5 amazing natural places in Japan that tourists do not know

Japan is a wonderful country that combines a mixture of traditional culture, lively modern cities, amazing architectural wonders and unique tourist places, in addition to the diverse recreational opportunities this tourist destination has among outdoor nature scenes, and perhaps the most distinctive feature of Japan is that more than two-thirds of its area is made up of mountains. Ideal for adventure, majestic volcanoes, stunning waterfalls, and hot springs, as well as vast forests inhabited by monkeys, bears, deer and other wildlife, the tropical beaches of the south are popular with snorkelers, snorkelers and surfers on the coast of Japan, which is one of the longest coasts of Japan. The world’s most impressive.

Therefore, your visit to Japan must include the discovery of these natural wonders that are always admired by all who visit them when traveling to Japan  .

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  • 5 amazing places you must visit when traveling to Japan
    • Hokkaido
    • kamikuchi
    • mount koya
    • Shirakawa-go in the Japanese Alps
    • A visit to Miyajima Island

5 amazing places you must visit when traveling to Japan


Hokkaido is one of the most beautiful places in Japan, and it is an island in the far north of Japan that many tourists do not know, despite being one of the most beautiful natural destinations in the country, with its huge volcanoes, vast lakes and diverse hiking trails.

Summer is the most popular visit among travelers to Hokkaido, ideal for hikers and cyclists who want to explore primeval forests, blue tropical lakes, fields of wildflowers, as well as incomparable hot springs. Winter sports.

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A trip to Hokkaido would not be complete without visiting beautiful national parks such as Daisetzusan and the magnificent Furano Valley, and don’t miss out on taking more photos of these amazing sights.


Next time you travel to Japan, why not visit the Japanese Alpine region of Kamikuchi, a mountainous highland valley within the Hida range, offering some of Japan’s most spectacular mountain scenery, preserved in its natural state within Chubu-Park Sangaku National Park as one of the main attractions there.

Speaking of Kamikuchi, we invite you to think of the amazing nature, beautiful hiking trails, and well-managed campsites, as well as climbing Mt. Yakadek, which means “burning mountain” in Japanese, which, if it costs you some trouble, will give you an incredible panoramic view of nature. All around you, what makes you forget the effort you just made to climb.

From the top of Mount Yakdik you will be greeted by amazing views of the valley, and you can also look directly into the crater of this volcano that is still active, even the smell of sulfur will be found everywhere, and you may also feel the heat emanating from the stones.

mount koya

Travel to Japan

Mount Koya is a mountain that extends at an altitude of 800 meters in Wakayama Prefecture, south of Osaka, and on the top of the mountain there are more than 120 temples and many beautiful monasteries.

Here is also where you will find Okunoin, the ancient cemetery founded in AD 800, which is one of the most sacred sites in Japan. At Mount Koya, you can also enjoy some beautiful walking paths through this cemetery.

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Shirakawa-go in the Japanese Alps

Shirakawa-go is a small Japanese village that is part of the Japanese Alps, and is definitely one of the favorite areas of many when traveling to Japan.

Shirakawa-go is located in a mountainous area that has been isolated for a long period of time, but is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is famous for its ancient traditional farms, some dating back more than 250 years. It is also known for its large thatched-roof houses, which are one of the unique examples of of its kind in Japan, and an outstanding example of the traditional way of life of how the Japanese population adapts to the environment and socio-economic conditions.

A visit to Miyajima Island

Everyone knows Miyajima Island from the famous torii floating gate, which is one of the most famous and photographed landmarks in Japan, especially during sunset. Moreover.

Here, if you are a fan of excitement and suspense, you can climb to a height of 500 meters on Mount Misen to encounter monkeys and white-tailed deer. Temples and historical monuments.

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