaves of Petropolis were freed in 1888.

Discover Petropolis, the magnificent imperial city of Brazil
Credits: Flickr/Rodrigo Soldo

Explore the Imperial Museum of Brazil

Petropolis is mostly visited for its Imperial Museum , hence its nickname. Located in the historic center, it is within the summer palace of Emperor Don Pedro II of Brazil . Built in 1845 , this building is recognizable thanks to its many windows and its pastel color. Inside you will have the opportunity to learn more about the history of the Empire of Brazil, but especially about the family that lived in these places. Visitors to this museum all testify to the emotionthey felt during this visit thanks to the rooms that have remained intact since the time they were inhabited and to the explanations of the guide. Unfortunately, photos are prohibited inside this monument, so be sure to pay attention to all the details!

Imperial Museum, Brazil
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

As you will have understood, Petropolis is a city with a strong history. In addition to being amazed by its mountainous landscapes, you will therefore enrich your general culture. So between two days of lazing around and visiting Rio de Janeiro, don’t hesitate to go up to the imperial city.

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