Discover Chocolate Hills on Bohol Island in Philippines

Bohol is a province in the southern Philippines. It is actually an archipelago comprising a main island named Bohol and many other islands and islets. This destination is very popular with its visitors for its heavenly beaches and coral reefs. But there are many curious people who venture there to observe the famous Chocolate Hills, these delicious-looking formations.


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bohol island

This island of the same name as its province is simply gigantic since it is about 5000 km² . The island is very well connected and is therefore easily accessible. Indeed, ferries from Cebu sail at regular intervals to the city of Tagbilaran, the capital of Bohol.

This island is ideal for resting on its various beaches and simply enjoying your holiday in the sun. But why go to the other side of the world if not to explore, if only a little the country? That’s good, because Bohol offers many remarkable visits! Among them, you will find the Anda rice fields , the Loboc river or the San Jose cathedral in Tagbilaran . You can also observe a very developed and sometimes rare flora and fauna. For example, the Philippine tarsier is a small primate found nowhere else. But the highlight of this town and this whole region is the chocolate hillslocated in the heart of the island.

philippine tarsier
The smallest primate in the world: the Philippine tarsier
Credits: Pixabay

chocolate mountains

The Chocolate Hills or “Chocolate Hills” are world famous for their amazing appearance and unique landscapes in the world. Indeed, these formations are truly reminiscent of chocolates, especially during the dry period when the grass does not cover them. You probably guessed it… these mountains are unfortunately not edible! You will therefore not be able to realize your dream of eating a chocolate environment like in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory… On the other hand, you will be able to admire a breathtaking panorama. These few thousand hillsall formed in the same way are very amazing and well worth the detour. To observe them and access the best point of view, you will have to climb about 200 steps.

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Bohol, Philippines
Credits: Unsplash

The origin of these unordinary hills

The legend says that these would have formed because of the argument of two giants a long time ago. By fighting for several days, they would have created an untold disorder on the island. Once the dispute was over, they would have reconciled before leaving the island.

In reality, the hills of Bohol are a unique geological formation in the world and still no scientist would have found their official origin. All we know is that these formations were created about two million years ago by an accumulation of layers of corals and shells. Over time and natural phenomena such as the movement of tectonic plates, the water has receded.

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