Discover Sri Lanka with the magical experience of train journeys

If there is something not to be missed during a trip to Sri Lanka , it is crossing the country aboard a national train. In addition to being practical and at unbeatable prices, they allow you to observe remote landscapes where tourism is not yet developed. It is therefore a question of discovering this magnificent from a new and traditional point of view since most locals also use this means of transport. Discover all the specificities of train travel in Sri Lanka!

The train in Sri Lanka and its historic railway

If today the railway network of Sri Lanka is widely used by locals and tourists, it is actually the witness of English colonization. Indeed, they built it at the end of the 19th century in order to transport their tea production to the seaport of Colombo, in the west of the territory. At the time, only these merchant locomotives were running on these railways. Today, there are 3 different lines that allow you to escape across the country. The red line connects the region of Colombo and Mattara, in the extreme south of the country. The Green Line runs between the Colombo region and the mountainous region of Kandy in Badulla. And finally, the blue line crosses the east of the country and the north.

Sri Lanka rails
Credits: Unsplash/ Oliver Sjöström

When buying your train tickets, you will have the opportunity to choose the class in which you wish to travel on the train. To enjoy a berth during a long journey, you will have to opt for first class. For service on board, you will have to choose second class. Third class can be very suitable, especially on board the most recent trains.

Do not expect to travel with as much comfort as in European trains. Indeed, the highlight of the show is not inside the wagons, but behind the windows!

A train journey to go back in time in Sri Lanka

Whichever route you choose, it is undeniable that you will have a magical time on board your train. On the other hand, these must be well understood, because they can take a lot of time. Indeed, the trains advance on average at 50 km/h and on top of that, they are often late. Depending on the trip you want to make, you will therefore have to find out how long it will last. Note that train journeys in Sri Lanka can easily last a whole day, or even several.

landscape train sri lanka
Credits: Unsplash/ Egle Sidaraviciute

Once aboard your wagon, all you have to do is clear your mind and enjoy the incredible panoramas you will pass. No clue will let you think that you are really in the 21st century. You can therefore easily enjoy the magnificent spectacle of nature. Indeed, the trains are not modern and the landscapes are downright rural, you will discover the authentic charm of Sri Lanka. Between rice fields, various plantations and traditional villages, you will come out of your transport with stars in your eyes…

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