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This French department located in the Indian Ocean is a sanctuary more than 9,000 kilometers from the metropolis for all nature and hiking enthusiasts. Indeed, despite the fact that it is an island, Reunion is more famous for its imposing reliefs.

About eleven hours from the French capital, the island of Réunion combines exoticism and the security of French territory. Thus, by traveling to the other side of the world, you will be out of place, but not too much. The climate is quite different since it is mild, even hot all year round. The best time to go to Reunion Island is from May to November, because the climate allows you to do activities without risking getting too hot.

This island is an incredible example of cultural mixing that works. Indeed, the people of Reunion have various origins (Africa, Asia, Europe, etc.). Also, there are four different religions (Catholic, Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism) that coexist perfectly.

A paradise for trekkers

Anyone who has traveled to Reunion Island will tell you: the colors are surprising and much purer than those we know in mainland France. This island is above all many mountains as well as a very famous active volcano called Piton de la Fournaise. To discover this incredible nature, many hiking trails exist. There is something for all tastes and levels, so families and walking professionals will find what they are looking for.

To gain even more height and fly over the many peaks of the island, many tourists opt for a helicopter ride. Thus, you can observe the crater of Piton de la Fournaise, admire the greenery that carpets the island, but also see the ocean that surrounds Reunion.

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Maido, Reunion
Credits: Pixabay

A fauna and flora to safeguard

On land as in the sea, animals are present on the island. But because of its distance from the mainland, few animal species inhabit Reunion. If you walk there you may encounter small animals such as tangues, musk shrews, rats, mice, rabbits, hares and bats. Also, slightly larger animals such as dogs, wild cats, sheep, goats, cows, Java deer, horses and donkeys populate the territory.

Unlike mammals, many species of birds and insects, some rare, are on this island.

In the ocean, you can meet dolphins, elephant seals, sharks or even whales with a little luck. For this, many boats offer tours off the island. Please note that swimming is prohibited!

Credits: Flickr

Also, some plant species are very rare and deserve to be preserved. As you may have guessed, thousands of plants invade Reunion. Some exotic plants are even considered “vegetable plague”. Also, given the more than favorable climate, the inhabitants of Reunion are lucky enough to be able to grow many fruits and vegetables. In other words, everything grows on this island!

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