Are you looking for budget travel? Tips to save money when traveling to Japan

Tourism in Japan

While tourism in Japan is a dream destination for many, its high prices and high costs prevent many budget travelers from considering a trip there, but like most places, you can visit the “Land of the Rising Sun” on a budget. It just requires some amount of flexible planning, so if you are considering a visit to Japan but don’t want to spend a lot of money, here are some tips that will really help you.. Tips to save money when traveling to Japan

Tips to save money when traveling to Japan

Avoid travel times during peak season

It’s no secret that you can cut a large part of your trip budget if you’re willing to travel outside of the high season, as ticket prices to anywhere around the world tend to be more expensive during the summer months and during the winter holidays, but Japan has a few extra travel times to be had. keep them in mind; Japanese travelers tend to spend their holidays during three public periods of public holidays during the year; Including New Year, Golden Week (late April to early May), and Bonn Festival season (mid-August).

The highest concentration of Japanese public holidays is during Golden Week, which begins on April 29 in honor of Emperor Showa. While the Bon festival also known as Obon is held on August 15 in most parts of Japan to glorify the souls of the dead ancestors, Japan also recently announced an additional public holiday in August to honor the mountains called “Mountain Day,” which was recognized by Parliament in 2014, and indeed during These periods of the year witness a large number of visitors to the country, which contributes to the rise in hotel prices in general.

Choose your accommodation wisely

There are plenty of ways to stay inexpensively in Japan, and most of them won’t require you to spend a lot of money to get comfortable. Some budget travelers choose to sleep in manga cafés or “kissas,” which are essentially internet cafés, where you can stay overnight with extras like snacks. Alternative options also include hostels, some of which have private rooms for guests who want to Privacy, but they still wanted access to communal cooking facilities.

Another option is pod hotels, which are rows of small bedrooms with separate lockers for storing luggage, most of which do not allow you to bring your luggage into the sleeping areas.

Traditional guesthouses are also an ideal choice for budget travelers outside of major urban centers, offering simple and affordable lodgings, and breakfast and dinner are often included in room rates.

Save money when eating

Travel to Japan

Japan has plenty of excellent and expensive restaurants, but you can also get plenty of quality meals at a reasonable price, especially if you’re willing to eat local, as most convenience stores and many grocery stores have large refrigerated sections filled with fresh items like cold noodles. and rice dishes, sandwiches, and sushi, so you won’t just have to rely on green tea and dried seaweed.

 Cities also have plenty of food stores with quick options, ranging from pasta to bento. And if you have a craving for Western-style dining, there are plenty of reasonably priced dishes at the train and subway stations offering everything from bread to burgers.

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Not relying on expensive transportation

Are you looking for budget travel? Tips to save money when traveling to Japan

Transportation costs can affect your travel budget in Japan significantly, but there are plenty of ways to get around on the cheap. While Japan is world famous for its bullet trains, tickets can be expensive. So if you have more time than money, consider using city-to-city buses instead, as Japan’s land area is small enough to make this a convenient and practical option in many cases. And if you must take trains, consider purchasing the Japan Rail Pass or JR Pass, which allows visitors from abroad to use a variety of express and local trains and buses across the country over the course of one, two or three weeks.

Traveling within cities and towns can be expensive, especially if you rely on taxis. Rely on public transportation whenever possible, and look for hotels that offer benefits such as a free train station, airport transfers, or shuttle service to local attractions. .

  Check out free or discounted attractions in Japan


Finally, if you are flexible in what you do and see in Japan, you can save a lot of money by limiting your attractions to free and discounted attractions. Many markets, shrines, and parks are free for everyone, including the famous Sensoji in Tokyo and Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto. .

Some other attractions also offer discounted rates for students, children and seniors, and some attractions are usually heavily subsidized and therefore inexpensive, for example, the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum costs little to enter.

 Visitors to Tokyo who want to see a lot of sites may want to consider purchasing the Grutt Pass, which is available from the beginning of April until the end of the following January, as this pass allows visitors free or discounted admission to attractions throughout the city, including most museums and major parks and zoos.

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