Discover 8 activities to do in Lapland, land of Santa Claus

Lapland is a region of Finland well known for being home to the village of one of the most famous men in the world: Santa Claus. It borders Sweden, Norway, Russia and the Baltic Sea. Due to its climate, it is one of the least populated regions in the world. In this timeless region where temperatures can reach -47°C in winter, many activities can be carried out and these may make you addicted to the region despite the cold.

Polar destinations can sometimes scare, but in reality they are really worth the detour. Why ? Because you will see landscapes that you will only see once in your life. To convince you, here are 8 incredible activities to do in Lapland.


  • Visit the reindeer farm and Santa Claus village
  • Try ice fishing
  • Go on a snowmobile safari
  • Go for a ride with the sled dogs
  • Sleep in an ice hotel
  • Observe the animals of the region
  • Do winter sports
  • Spend a night watching the Northern Lights

Visit the reindeer farm and Santa Claus village

The Santa Claus Village is the activity that attracts the most tourists in the Lapland region. This is located on the Arctic Circle, about ten kilometers from the city of Rovaniemi in Finland. There, you can find Santa Claus in the flesh, but also his many reindeer.

Santa Claus
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Try ice fishing

Ice fishing is a widespread practice for food in Lapland. Many organizations offer tourists to test it. For this, you will be taken to a wild frozen lake and shown how to make a hole in the ice. After that, all you have to do is try to catch something. And even if it doesn’t bite, the experience will certainly remain unforgettable.

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ice fishing
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Go on a snowmobile safari

To combine strong sensations and visits to the natural heritage of Lapland, there is nothing better than snowmobiling.

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Go for a ride with the sled dogs

Dog sledding is an activity that will allow you to meet adorable animals, but also to visit Lapland as you will not visit any other region. Thus, you will put yourself in the shoes of the real residents of the region a few years ago.

sled dogs
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Sleep in an ice hotel

As their name suggests, ice hotels are temporary ice creations that you can sleep in. These hotels are generally luxurious and offer light shows, comfortable bedding and ice sculptures. In addition, these extraordinary rooms when night falls often let the aurora borealis appear…

Ice hotel
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Observe the animals of the region

The fauna present in Lapland has nothing to do with that which one can cross every day. On the program of your excursion: reindeer, foxes, arctic hares, elk, stoats…

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Do winter sports

Snow as far as the eye can see…isn’t this the perfect place to do winter sports? From Nordic skiing to snowshoeing, it’s time to warm up while observing the magnificent landscapes.

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Spend a night watching the Northern Lights

How to talk about Lapland without talking about the Northern Lights? When night falls and the sky is clear, you may be lucky enough to see them. This spectacle is unpredictable, but when it appears, one can only remain speechless. The colors momentarily take place in the sky. This might impress you!

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aurores boreales
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