Winter is particularly cold in Korea. It is common for temperatures to drop below -10, while frequent snowfalls regularly cause icy roads. If you are vacationing in Korea during the season, we recommend warm indoors rather than outdoor activities. Among the recommended indoor places in Korea, here we introduce the interiors with plants to bring a touch of warmth and vitality to your trip.

The Seoul Botanical Garden, established in Magok,Seoul, showcases plants from 12 cities around the world, and combines abotanical garden and an accessible park. The Seoul Botanic Garden boasts greenspace the size of 70 soccer fields, for the creation and preservation ofhabitats for endangered wild plants, and helps to nurture biodiversity throughresearch on the proliferation of difficult-to-reproduce species, and thedevelopment of genetic varieties.

Located in Magok, Gangseo-gu, Seoul Botanic Park is the first facility in Seoul to combine botanical garden and park in one space. A space where a forest, garden, lake, and marsh coexist together, Seoul Botanic Park’s theme zone houses plants representing 12 major cities around the world. Within close distance from Gimpo Airport (10 minute) and Incheon Airport (40 minute), Seoul Botanic Park is also directly connected with the subway station, allowing visitors to easily access its facilities. Seoul Botanic Park was created to advance the urban ecology of Seoul and will display plants from 12 cities around the world. As part of an effort to expand green spaces around the city, this facility offers educational programs on top of hosting cultural events, serving as a space where city residents can get back in touch with nature.


The Seoul Botanical Garden consists of an openforest, a theme garden, a lake garden, and a wetland garden. In particular,visitors can see the water falls, the huge rubber tree and Indian linden withinthis unique space made up of exotic plants from all over the world. A number ofdifferent plants can be seen on the skywalk where Victoria water lilies float.The Botanical Culture Center, the outdoor theme garden, and the Magok CulturalCenter offer a rich range of new experiences.


The entryway and main entrancehave no obstacle or inclines and are wide. Tactile paving has been utilizedprominently.  The information desk isaccessible for wheelchair users and a braille guide board is displayed. The elevator is accessible and has braille description on each button. The restroomis accessible and has braille description and an emergency call button. Accessibleparking lots are available. The pathways inside the park are made of woodendecks. The diaper changing station is available in the restroom and the infantnursing room is in the 1F of theme park and the visitor center. 


It is thus now possible to discover rare plants in the capital while enjoying a large-scale place dedicated to nature.
Seoul Botanical Garden has four themed areas: Yeollinsup, Jujewon (Theme Park), Hosuwon (Lake Park), Seubjiwon (Wetland). The place to visit during the temporary opening is the big greenhouse of Jujewon. In this greenhouse, you can enjoy plants from a dozen countries (tropical and Mediterranean). Visitors can also take advantage of a skywalk to appreciate the plants in the greenhouse.

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