Discover 5 Absolutely Unmissable Active Volcanoes in Costa Rica

Costa Rica , located in the south of Central America, is home to simply exceptional flora and fauna. It’s very simple, there is something for everyone: jungle, sea, rivers, sandy beaches, colorful birds , big cats … But what makes the reputation of this land located between the Pacific Ocean and the sea? of the Caribbean are its volcanoes, some of which are still active!


  • 1/ The Arenal Volcano
  • 2/ The Poás volcano
  • 3/ The Irazu volcano
  • 4/ The Turrialba volcano
  • 5/ Rincon de la Vieja volcano

1/ The Arenal Volcano

It is the youngest volcano in Costa Rica but also the most emblematic. Awakened since 1968, it was made famous by its lava flows which delighted tourists on organized trips to Costa Rica . The latter came to contemplate it at night to observe the dazzling spectacle of the molten magma. 

Now idle since 2010, its activity boils down to throwing stones and smoke. However, this does not detract from the fascinating beauty of this conical mountain which rises to 1,643 m above sea level.

arenal volcano costa rica
Credits: Andresqsz/Wikimedia Commons

2/ The Poás volcano

This volcano, 2,704 m high, is the closest to the capital of Costa Rica. In fact, it is only an hour’s drive from San José . It is also very accessible since only one kilometer separates the parking lot from the summit. And once at the top, a sumptuous spectacle awaits visitors: a huge crater sheltering a brilliant blue lake. 

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Note that the intense activity of the forbidden volcano had prohibited any visit since April 2017, but access has been reopened to the public since September 2018.

poas volcano costa rica
Credit: cigar/iStock

3/ The Irazu volcano

The Irazú volcano is the highest volcano in Costa Rica since it rises to 3,432 m above sea level. Active since 1723, its eruptions have succeeded over the centuries. The most recent dates from 1963 and lasted two years. Since then, earthquakes and jets of smoke attest to the internal activity of the volcano. 

Here too, access to the viewpoint overlooking the main crater is easy thanks to the car park not far away. On the other hand, the emerald green acid lake that made the reputation of this volcano is now difficult to observe for the simple reason that it has been slowly evaporating since 2013. But despite everything, the panorama remains stunning.

irazu volcano costa rica
Credits : Rafael Golan/Wikimedia Commons

4/ The Turrialba volcano

Located on the same base as the Irazú volcano, the Turrialba volcano is still slightly lower with 3,340 m above sea level. 

The last eruption of this volcano, which has three craters, one of which is very active, is recent since it dates back to February 2019. In view of this permanent activity, access to the volcano as well as to the park which surrounds it is closed to the public. audience.

Discover 5 Absolutely Unmissable Active Volcanoes in Costa Rica
Credits: Bernal Saborio/Flickr

5/ Rincon de la Vieja volcano

The Rincón de la Vieja Volcano National Park is a must-see in Costa Rica. And for good reason, it is home to an incredibly rich biodiversity as well as many places to discover: a lagoon, waterfalls, hot springs, mud pools… 

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Only access to the volcano and its main crater are not open to the public. The reason ? Frequent breakouts!

volcano corner of the old
Credits: Wilma Compton/Flickr

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