Out of curiosity or passion, more and more tourists want to visit vineyards and their surroundings in order to understand how wines are made. This is called wine tourism. France beats many records with regard to wine, so it is the ideal country to practice this kind of tourism. But France is broken down into several regions and some of them are more suitable than others for wine tourism. Discover the 5 best destinations to discover the know-how of wine!


  • 1. Burgundy, a must for wine tourism
  • 2. The Bordeaux region
  • 3. The Rhone
  • 4. Champagne
  • 5. Alsace

1. Burgundy, a must for wine tourism

If you opt for the famous wine route, it will take you directly to the heart of the Burgundy wine region. It is there that many of the most prestigious wines of France and the world are born. Between Dijon and Beaune then as far as Santenay, discover many wine-growing villages that are still very authentic.

Burgundy vineyard
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2. The Bordeaux region

It is certainly the most famous French region recognized for its quality wines. Many visits and tastings are organized there for amateurs. In addition to the vineyards and cellars to be discovered in this region, you can visit the Cité du vin in Bordeaux. You will learn the history of wine through the years and the different places of the world.

Bordeaux wines
Credits: Unsplash/ Kelsey Knight

3. The Rhone

The Rhône region is not to be outdone when it comes to wine tourism. Indeed, this valley has large wine estates where wine tourists will easily find what they are looking for between vineyard visits, tastings and stories…

Rhone vineyard
Credits: Flickr/ Sandrine Néel

4. Champagne

Do you love champagne and want to learn more about it? Direction Champagne. Eh yes! the region gave its name to this famous wine. At the same time, it is a matter of great local pride and we understand that. Discover in your turn all the secrets of this quality product.

Credits: Wikipedia

5. Alsace

Alsace is one of the first wine regions to have offered an in-depth discovery to wine lovers. With its long wine route of about 170 kilometers from north to south, you will certainly not be disappointed! In this region, you should have no trouble visiting the most renowned wine estates to discover their know-how. To optimize your chances of benefiting from a welcome and a privileged visit, take the time to call some time in advance.

Alsatian vineyard
Credits: Pixabay

So, which region would you choose to practice wine tourism in France?

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