Here are 30 amazing hotel things you never knew you needed, from pet shrinks to social media concierges.

Among the odd deals in hotels, the Giraffe Manor offers lunch with giraffes.

The amazing things hotels around the world offer you: lunch with the giraffes

Thinking of an African safari like no other? In Nairobi, Kenya, the Giraffe Manor is one step ahead of its competitors. Guests of this charming hotel eat their delicious breakfast in the company of eight Rothschild’s giraffes, an endangered species. It’s true, the 140 hectares of the hotel serve as a home and a sanctuary for these majestic creatures. Most often, in the morning, the giraffes walk around near the mansion to welcome guests and receive some treats. Don’t be surprised if a long-necked friend sticks his head out the window to greet you.

This hotel offers an amazing thing, clairvoyance for your animals

A pet sighting

The travel industry pampers globetrotters and their four-legged friends like never before. But a hotel in Portland, Oregon takes animal love beyond the norm. Indeed, it would seem that the Hotel de Luxe would help you reach a new level of union with your dog or your cat by using an animal medium, if you wish. You could then find out what your pet is thinking. Other luxury services are also offered for his well-being.

Among the strange offers in the hotels, the Mirage offers yoga classes in front of dolphins.

The surprising things hotels around the world offer you: yoga and dolphins

Yoga and dolphins have more in common than you might think! Since both are supposed to possess spiritual and healing virtues, it therefore seems logical to unite them in an enriching experience. At the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, yoga enthusiasts can perform their sun salutes under the gaze of several dolphins. These unique classes are very popular, so don’t forget to reserve your spot in front of the Mirage’s dolphin-watching window, Friday through Sunday.

Online wedding vows are one of the amazing things some hotels offer

The Amazing Things Some Hotels Give You: Online Wedding Vows

Brides-to-be, relax: there’s one less task on your list. Gone are the days of simply posting your wedding selfie and editing your own Twitter profile. W hotels in New York offer engaged couples who want to share every moment of this special day online with the services of a dedicated concierge, a specialist in social media.

For $3,000, your concierge uploads your wedding in real time, complete with a custom metadata tag, real-time Instagram feed, and wedding blog. Pinterest clippings related to the honeymoon as well as a scrapbook of all the wedding tweets, Instagram mentions and photos complete this extravagant social media service .

Among the strange offers in hotels, the Fairmont offers to entrust your fish to the valet.

The special services offered by hotels around the world: fresh fish

British Columbia is an angler’s paradise. With its many first-class fishing lodges and waters teeming with cod, halibut and salmon , it’s no surprise that many tourists get some great catches. But too often, the flesh of these degrades before the return trip. Take them to the fish valet at the Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel. He will put your catches in a 16.5 m3 freezer where they will be safe until it is time for you to return.

This hotel offers sex toys as an amazing thing

The amazing things that some hotels offer you: sex toys

While other hotels offer luxurious gyms, tasting dinners and dog walkers, Toronto‘s hip Drake Hotel caters to the carnal desires of its guests. The hotel offers a range of erotic toys and accessories for adults. Intimate sets, feathers, blindfolds and other alluring toys are available at prices ranging from $8 for a massage to $600 for a 24-karat gold toy. However, the “Do Not Disturb” signs are free.

The Amazing Things Hotels Provide: Sun Protection

The Weird Things Hotels Offer: Awesome Sun Protection

 Your skin’s health is no joke at Akaryn, Thailand. A sunburn monitor will diligently watch over your skin. With the Sun Spa Esthederm package, a therapist will brush you with sunscreen every two hours and after each swim. A series of Esthederm products will also be applied to you before and after exposure to the sun in order to adequately protect and pamper you.

Hard Rock Hotels Offer This Amazing Thing

The unusual services offered by hotels: a rock star treatment

Indulge your inner Eric Clapton or Keith Richards during your stay at one of the Hard Rock hotels. Unique room service lets you indulge your musical pleasure with one of 20 Fender guitars. Legendary Telecasters, iconic Stratocasters and basses are at your disposal during your stay. This free service includes an amplifier and headphones so your rock star lifestyle doesn’t get in the way of other customers. Guitar lessons are available on your bedroom TV so even the most unsophisticated rocker can find their groove.

Huge choice of pillows, one of the amazing things some hotels offer

The Amazing Things Hotels Give You: A Huge Choice of Pillows

New York is no longer the city that never sleeps! Hotel Benjamin has captured the sweet dream market. Rebecca Robbins, renowned sleep medicine specialist and co-author of Sleep for Success, created the Rest and Renew program for the hotel. Calming granola bars, peanut butter sandwiches and special herbal teas are offered, as well as an incredible range of pillows ! Fall into the arms of Morpheus with these custom-made pillows for stomach, side or back sleepers, opt for an anti-snore pillow, a 1.5m body bolster or a Lullaby pillow that features high -thin speakers and a headphone jack.

