Chicago: These must-see places to visit in the largest city in the Midwest

The city of Chicago is full of surprises! Discover unmissable and unusual places to visit in the third largest city in the United States.

With its 2,746,388 inhabitants , Chicago is the third largest city in the United States . Located in the state of Illinois, it is also the largest city in the Midwest , of which it represents the economic and cultural center. With the famous Lake Michigan running through it on its southwest shore, the city of Chicago attracts tourists year-round. Why not fly there yourself? Here are some ideas of unmissable or unusual places to visit in Chicago .


  • A cruise on Michigan
  • A historical circuit
  • Visit Chicago in sports mode
  • quirky chicago

A cruise on Michigan

Michigan is part of the Great Lakes series of North America . What better way to discover it than a guided tour on a boat ? From the water, you will enjoy an exceptional view of the city’s most famous skyscrapers (Willis Tower, Old Post Office, Wrigley Building, etc.). The Chicago City Pass will get you the best rates on this tour (and many more attractions).

Chicago Lake Michigan City Boat Tour
©Dimitry Anikin/Unsplash

A historical circuit

Do you like cities of art and history? Chicago will not disappoint. Tour of crimes and the mafia , nocturnal excursion of gangsters and ghosts , visit of French-speaking parishes (yes, the history of Chicago is linked to that of France)… There is no shortage of themed tours in the city of Illinois!

Visit Chicago in sports mode

Do you hate being locked up in a museum? Hit the streets of Chicago in sports mode! Guided tour on a segway , bike ride by the lake, outing on rollerblades or jogging , the American city benefits from numerous sporting routes to allow its inhabitants to exert themselves in complete safety.

cycling chicago usa skyscraper
©Robert V. Ruggiero/Unsplash

quirky chicago

Do you prefer to visit Chicago in an unusual way ? Again, the capital of the Midwest will not disappoint! Immerse yourself in American culture by attending a sports match in a historic stadium: go cheer on the Chicago Bulls at the United Center, cheer on the Cubs at Wrigley Park or the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field, a colossal stadium dating from 1926 . The city is home to the most famous baseball, basketball, hockey and American football teams in the world.

Other unusual addresses in Chicago: the Garfield Park Conservatory , an astonishing park under glass, the Rainbow Cone shop and its superimposed ice creams dating from 1926, the Sol Café and its unusual decor, or the Green City Market , a superb outdoor market from organic and local producers.

Chicago city USA visit
©Sawyer Bengtson/Unsplash

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