Discover Bled, one of the wonders of Slovenia

About fifty kilometers from the Slovenian capital Ljubljana, in the region of Upper Carniola, is Lake Bled. Its particularity is its small island which hosts a church, which gives an amazing sight. In addition, this place is located near the Julian Alps, which offers an even more wonderful panorama to visitors. It is also one of the most frequented points of interest for tourists in Slovenia. Discover this incredible destination that is likely to charm you for a future trip.

The pearl of Slovenia

Everyone who has visited Bled agrees that it is a wonderful destination. Bled is known in particular for the pretty photographs of the lake on which there is an island and its neo-Gothic church dating from the 15th century. On top of that, a castle dominates the lake on cliffs near the waters. This dates from the Middle Ages, but today has Renaissance architecture. It is on this idyllic setting that a few thousand tourists marvel each year.

Lake Bled, Slovenia
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To discover around Lake Bled

A day can be enough to visit Bled, its lake and its surroundings. On the other hand, it is appreciable to stay a few days to take advantage of this very pleasant place. This magnificent setting allows you to recharge your batteries, discover beautiful landscapes and culture, but also to do many activities! Here is the list of activities that we recommend for an optimal experience in Bled.

Rent a boat

Sailing on the lake is undeniably the essential activity of Bled! Rent a small boat and let yourself be carried away to the small island that you will discover more closely with curiosity. You will be able to enjoy all the magic of this magnificent lake by being directly in the center of the decor.

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Lake Bled, Slovenia
Credits: Unsplash


If you’re a little hot during your journey or the water just makes you want to dive in… Don’t resist! Grajsko kopališče is the castle beach and the only one where swimming is officially allowed. But the place hides secret places where you can swim in peace.

Visit the castle

Many say that visiting the castle is not a must. However, it is interesting to discover its architecture and interior decoration. In addition, the castle offers a breathtaking panorama of the lake and its surroundings. Be careful, the visit is worth it since its ascent is done on foot…

Access a panoramic view of the lake and the castle

If you don’t want to pay to visit the castle and access the panoramic view, you can just as easily climb to another equally beautiful viewpoint. Ask the Bled tourist office or find out in advance so that they give you the recommended routes.

Take the little train to go around the lake

A small train goes around the lake to allow tourists to discover all the aspects of this unique place. We recommend this activity which is both pleasant and rewarding and whose prices are very affordable.

Taste the local speciality: blejska Kremšnit

For those with a sweet tooth, don’t miss this opportunity to taste the local specialty called blejska Kremšnit. After boating, cycling, walking or swimming, this candy should comfort you! Your taste buds will remember Bled for a long time.

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