Amazing things hotels offer, like styling tips

The Amazing Things Some Hotels Give You: Shop Until Your Last Breath

Fashionistas and shopaholics, your clothing prayers are answered. When you check into the Mark Hotel in New York, you are granted uninterrupted access to the luxury Bergdorf Goodman store in Manhattan. Thanks to the exclusive partnership between Hotel Mark and Bergdorf, you benefit from fashion advice , day and night. Whether you need a last-minute outfit for a special event in the Big Apple or the perfect dress for a romantic dinner, the style gurus at Bergdorf Goodman are on hand any time of the day the night.

This hotel offers you the amazing thing of climbing trees

The amazing things offered by some hotels: a course to climb in the trees

Have you always dreamed of being Tarzan? Do you love heights? The Primland, Virginia hotel will delight your inner child with its tree-climbing classes. You will discover the best techniques for choosing a good tree, using a harness correctly and overcoming psychological obstacles.

One of the amazing things this hotel offers: a music studio

The amazing things offered by some hotels: recording an album in a music studio

Walk in the footsteps of Amy Winehouse and Björk at the Geejam in Jamaica. Here you can rent a music studio where you will learn all about the recording process and where you will work with various sound engineers to produce your own CD.

This hotel offers as an amazing thing a hiking expert

Amazing Things Some Hotels Offer: The Perfect Hike

At the Sedona, Arizona inn , guests enjoy the concierge’s expertise on hiking. You will receive trail maps according to your physical condition, the desired duration of your hike as well as the rock formations you would like to observe.

This amazing hotel offers you to arrive by paraglider

The amazing things offered by some hotels: a remarkable arrival

The Six Senses Hideaway, in Zighy Bay, Oman, will satisfy people looking for thrills or attention. Your entrance is sure to be noticed, since the hotel offers you three exhilarating ways to access its site: by speedboat, by Jeep or by…paraglider.

A ghost expert is on hand at the amazing Stanley Hotel

Amazing Things Some Hotels Offer: A Ghost Expert

The Stanley Hotel in Colorado was the inspiration for Stephen King’s novel The Shining, which has had a famous film adaptation. The property’s paranormal activity expert conducts ghost-themed tours and invites you to watch him initiate conversation with the dead in Room 217.

This hotel offers the amazing thing of planting rice

The amazing things offered by some hotels: planting rice

On the back of a water buffalo at Dhara Dhevi, Chiang Mai, Thailand , learn about Thai culture as you experience the art of rice planting. Likewise, you can learn through daily craft workshops how to pound rice and weave bamboo yarn.

Among the odd offerings at hotels, the Little Nell offers a ski concierge.

The Amazing Things Some Hotels Offer: A Ski Concierge

Does a concierge who stores your equipment, warms your boots and organizes ski lessons for you? It’s all possible at Little Nell in Aspen, Colorado. Experts will polish your skis to perfection and keep you updated on weather conditions. To top it all off and make sure you start your day off right, they will provide you with coffee, tea and fresh pastries while ensuring that you are adequately protected from the harsher UV rays at high altitudes.

Amazing Marriage Proposal Service

The Amazing Things Some Hotels Offer: A Marriage Proposal Service

With its unobstructed view of the harbor and mountains, the Fairmont Pacific Rim in Vancouver is particularly romantic . Moreover, the hotel offers a special service to ask the big question to the loved one. You will thus receive a helping hand in organizing memorable activities around Vancouver and in creating the optimal atmosphere leading to the big moment.

The most amazing services offered by hotels

The amazing things offered by some hotels: the best hardly any pillows

Pillow fight enthusiasts will be delighted at the Ritz-Carlton in Palm Beach, which offers a family package to happily indulge in this fluffy pastime, which includes 30 silk pillows, two pairs of boxing gloves and instructions. several games based on pillows.

A tartan service offered by the hotel

Amazing Things Some Hotels Offer: The Perfect Tartan

Scotland‘s The Balmoral hotel in Edinburgh offers an unusual personalized tartan service for its guests wishing to learn more about their history and heritage. Before you arrive at the hotel, tell the Balmoral tartan expert about any known Scottish ancestors. He will then search for any connection between you and any of the thousands of clans and their traditional tartan. After tracing your tartan, he can arrange a trip to a kilt shop for a bespoke design. He can also show you around the Scottish region of your ancestors. What service !

This hotel offers amazing service

The Amazing Things Some Hotels Offer: A Fire Lit for You

From November to March, you can enjoy a fireplace and the services of an expert to light it in one of the suites of the Boston Taj. You can select the firewood of your dreams from the menu offered. Why not birch wood, which produces strong heat and burns quickly to create a warm atmosphere, or even cherry wood, known for its slow combustion and pleasant fragrance?

An amazing service offered by the truffle hunting hotel

The Amazing Things Some Hotels Offer: A Truffle Hunt

Go in search of the black diamond with Franck and Alexis Jaumard, “truffle hunters” of Provence for three generations, as well as their dogs, high-class sniffers. Afterwards, you will taste a glass of wine with a sommelier and you will attend a culinary demonstration around the truffle with the chef of the French hotel Crillon le Brave.

This hotel offers bedtime stories

Amazing Things Some Hotels Offer: Bedtime Stories

The Ace Hotel in London and Los Angeles offers its guests stories to find sleep . To do this, the soft voices of writers were recorded as they read their story. These stories are available on bedroom radios and ready to play anytime.

This hotel offers you guacamole

The amazing things offered by some hotels: a tasting of guacamole

Every night at the Ritz-Carlton in Dallas, you can feast on guacamole carefully crafted by the hotel’s “guacamologist.” Guests can also sip a complimentary chef-designed margarita.

This amazing hotel has a falconry

The amazing things offered by some hotels: a falconry

In the school of falconry at Ashford Castle, Ireland, you can learn all about the art of raising birds. Take a walk with a hawk or ask an owl to deliver a love letter or engagement ring to your flame .

This hotel offers as an amazing service a private pianist

The amazing things offered by some hotels: a private pianist

Guests wishing to lead an opulent life can book the Royal Suite at London’s The Goring hotel. In this sumptuous suite, you can receive a private serenade where a pianist will come to play you personalized pieces in the privacy of your room.

This amazing hotel offers a running partner

The Amazing Things Some Hotels Offer: Running Partners

Don’t let the holidays take you away from your health goals. At The Westin Peachtree Plaza, Atlanta, custom pocket maps designed by New Balance offer walking and jogging routes to help you work out while admiring the local scenery. In addition, a team of joggers is available from Tuesday to Thursday at 6:30 a.m. to keep you company during your morning run.

This hotel offers a butler to perfume you

The amazing things offered by some hotels: a butler to perfume you

Avoid the hassle of packing yet another liquid. As soon as you arrive at one of the hotels of the Rosewood chain, call the perfume master, he will appear at your door holding in his hands a silver tray with luxurious perfumes and colognes. Perfume yourself as you wish and the master will then disappear until called again.

This surprising hotel offers artisanal honey

The amazing things offered by some hotels: artisanal honey

VIP guests of the Waldorf Astoria towers can sample honey from the hotel’s six beehives. They also receive recipes developed by the hotel’s culinary team and mixologist to cook this honey.

The hotel offers the amazing service of an apothecary

The Amazing Things Some Hotels Offer: An Apothecary

Create your own skincare and cosmetic products by choosing the ingredients of your choice under the expert guidance of the apothecary at Hotel Matilda, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

This hotel offers the amazing service of a marine life biologist

The Amazing Things Some Hotels Offer: A Marine Life Biologist

The marine life specialist at the St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort, Puerto Rico takes you on a tour of turtles in their natural habitat and invites you on a kayak through the resort’s private nature sanctuary.


Amazing Things Some Hotels Offer: Beer Tips

The Valencia Hotel, located in San Diego, a city popular for its craft beer, has an official beer concierge. This provides advice on beer styles , brewing techniques and the tastiest combinations to try with this drink and certain foods.

This amazing hotel offers tips on tequila

The Amazing Things Some Hotels Offer: Infinite Tequila Knowledge

At the La Hacienda restaurant at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, Arizona, a tequila “god” or “goddess” treats guests to an artisanal tequila tasting. This tequila mecca has over 200 varieties. You will thus have at your fingertips recommendations and interesting information on this agave eau-de-vie.

This hotel offers the amazing thing of a reading choice

The Amazing Things Some Hotels Offer: Literary Luxury

Bookworms and voracious readers, rejoice! Great writers, Mark Twain, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Oscar Wilde have all stayed at London’s prestigious Langham Hotel, so it seems fitting that a literary butler (Book Butler) is employed there. His job: to find the perfect book for you . He will select the perfect book for your enjoyment and place it on your bedside table just in time for the evening service. An elegant leather bookmark and an explanatory note of his choice add a delicate touch to this literary attention.

This hotel offers the amazing thing that is arts programming

The amazing things offered by some hotels: a tailor-made art program

At the Royal Monceau-Raffles Paris, Julie Eugène, cultural advisor and mediator for hotel guests, will concoct an exclusive selection of Parisian cultural and artistic news: exhibitions, openings, auctions, live shows and concerts. You can also take advantage of personalized tours of the hotel’s private collection, which boasts more than 350 works.

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